Dragon Ball Z

Season 17 Episode 13

Wrath Of The Dragon

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Unknown on Cartoon Network

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  • this was a very cool movie,it showed mystic saiyan gohan for the 1st time in a dbz movie,videl as great saiyawoman,gotenks as a super saiyan 3,and vegeta as a super saiyan 2.

    This movie was really cool and the hirudagarn seemed like one of the toughest fighters the z warriors had to face since kid buu. This made a good ending to the dbz series,but luckily there`s a new dbz psp game,new dbz ds game,and all 17 seasons and all of the movies digitally remastered too look forward too,plus future dbz games on the ps3 and future dbz games like tenkaichi 3 or super dbz 2.

    This movie had gohan turn mystic saiyan the 1st time in a dbz movie,showed vegeta as a super saiyan 2 for the 1st time in a dbz movie,showed gotenks as a super saiyan 3 for the 1st time in a dbz movie,and showed videl as the great saiyawoman for the 1st time in a dbz movie.

    Now you know how future trunks got his sword,but those who have watched the japanese version online or on video,know that tapion gave kid trunks his sword at the end,and that`s the same sword future trunks has,and the sword trunks in dbgt uses.

    I think he used his sword in dbgt,am not sure,anyways the characters did seem to be a little more serious in this one and videl was kind`ve getting on my nerves,it seems like all of the wives of the z fighters,bulma,chi-chi,and even #18 seem like they push their husbands around and don`t waste time giving a piece of their mind to everyone.
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