Dragon Ball Z

Season 4 Episode 14

Welcome Back Goku

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Sep 07, 2000 on Cartoon Network

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  • Summary

    Just like most of the other episodes of DBZ the episode starts where the previous one left-off. Frieza has just been cut to shreds and has been blown away by Trunk and his sword. Just as Frieza asked Gokou to join hin in Namek, King Cold asked Trunks. Of course he declined so King Cold asked if he could see his sword. King Cold believed that the only reason Trunks was able to beat Frieza was because of his sharp sword. After King Cold swung the sword at Trunks, Trunks caught it single handedly. King Cold currently wounded in his Kidney, is thrown against the mountain by Trunks. Trunks finishes him off by blasting him, his ship gets blasted too. After the smoke clears up, Trunks tells everyone to follow him to see Goku return. If you missed the previous episodes you should know that currently Bulma, Gohan, Krillin, Yamcha, Puar, Vegeta, Piccolo, Tienshinhan, and Chaouzo are at the site. He tells everyone that Goku will arrive in exactly two hours. Everyone is curious about the teenager and they wonder how he knows about Goku and the exact time and place of his arrival. Of course Vegeta is in denial, for he has seen Trunks go SSJ and he was sure that there were no Saiyans left other then him, Goku, and Gohan the half Saiyan. Back to the story, everyone follows Trunks to the area where Goku will arrive. Everyone is making fun of Trunks saying that they wish they had secret names, so much power, and even be trusted by fools like themselves. During the long wait Trunks offered everybody soda. As the time passed, Goku finally arrived and the episode ended leaving these words: "Now that Goku is back with his friends and family, everything is back to normal, or is it? And who is this strange new kid that has just defeated Frieza and King Cold? All of these questions shall be revealed in the next exciting episode of Dragonball Z!

    What You Didn't See: As the Episode started off in the uncut version, it takes place right after trunks has just cut Frieza in half! After that Frieza split into two different parts, his body is literally cut into pieces with Trunk's sword. As the numerous pieces were starred at by King Cold, Trunks blasts at the remaining pieces leaving nothing. As the smoke clears up, you can see King Cold shaking in his boots, scared stiff. Also, there is alot more blood when Trunks wounds King Cold.
  • Bad ideas from DBZ makers

    I told u DBZ is going downhill and they are losing there fast paced action.... King Cold the father of Frieza dies in one shot! what the hell was that instead of making some fast paced action they allow them to stare at each other for hours. Then Goku comes and they have some conversations......
  • Instead of talking, they simply waited it all out...

    Trunks destroyed Frieza with his sword. King Cold got scared, and talked Trunks into giving him his sword. Cold found out the hard way a weapon doesn't make a warrior, and got obliterated by the new saiyan arrival. He kindly asked all the others to join him in the spot Goku will land. After so much waiting, Goku has finally arrived.

    Well, at least this means Trunks and Frieza aren't going to have more dull conversations. The first couple minutes of ass whooping were somewhat entertaining, and the whole mystery behind Trunks, his mysterious familiarity with Goku, him being a super saiyan, his capsule corp jacket, and his kindness towards the others, really kept things a bit interesting. Then, when everyone decided to wait for Goku, the episode itself literally waited for him too. That really killed everything. The small remarks and comments that were made in between, such as Trunks commenting on Vegeta's pink shirt, were pretty amusing.