Dragon Ball Z

Season 4 Episode 8

The World Awakens

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM May 27, 2000 on Cartoon Network

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  • Good action

    Gohan and Krillen take on garlic jr. but are no match after fighting him. Piccolo's powers were getting lower and lower. Gohan in a rage of anger attacked garlic jr. and gave him a run for his money. Nearly killing him if he wasnt immortal! Popo meanwhile realeased the purification and the spell finished. Garlic angry at this realeased the makyo star with only gohan to defend his friends!
  • Best part of this episode? Maron sticking her foot in Yajirobe's mouth. Worse part? It's a tie between the rest of the episode.

    Gohan seemed to have finally defeated Garlic Jr., but remembers that he used the dragon balls to wish for immortality. The three seem to be losing to Garlic Jr., but a change in events causes the tables to turn when Kami finally succeeded in pouring the sacred water. Garlic Jr. took it up another notch by unleashing the dead zone.

    Another bad episode. Best part? Maron sticking her foot in Yajirobe's mouth. Worse part? Too many to name. I was literally yelling out "just ****ing pour the water" when Mr. Popo was pissing his pants when Kami was getting electrocuted. And the power inconsistencies just make it worse. At one point, Gohan is uber stronger than Garlic Jr, and even Krillin too. The next scene, Garlic Jr. is beating them up like rag dolls as if they were nothing.
  • Finaly

    The people of Earth continue to destroy their surroundings as the effects of the Aquamist fog begins to harness around their lives. Garlic Junior staggers back as Gohan raises his Ki and easily topples Garlic. Gohan forces his way through Garlic's chest, creating a large hole in his stomach. Kuririn thinks Gohan has won, but Garlic quickly regenerates himself and slams Gohan into a huge pile of debris. In Shinsenkai, Kami-sama approaches all of his predecessors and says that he might not have been as good of a Kami-sama as they were, but he loves the Earth and everything on if many times more than they could. The former Kami-sama's attack the current Kami-sama with a lightning attack, which also renders Piccolo useless against the fight with Garlic. Kuririn tries to save Piccolo's life by blindsiding Garlic, and remarkably, he is able to knock Garlic down. He fires a Ki wave at Garlic, and at the last second, jolts it upward and immediately jolts it back downward so that it pummels Garlic hard into the ground. Garlic comes up and grabs Kuririn by the head, promising him a slow and painful death. Piccolo tries to save Kuririn, but he just gets grabs by Garlic as well. Garlic says he will send them to hell at the same time when a large explosion occurs. Gohan comes out of the debris, and while Garlic is distracted, Piccolo and Kuririn kick him in the face, causing him to drop them. Piccolo mounts himself around Garlic's neck, and Kuririn fastens himself around Garlic's leg, and they command Gohan to shoot Garlic.