Dragon Ball

Season 6 Episode 6

Goku's Fire Fighting Regiment

Aired Weekdays 6:30 PM Unknown on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

A girl and her younger brother are in a public park with some small firecrackers set up to be launched. The boy seems weary about it, but the girl convinces him to take the matches, and right as he's about to light one she screams out and scares the crap out of him! Over in another section of the park Goku is practicing his martial arts, and we see a bunch of fireworks launching into the sky. The brother and sister agree that it was a good idea to launch them, even though we see that one has landed in a nearby trashcan. As Goku is walking by, a stray firework flies by and almost hits him, which he runs over to and stomps out. Just as the brother and sister are about to go home, they see that the nearby trashcan has now caught fire, and Goku comes flying out of nowhere with a bucket of water to put it out. Goku very sternly tells them that fireworks are not a toy and that they should only be used under certain circumstances (in an open area with some emergency water nearby, etc.). As they are discussing this, they hear some sirens from a fire engine in the background and run off to see what's going on.

They arrive at a house that's on fire, and Goku works crowd control as the fire crew (Kame-sennin, Krillin, and Yamcha) put the fire out. Once the fire is out, Yamcha explains that this fire was started by a cigarette, and Kame-sennin goes on to explain other common ways that fires are started (leaving food unattended on the stove, leaving an iron face-down on the ironing board, and children playing with matches). The brother and sister seem to be learning a lot about fire prevention today! Later that night, at the house of the brother and sister, they scold their mother for leaving the gas to the hotplate on, and their father for smoking in bed. The following morning they head off to school, and reiterate some fire safety tips to each other. Meanwhile, over at Bulma's high-rise condominium, she puts some cooking oil in a pan to make some fried eggs. As she's doing this, her cat start meowing for food, and Bulma leaves the bottle of oil with the lid open next to the stove.

Back in the streets, the young boy suddenly seems to trip, and the sister has a good laugh, but they both suddenly realize that an earthquake has started! We see scenes of chaos in grocery stores and in the streets, and back in Bulma's condo, the earthquake causes her to fall and smash her head on a cabinet. As Bulma goes unconscious, the cooking oil that was next to the stove spills over onto the hotplate and catches fire. As the earthquake ends, the brother and sister notice a fire at the condo and head to the nearest payphone to dial "119" (Japanese version of "911"). The fire department arrives (now with Goku as one of the crew), and sees that Bulma is hanging over the balcony trying to get oxygen. They send up the ladder on the back of the truck, but it's too short and can't reach the top balcony. Goku has no choice but to fly up there using Nyoibo.

Once at the top, Bulma explains that her cat is still inside and Goku sends her down on the Nyoibo. Goku heads into the burning building and finds the cat huddled in a corner. Moments later, Goku comes flying out of the building, cat in hand, and lands on the ladder next to Krillin. After putting out the fire, they all go over the importance of fire safety once again, and everybody learns a valuable lesson! The fire safety parody of "Makafushigi Adventure" then begins to play.