Dragon Ball

Season 1 Episode 6

Keep an Eye on the Dragon Balls

Aired Weekdays 6:30 PM Aug 27, 2001 on Cartoon Network
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Keep an Eye on the Dragon Balls

With Goku and co. spending the night in the desert, Yamcha and Puar devise a new plan to steal the dragon balls.

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  • funny and reavealing episode

    An funny episode.I have seen it 6 times.It could be disturbing if you see it in the japanese version.This is actually my hatest episode of all.I have seen it in the japanese version.My hate it when yamcha saw bulma naked.In the japanese version they even show her naked.Goku was lucky he didnt see bulma.This episode has the first time Yamcha and Oolong learn about the secret of the dragon balls.There was a time when Yamcha saw bulma naked in the shower.Also a time when bulma was sleeping naked,Yamcha who didnt know bulma was sleeping naked pulled up the blanket and saw bulma nude.moreless
  • Funny Episode!

    Okay first it starts out with Oolong using his last DinoCap, a double-deacker bus. When Bulma gets inside, the first thing she does is take a shower whilc Goku tell Oolong what the Dragon Balls are. Being the greedy pig, that he is, he immedietly wants the Dragon Balls for himself. Meanwhile Pilaf sends the dog and the woman to get the Dragon Balls from Goku. So they try and plant a bomb in the bus but the dog, I think his name was Shao, accidently attachs it to his hand and nows he and the woman are scared that it will blow up and kill them. Alos on the other side of the bus, Yamcha and Puar are sneakily trying to steal the Dragon Balls. He peaks in thinking he's overhearing talk about the Dragon Balls but just sees Bulma naked instead. :lol: He gets scared and runs off while Bulma leave the shower and gets some clothes from Oolong. She gets mnad when he doesn't have clothes and that they're being washed so she just storm off to bed naked telling everyone to not come in there. Oolong wants to see Bulma so he sneaks a nerb in Goku's drink that makes him sleppy. then he creeps upstairs to see Bulma. Meanwhile Puar and Yamcha sneak inside while Oolong is upstairs. Puar transforms into Goku and sneaks upstaits. Oolong acts quick and transforms into Bulma whil Yamcha trys to steal the Dragon Balls. Oolong tells Puar to leave and they both leave. Yamcha heads upstairs to find the DB and accidently grabs Bulma's breasts. He runs outside and takes Puar with him. The Next moring the dog and woman are still alive. Bulma wakes up and puts on Oolong's only clothes, a playboy Bunny outfit. Thet drive off and see Yamcha following them. Goku brats Yamcha up and thye continue to drive off. the dog and woman survive the bomb blast, somehow. And at the end, Yamcha gives the gang a car as a girt, which is secretly a tracker car. Until next time on Dragon Ball.moreless
  • This is the funniest episode ever.

    This is the funniest episode in season 1. It's getting dark, so Oolong took out his only DynoCap, a double-decker motorhome. Bulma went up to take a bath. Then Goku explains to Oolong about the Dragon Balls. If they collects all 7 of the Dragon Balls, they get to make a wish. Yamcha overhears it and decides to stole the Dragon Balls. Outside Pilaf sent Shao and Mai to put a bond at the botton of the van but it got stuck to Shao's hand. Oolong decides to steal the Dragon Balls too. He puts Sleepy Grass (a chemical that makes you go to sleep) in a glass of juice. Goku and Bulma were fast asleep. Yamcha snuck in to steal the Dragon Balls. Yamcha asked Puar to turn into Goku to go upstairs so he could steal their Dragon Balls. Oolong was upstairs and thought that was Goku. So he turned into Bulma. Transformed Goku asked where Oolong is and trasformed Oolong said that he's outside. They went ouside and outwitted each other. While they were outside, Yamcha snuck upstair to get the Dragon Balls. He looked under the blanket and yelled. The next more morning, Mai and Shao got the bomb out of Shoa's hand and planted it under the Motorhome. It didn't work though. Yamcha got another plan to steal the Dragon Balls. When Goku, Bulma, and Oolong finds all 7, he could take them in one swoop. Goku, Bulma, and Oolong are off to find the other Dragon Balls.moreless
  • no Hugh Hefner

    “Keep an eye on the Dragonballs” see’s everyone out to steal the Dragonballs. Emperor Pilaf sends out his two servants after our heroes, while Oolong drugs Goku and Bulma, while Yamcha the Desert Bandit tries to break in the place where their staying. Oolong eventually has to stop chasing after the Dragonballs when he uncovers that Yamcha the Desert Bandit is after them to. This is another good episode that entertains and amuses. We also see Bulma in a Playboy Bunny outfit (WTF). You’ll just have to watch it to find out why. 8 out of 10 for laughs. Sadly there was no Hugh Hefnermoreless

    While Bulma, Goku and Oolong recover from the ordeal of acquiring five Dragon Balls, Yamcha and Puar try to steal them out from under their noses so that Yamcha can obtain his own grandiose goal. But they're not the only ones after the Dragon Balls! Oolong wouldn't mind having the Dragon Balls. And Emperor Pilaf's henchmen are closing in as well.
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