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Long ago in the mountains, a fighting master known as Gohan discovered a strange boy whom he named Goku. Gohan raised him and trained Goku in martial arts until he died. The young and very strong boy was on his own, but easily managed. Then one day, Goku met a teenage girl named Bulma, whose search for the dragon balls brought her to Goku's home. Together, they set off to find all seven dragon balls in an adventure that would change Goku's life forever. See how Goku met his life long friends Bulma, Yamcha, Krillin, Master Roshi and more. And see his adventures as a boy, all leading up to Dragonball Z and later Dragonball GT.

    The First New Dragon Ball TV Series In Nearly 20 Years Will Debut This Summer

    Creator Akira Toriyama will oversee production on the new series.

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    • Still not great but...

      significantly better than Dragon Ball Z
    • Dragonball Z's Prequel is a worthy show to view!

      Dragonball Z's prequel, Dragonball, tells the story of Goku's childhood and reveals the origins of characters such as Bulma, Chi-Chi, Ox King, Master Roshi, Yamcha, Krillin, Tien, Korin and even Piccolo! The show follows a pattern of Goku going on a Dragonball Quest then participating in the World Martial Arts Tournaments. Goku's past adversaries include Emperor Pilaf (with his minions Shu & Mai), Supreme Commander Red & the Red Ribbon Army, Mercenary Tao & the Crane Hermit and Piccolo's sinister father, King Piccolo (who is the most evil of the villains before the DBZ era)! I saw DBZ 1st, so therefore saw DB as a prequel; DB is more fantasy oriented then its science-fiction oriented sequel. A great show that I recommend to those who have questions concerning the past of DBZ characters.moreless
    • It was entertaining to watch this show

      I just remember watching it as a kid, it was good.
    • Dragonball

      I like Dragonball, I think the gang looks cute being teens, especially Goku.
    • An Extraordinary series, one of the greatest animes ever in my opinion.

      I'm sure there are people who hate this series but I have never met any of those people. I am not a big fan of the American version, besides the voices. I prefer the original uncut Japanese version with English subtitles. I like to see anime the way it was supposed to be seen, not how America wants us to see it. Dragonball is about the life of a kid from another planet named Goku. I do not want to spoil anything for you so please go watch it and find out what it is about. It is great. After the Dragonball series comes Dragonball Z which is a follow-up from this series. Watch it as well if you haven't. By the way, if you did not know, Dragonball is based on the Japanese comic series of the same name.moreless

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