Dragon Ball

Season 4 Episode 18

Battle Cry

Aired Weekdays 6:30 PM Sep 30, 2003 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Tien did not die from using the Evil Containment Wave because Drum interfered before he could finish the attack.

  • Quotes

    • Piano: Sire, don't you think it would be prudent to leave for Sector 28 now? We know the outcome of this fight. There's no need to stick around.
      Piccolo: Wait, not yet. Relax, Plano. There's always time to enjoy a good slaughter!

    • Goku: Hey wait, something about you is different!
      Piccolo: Good of you to notice. I've been rejuvenated. Do you know what that means? Let's just say I'm somewhere between invincible and immortal!

    • Piccolo: (to Drum) Finish him off and make it as painful as possible!

    • Piccolo: Why must I continually deal with these human fools? If it weren't for but a handful of annoying warriors, this invasion would be so pleasant. There's nothing more aggravating than an inferior adversary who confuses pure luck with prowess.

  • Notes

    • Original Air Date: July 20th, 1988

    • Japanese Title: Will the Legendary 'Demon Incarcerator' Work?

    • Scene cut:
      (Tenshinhan elbows Drum in the face, causing his eyes to bug out and saliva to spray out of his mouth)
      Piccolo : "Oh!"
      Drum : "Heheh, that was a new experience... now it's my turn!"

      Different shots of Gyuumao being riddled with bullets removed. I'm not going to take the time to list them all, but they just show all the bullets striking all over his body and then falling to the ground.

      Another exchange between Drum and Tenshinhan cut, culminating in a very blood-letting kick to the face by Drum.

      - Shot of Drum punching Tenshinhan hard again completely removed.

      - Shot of Drum punching Tenshinhan in the back cut to remove the actual impact.

      - Shot of Tenshinhan punching Drum HARD in the face cut to remove actual impact. This punch actually smashes Drum's face in.

      - Piccolo and Drum's reaction to the above punch moved until after Tenshinhan rolls over and stands up.

      - Piccolo: "Aah!"
      (Drum is holding his face in his hands and wimpering. He is literally splattered in blood)

      - Shot of Tenshinhan headbutting Drum.

      - Shot of Drum kicking Tenshinhan hard, resulting in a quick spray of blood.

      - Shot of Goku kicking Drum in the face when he first arrives cut to remove the actual impact.

      - Goku kicks Drum again in the face, causing quite a large amount of blood to come out of his mouth. His eyes nearly pop out of his head as he falls down (presumably dead).

  • Allusions

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