Dragon Ball Z

Season 17 Episode 13

Wrath Of The Dragon

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Unknown on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • The Nicktoones version of this movie cuts out Master Roshi pointing at Bulma's boobs.

    • Despite Hirudegarn's likeness of a dragon, the title of the movie, Wrath of the Dragon, refers to the ferocity of Goku's Dragon Fist and not Hirudegarn himself.

    • This movie explains the origin of Future Trunk's sword.

    • Aside from the Big Ghette Star, Hirudegarn is the largest villain/monster in the entire history of Dragonball Z/GT episodes and movies.

    • The movie follows a timeline after the Kid Buu Saga where Gohan is stronger than Goku. However Goku is the one who overpowers Hirudegarn.

    • Shenron only gives one wish at the beginning of the movie. However, at this point in the series, they are allowed 3 wishes.

    • Bee, the dog, made a short appearance in the movie, but Mr. Satan and Majin Buu did not.

    • The name of the phantom monster is Hirudegarn in the Japanese version, however, in the English version it is Hildegarn.

    • Exploding Dragon Fist is not the official title of DBZ Movie 13, The official title is Wrath of the Dragon

    • In the Japanese version, Videl was always called Gt. Saiyaman #2.

  • Quotes

    • Gohan and Videl: As long as crime exists, the fire of justice shall continue to burn.
      Gohan: I am the great saiyaman 1!
      Videl: And I am the great saiyaman 2!
      Gohan and Videl: Here we come again!
      Gohan: (To himself) I'm so cool!

    • (Hoy knocks the flute out of Tapions hand and Trunks picks it up.)
      Hoy: Give me that flute!
      Tapion: Trunks here!
      Trunks: Right, ok.
      Hoy: Wait, hear me out, Tapion is not a hero, in fact it was he who destroyed the city!
      Tapion: No Trunks, he's lying!
      Hoy: Once you hand him the flute he'll destroy not only your planet but the whole universe, give it here, I'll save you.
      Tapion: He won't, he's evil!
      (There is a long pause as Trunks thinks about who to give the flute to.)
      Hoy: That's it, I will protect you child.
      Trunks: CATCH!
      (Trunks throws the flute to Tapion.)

    • Gotenks: Ye, we've advanced to Super Saiyan level 3!

    • Trunks: Fusion, NOW!
      Goten: Right!
      Trunks: DO IT!

    • (Vegeta collapses from exhaustion)
      Goku: Vegeta!
      (Hirudegarn appears behing Goku and crushed him)
      Trunks: Goku!
      Goten: DADDY!

    • (Talking to Hirudegarn)
      Vegeta: Hey, you, over here, I was enjoying my first day off in over a month until some flat footed, mutated bohemia stepped on my house. You're gunna regret this you freak, all the way to the GRAVE!!!

    • (A cat is eating food Trunks made for Tapion)

    • Trunks: I brought some drinks in case you get thirsty.
      Tapion: Leave me alone!
      Trunks: Oh well, at least you're talking, you don't have to be all moody.
      Tapion: GET OUT!!!
      (Trunks runs away)
      Trunks: I'm going!

    • (Gohan shouting to Goku about Hirudegarn)
      Goku: I know!

    • (Trunks goes to hit Hirudegarn with Tapions sword)
      Goku: No Trunks, this monster's mine to handle, ALONE!

    • (Speaking to Hirudegarn)
      Goku: Fight me, if you're ready to die!

    • (after Goku destroyed Hirudegarn)
      Shenron: Is someone going to make a wish?

    • Tapion: (To Hirudegarn) You fed off the fear of others too long. You've taken everything from me that I held precious and dear. BUT NO MORE!

    • Hoy: After a thousand years you'd think he'd learn to play a different tune!

    • Gotenks: You can fight me or surrender, either way you're doomed.

    • Hoy: Get back I want to die!
      Videl: Then what are you waiting for?
      Gohan: Videl! What are you doing?
      Videl: Come on Gohan we haven't got all day!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Hirudegarn is very similar to Majin Buu. They both killed their masters that revived them.

    • VISUAL: Tapion
      The character of Tapion bears a slight resemblance to Link from the Legend of Zelda video game series.

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