Dragon Ball

Season 6 Episode 6

Goku's Fire Fighting Regiment

Aired Weekdays 6:30 PM Unknown on Cartoon Network



  • Notes

    • The special videos "Goku's Traffic Safety" and "Goku's Fire Fighting Regiment" are both very rare productions designed to be educational films. They were both completed in June of 1988.
      An older sister and younger brother are playing with fireworks and nearly set the park on fire, but Goku from the town fire fighting squad helps rescue them from this pinch! Bulma's condominium breaks out into flames. The fire truck's ladder doesn't reach, and Goku has to use Nyoibo to make the rescue! Although "Goku's Traffic Safety" can be a part of "DragonBall", for "Goku's Fire Fighting Regiment" you have to consider that for just 1 episode, even though all the characters appear to be the same, the story takes place in another world. Although they say it is "West City", the setting is actually that of present-day Japan, and instead of being martial artists, Goku, Kame-sennin, Yamcha, and Krillin are all staff members of the fire department and wear fire proof outfits. By the way, the elder sister of the older sister and younger brother is named Chao, and is voiced by Yamamoto Yuriko. Chao comes from episode 79, "Kinkaku and Ginkaku's Man-Eating Gourd", and even resembles how the character looks. Could her identity possibly be of the same character, too? A fire prevention parody version of "Makafushigi Adventure!" flows through this ending as well. Listen to them let loose!