Dragon Ball Z

Season 1 Episode 9

The Strangest Robot

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Unknown on Cartoon Network

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  • The important maturing of Gohan! :!:

    While "Dragonball" had its share of tense moments, it was more about hilarious comedy rather than action. But with this episode, the maturing of Akira Toriyama's characters can clearly be seen. Unlike the young Goku, Gohan finds out innocence and naiveity are two things he cannot afford to have. Although Gohan's scared and unprepared, Piccolo knows Gohan Has to go through this! The trials Gohan must go through definitely aren't easy, and Gohan Literally gets in deep trouble when he falls into a deep sandtrap! It is ancient ruins, long forgotten by people and time. But Gohan isn't alone. There's also one old robot down there! Having been stuck there for 30 years, the Capusle Corp invention has forgotten what it means to be a useful tool and a help to others, so he's not happy to have Gohan around since Gohan has a lot to learn about the world he lives in and not a lot of time to learn it! The robot helps out initially only to calm Gohan down, but when Gohan marvels at how useful the robot is, the robot feels for the first time in a long time, what it feels like to be considered important. The robot decides to tell Gohan the honesty of his situation. Gohan might not have chosen to become a fighter, but he must become one if he wants the Earth to have a future that he can be proud of! But Gohan's scared of this prospect and afraid! Unfortunately, the wear and tear on the ruins finally gives away and starts collapsing! Using all of his strength the robot holds up a falling collumn and throws Gohan far away enough to safety! When the smoke clears, Gohan runs back. But the robot is broken beyond repair. With his last words, the robot tells Gohan of how he felt important again, and how the robot believes Gohan can save the world if he truly tries. Gohan finally realizes this is no time to hold back. Gohan must be brave, for his own sake and the sake of the world! :idea:
  • This is another Great Episode of DBZ

    When Gohan wakes up, he has trouble keeping his balance as well as walking. He notices his tail is gone and walks over to a pond. He sees that he has new clothes too. An alligator comes out of the pond and tries to attack Gohan. He sees his sword and tries to take the sheath off, but can't. From behind him, a Saber-toothed tiger approaches him, so he stumbles over into a hawk's nest. The giant hawk grabs him with his talons and flies off. A pterodactyl attacks he hawk, who drops Gohan in a sand pit. Gohan falls straight through the sand into an underground cavern.

    Gohan looks around the cavern and finds an SSS model capsule robot. He turns the robot on, and the robot requests that he turn him off and leave. The robot says there is an exit behind him, so Gohan turns him off and follows the path behind the robot only to discover that the exit is a many-hundred foot drop-off down a cliff. He goes back in and turns the robot on and asks for help. The robot tells him to leave, again, and to turn him off. Gohan turns on the robot's visual sensors so he can see him, and the robot sees that Gohan is just a child. He requests to be turned off once again, and Gohan falls asleep by his side.

    Goku is seen asleep on Snake Way, dreaming of food. A scorpion crawls on Gohan's chest, so he activates the robot in a panic. The robot says there are many snakes and scorpions in the cavern, and tells him to be on his best guard. Gohan asks the robot if there is any food, and the robot says the eat the scorpions and snakes. Gohan says he doesn't like scorpions and snakes, so the robot tells him where some mushrooms are. Gohan tells the robot that he knows of his on-board oven and asks if he can cook it for him, so the robot does so. The robot feels more friendly toward Gohan now, so he asks him how we got there, so Gohan tells him. Gohan asks the robot how he got there, and the robot says that he got trapped in there while doing an archeological research project on "Numeria". Gohan starts to shovel the robot out against his will, and when the robot is pulled out of place, an avalanche is started. The robot says that if he catches the avalanche, he can escape. Gohan is about to jump, when he goes back to save the robot, but misses his chance. Meanwhile, Goku is shown eating the clouds below Snake Way, satisfying his hunger.

    The robot asks Gohan to connect two wires in his "head", so he can launch Gohan out of the cavern. Gohan safely escapes and watches as the robot get swept away with all of the sand in the cave. Gohan jumps down to where the robot crashed and speaks with him as he dies. Gohan gets up and carries on, while shedding a tear in mourning for his first friend in the desert.