Dragon Ball Z

Season 7 Episode 17

Trunks .vs. Goten

Full Episode: Trunks .vs. Goten


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While The great saiyaman and Videl are in line waiting for the new punching machine the be fixed, a new challenger enters the ring 7 year old Goten. Almost as an amazing as trunks he quickly knocks the 14 year old kid out cold. Trunks and Goten easily battle their way to finals and sure enough we are going to have a half Saiyan champion of the junior division. As the championship begins between Goten and Trunks the punching machine finally is fixed but now they have to wait in line. The crowd chooses sides and you find out Hercule will have a "exhibition" match with the winner of the Junior champ. (What a great battle huh) Trunks and Goten bow and put in their two senses and the battle begins. Hercule recognizes the resemblance between Goten and Goku. The crowd is speech less as the two finalists seem stronger then most people in the Adult division. Gohan and Videl make it in time tomiss no less then ten seconds. As the battle heats up the Z warriors are the only ones not able to speak. Trunks quickly shows an upper hand but any relative of Goku won't give up.

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