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  • Dragon Ball is one of the best television series ever made.

    Dragon Ball is just a great anime. It is better than Dragon Ball Z because it focuses more on adventure, comedy and martial arts more than supersonic energy blasts, although it contains great energy blasts like the Evil Containment Wave. Overall, Dragon Ball is just a great series about a boy named Goku who is searching for the Dragon Balls, defeating villains, training, competing in tournaments, and making new friends along the way.

    Favorite Arc: Red Ribbon Army Arc (episodes 29-68)
    Favorite Episode: Every Episode of Dragon Ball!
    Favorite Characters: Yamcha, Tien, Kuririn, Goku, Silver

    The main characters include Goku, Bulma, Yamcha, Kuririn, Roshi, Tenshinhan, Chaotzu, Oolong, Puar and Piccolo. The villains are Pilaf in Season 1, Commander Red in Season 2, Crane Hermit in Season 3, and Piccolo in Season 4. The arcs are like this:

    The Teamup Arc (season 1)
    -Emperor Pilaf Saga (1-13)
    -Tournament Saga (14-28)

    The Red Ribbon Army Arc (season 2)
    -Red Ribbon Army Saga (29-45)
    -General Blue Saga (46-57)
    -Commander Red Saga (58-68)

    The Tournament Frenzy Arc (season 3)
    -Fortuneteller Baba Saga (69-83)
    -Tenshinhan Saga (84-101)

    The Demon Piccolo Arc (season 4)
    -King Piccolo Saga (102-122)
    -Piccolo Junior Saga (123-153)

  • Goku is the man

    It was my brother who talked me into watching dragonball,when i first saw my brother watching this i used to think to myself.This looks weird why doe's that little guy have a tail.Well when i started to watch it myself everything started to come together.If you have never seen dragonball it's basically about Goku travelling the world trying to collect all the dragonballs,so that he can make a wish.But the red ribbon army are trying to collect them aswell,so his task get's made a little harder.On his journey Goku begins to find alot of friends who then decide to follow him in his task to collect the dragonballs aswell.This cartoon is full of action packed fighting and is really funny aswell,that's why it's one of my favourite cartoons.
    thanks moneyman1982
  • second best after DbZ and Bleach

    great show great characters great fights and the best part is that it follows goku as a child from the age of 10 to the age of 19.Direct sequal is DbZ which follows Goku since the age of 24.I realy don't know what to say except that is faboulos and interesting.
  • Great anime!

    I just saw the first episode on Toonami Jetstream and it was alright. My friends seemed to like the show so I decided to give it a try. Okay so this show is about a legendary Master named Gohan who lived far in the mountains by himself, until a baby was left with him. The baby was named Goku and was raised by Gohan and his own. Goku was trained to be a warrior like Gohan. And he did even when Gohan dies. Then when Goku was a child a woman named Bilma came and told him to look for the Dragon Balls. Goku did have a Dragon Ball from Gohan but didn't want to give it up but after some persueation he decided to go with Bilma and search for the Dragon Balls.
  • A great anime

    The show started out with Goku meeting Bulma. She told Goku about the Dragon Balls and how you could make a single wish. Together they search for the Dragon Balls. They met friends like Yamcha and Oolung. They used to be evil but Goku and Bulma helped them out to be on the good side. The face many hardships in the way. They faced an evil person called Emporor Pilaf. He was looking for the Dragon Balls too. The penultimate episode was the funniest. Emporor Pilaf wished something that was silly. But did he wish for that? You have to find out what it is. That's just the beginning. Overall, this is a great show.
  • A very good animated show.

    This show was a good one and I used to like watching it because it sets when Goku was a kid and I liked that and the nimbus cloud in my opinion was funny the way Goku used to ride it and Krillin couldn't ride it. Anyway this was a truly enjoyable show to watch because it had an adventurous storyline that I used to like it because it was simply one of the best. Because this was before Dragon Ball Z for me it was still a great show. What I didn't like much about the series was about Emperor Pilaf because he has bad, but sometimes he was funny. Also Master Rochi I liked him because he created the Kamehameha Wave and I think that is a great thing. Another character that was funny was Launch because everytime she sneffed she transformed from good to bad and that was a good thing in my opinion. In conclusion for being such a great show in television I give it a 9.2 superb rating for my review.
  • The show that begins it all.

    The series that begins the Dragon Ball franchise. To me, this is better than Dragon Ball Z. It mixes comedy with action, which is an excellent blend. However, while being the best show out of the three, it is not as popular as the immensely Sequel Dragon Ball Z, while I think Dragon Ball needs more support. Overall, Dragon Ball gets a 9.5 out of Ten, but it focuses mostly on Goku.
  • A Perfect anime, filled with characters and adventures that no one can resist.

    I have loved this show ever since I saw it when I was 7. This show has been my one of my favorites, but it has always pained me that this show is underrates. In my opinion, this show has always been better than Dragon Ball Z. I have always loved the characters, the quests, and the overall feel of this show. But, over the time I have watched this, one of the things that really stuck out was the comedy of this show; the premise the DBZ lacked. This show is a classic and, and classics will never die.
  • goku, krillin, bulma, chichi and yamsha from the beginning. One of the best anime shows ever.

    I consider this one of the best of the dragonball series. DBZ is right next to it, but Dbgt was just crap. Anyways this is an esential part of the series it fills you in how goku and his friends became what they are, how everything started. I started watching this when i was like 6 or something and now 9 years later i still love it. Goku going through all the world tourniments, the red ribion army, picallo, pilaf and other random things. I really suggest watching it. Great show needs more attention though. Screw dbgt they just wanted to make more money off it and they destroyed all characters.
  • Well the stroy takes place a liltle out of gokus gouse and then comes along a strange woman which is Bulma and goku thinks shes a animal!(hehehe she is to me)and he saves the world from pilaf,red ribbon,and king piccolo,piccolo junior!its good!

    Well its ok i sometimes wonder tho does goku have a brain?cuz i know hes done very dumb but funny stuff in dragonball z,and gt but man dragonball is so funny(probaly speaking for everybody else).Its a good thing they when up to when he was like 20 or something cuz if they stoped at when he was like 12 i would have killed akira(not really).back to subject well it is good i like how the dinosaurs could talk tho that is pretty cool and he has this 1 arch dinosaur rival thats i think a bandit and goku wipes the floor with him!!Man i have to Dragonball its props it was a huge succsse for me!
  • its a good dragonball series

    this is the best anime ever
    this cartoon is the best cartoon ever its about about fighters with a ultimate attacks and increadible abailty that they have the power to destroy the unvierse the cartoon begun with fighter name frieza controlling the sayians he was sending the sayians to destroy planets and when a sayian get near death and recover he gets stonger than before and there was a sayian always getting near death and then recover back so frieza was afraid from him and the other sayians because they might get stronger than them anytime so he destroyed the plant but before the plaent gets destroyed the son of bardockwas send to destroy the earth he son was a baby but they send him to grow their and destroy the planet and when he got on earth a man found him name roshi , roshi was a good fighter and stong one he learned the son of bardock how to fight and he named him goku so goku trained with another human name krillain to be strong fighters but since goku was a sayian he was stronger than them and then he grow up to be a great fighter and he was trying to safe the universe from evil and he succed on doing so

    i think you should hurry up and watch this cartoon because its the best
  • This show is about a boy named Kid - Goku who is trying to obtain the Seven Sacred Earth Dragon Balls . Him and his friend Volma trying to obtain them , so they can make sure Red Ribbon or any other enemies do not get the Dragon Balls first .

    I think this show is real cool because they have specail powers , differrent planets , galaxies , and makes kids imagination get more creative . It is a very known show and my oponion is that it ROCKS ! A great childrens and Preteens show . So I just say , this show is awesome . Well , this show is a great inspiration for me . Let me think . . . . . . . . .well this show JUST ROCKS !
  • Dragon Ball is about a boy named Kid-Goku that is trying to obtain the Seven Earth Dragon Balls.With his friend Volma he searches for the SevenDragon Balls so he can get to them before Red Ribbon and other enemies.

    I think this show is real cool because they have specail powers , differrent planets , galaxies , and makes kids imagination get more creative . It is a very known show and my oponion is that it ROCKS ! A great childrens and Preteens show . So I just say , this show is awesome . Lets just say . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .uh . . . . .well it is jusr cool , i guess . Go Draon Ball !
  • The start of it all was the best of it all. Dragon Ball is too often wrongly overlooked for the benefit of its older brothers (Z and GT).

    I can still remember watching this as a kid. Many years later I got the whole series in manga form. And even more years later I am still talking about it on here!

    This is where Goku's adventure started. Little did he (or Toriyama) know, that many many adventures were to follow, including the one of worldwide fame. Dragon Ball was 17 mangas long (cut up into I don't know how many TV episodes) and starts off as the story of a young ten year old boy living at the heart of a forest. One day he meets a girl Bulma who tells him she is searching for the dragon balls. Goku decides to leave his home and follow her on her quest.

    The original series is by far my favourite, as it doesn't focus so relentlessly on the fighting or "leveling up". It is much more story based but also sweet and at times extremely funny as Goku is a very naive individual innocent and new to the world, having never before left his forest.

    It is a real shame that the episodes we got to see when we were younger on the European continent, were slightly censored, but it didn't hinder the overall greatness of DB. Ahhh the memories.
  • kamehameh haaaaaaaa

    the story of dragonball is a story about a warrior named goku who was rescued from the widerness by grampa gohan. a couple of years from then goku is all alone sinc his grampa gohan died and the only memory of him is a dragonball that gohan gave to him. later on a girl named bulma comes and finds him becouse she is looking for the seven dragonballs goku and bulma and up becoming friends and looking for the 7 dragonballs. and as they say if you gather up all 7 you can make any 1 wish you want. but goku and bulma r gunna have a little trouble getting them all becaus there are 3 evil guys who are also looking for the dragon balls. so what mistufe will goku get into.

    from brodie henderson

    kamehame haaaaaaaa
  • This is where it all started, welcome to the world of DragonBall.

    As most people know Dragonball is a very popular and huge franchise, and with all frnahcises they have to start somewhere and this is it. I think that Dragonball is actually the best out of all threes shows becuase its more like an adventure, and all of the sagas connect, while the dragonball z sagas dont seem to connect to one another and so they are like different series, but with dragonball the whole programme is like one series and thats what makes it for me much better than the other two, ok so the animation and sound isn't as good as in dbz or dbgt but that doesn't really matter what we want are likable charcters and a good solid storyline that keeps you coming back for more and thats what dragonball gives you.
  • The beginning of the massive Dragon Ball anime universe.

    Dragon Ball introduces the main character of the Dragon Ball universe, Goku, as an innocent kid. Also introduced in the beginning is Bulma as she is looking for the Dragon Balls. Goku just so happens to have the 4 star Dragon Ball and that sets up the meeting between Goku and Bulma. Goku goes with Bulma to look for the Dragon Balls and many adventures take place. Other main characters that are introduced throughout the series are Krillin, Master Roshi, Yamcha, Tien, and Piccolo. Dragon Ball does a great job introducing everyone to the story of Goku and is has more variety to it then DBZ and GT do, in my opinion. The innocence of Goku throughout his adventures shows his good hearted nature and is truly refreshing to see in an action anime. For anyone who is new to the Dragon Ball universe or has only seen either DBZ or GT then Dragon Ball is a must watch.
  • Boy in search of seven dragon balls, i dont know why.

    This show never impacted me as it it impacted others, but i did enjoy it a lot. It came in Colombia after the Zodiac Knights craze when we were thinking that there would never be something so great as Knights of the Zodiac. How wrong were we, cause there was, Goku and its adventures possessed the hearts and minds of kids and teenagers alike. I think it was the fact that the animation was very different and that the show would leave us with a cliffhanger everytime. Darn producers! i think we suffered a lot waiting for the next episode just to find out Goku was allright. Great show, don't miss it if you can.
  • the start of DBZ

    Dragon ball is a show Based around a little kid named Goku who was found in the woods by an old Grandpa, who was named Gohan, when Grandpa gohan took Goku under his wing Goku was a voilent Child with no respect bt one day when him and Gohan were going for a walk he fail off a water fall and Smashed his head on same rocks, Grandpa Gohan tought he had lost Goku but after full recover Goku became a kind and loving kid and lived happly with Grandpa Gohan but one night when the moon was full Goku looked up and transformed into a gaint Ape mand killed Gohan but Goku had no memory of it so he went on with his life has normal and when he was 5 he meet a girl named Bulma, then they set off to find the 7 magical orange balls to get a wish from a magic dragon. Will they succed or will the fail?
  • This show was good.

    This show was good I loved it. I actully watched all of the Dragon Ball Episodes. The characters liked the most were Goku, Yamcha,Tien, Piccolo, and Master Roshi. Goku was very cute as a little kid. But as he grew up he got stronger and more muscles. He doens't reach his stongest point until Dragon ball gt.
  • The Beggining Of Akira Toriyama's Famous Anime And Manga Series, Dragon Ball.

    The Beggining Of Akira Toriyama's Famous Anime And Manga Series, Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball Is The Beggining Of The Two Great Anime's: DBZ And DB. Although, Toei Ruined It With It's Third Anime, DBGT. The Show Tells Of When Son Goku Was A Boy. And His Friends: Krillin , Bulma , Yamcha And All His FriendsWere Travelling Together! Tune Into TThis Anime.
  • Better than DBZ and one of the best anime ever created.

    DragonBall may be slightly dated but age does not lessen the quality of something. To this day, DragonBall still shines like the diamond it is. The quality adventuring, most noticeably in the first few series', was legendary, as it was simple, yet charming. The fighting scenes were very inventive as they were frequently unexpected. Although everyone wanted Goku to win his fights, the twist was he did'nt always win, and that kept the show realistic. I was nice that many characters, who were previously villains became Goku's allies. In the U.K, DB was very popular, due to the way Cartoon Network aired the DragonBall shows. They aired DBZ first, followed by DBGT, that was suceeded by DragonBall. This made the viewers want to see how Goku learnt his moves and it was different from the heavily O.T.T battles that were prevelant in DragonBall Z, as DragonBall featured likeable, exciting and downright brilliant adventuring. This is why DragonBall is better than DragonBall Z. It was appealing to adventure fans AND action fans. This is why DragonBall is an anime legend.
  • When Goku was 4 feet tall and Yamcha was actually stronger…

    I’m more familiar with the manga seeing as I bought the first 10 or so – I enjoyed the animated version but it’s no DBZ/GT. On its own it’s an ok show – nothing to rave about but it had its moments.

    I think the pull point for me was the fact that you got to see most of the later DBZ characters and where they began. Dragon Ball introduced us to Piccolo, the inception and birth of my favorite green man! You met Bulma and Chi Chi – and the pesky Red Ribbon Army later responsible for Androids 17 and 18. You also met the core cast in the beginning of DBZ – Like Yamcha, Tien and Chouzo! It’s an introduction to a series known the world over!
  • A great show, very very funny, and good fighting. Explains the story of goku, and how he met most of the charcters in DBZ, like Bluma, Master Roshi, Krillian, Yamcha, Tien, and a bunch more.

    This show has some very very funny plots, and definetly better than GT plots. I think if you like DBZ, then you will love this, but if you like GT, you wont like it as much. And the fighting is very good. Some fights span over more than 3 episodes! Also, the villians and charcters are very unique, and proves the creators distinct imagination. a great show, funny and action packed.
  • Goku a young naive boy with great power teams up with Bulma a slightly older girl to search for 7 mystical balls. Along the way they discover new friends, and new enemies.Along the way Goku becomes more stronger and by the end of the series saves the worl

    I love Dragon ball. It's just funny. I don't know whether it is as good as Dragon Ball Z but it is pretty enjoyable. If you have seen Dragon Ball Z before Dragon Ball you might get pissed because your thinking "Come on learn the energy attack" or something like that. However other then that the show is well done. The Villians are bizzarre and usually have an interesting back story. The Characters of Goku, Krilin, Master Roshi, Yamacha, Tien, Bulma, and Piccolo are so well developed. However as you see in Dragon Ball Z there is a different realm of power then that shown in Dragon Ball. However Dragon Ball is authentic and the story and episodes are very addictive. Plus with humor the show is amazing.
  • This show is NOT worse than Z and GT!

    I notice lots of people giving the original DB a low rating because of one thing: No Super Sayajin! Dude, the lack in Super Sayajin makes the episode less boring so you don't have to wait twenty minutes for the action to return.

    Okay, this is nothing like DBZ. It's better. It's adorable, has better music, makes me laugh, has a real script, is higher rated and the villains don't all have the same attacks. In DBZ, all battles end the same. In the original DB, the battles are different and the enemies at least have interesting techniques. Okay, perhaps that little imp guy is annoying, but he's funny, plus Roshi is actually strong and tollerable. In fact, this one has more supernatural and mythical creatures than Z had to offer. Z is all about staring at the screen for five minutes to waste time and every battle playing out in a repetative loop. (Goku dies and comes back) Dragon Ball is about getting to the action without a need for pointless banter and a repetative loop.

    Face it, this is the superior DB series.
  • I have always been a DB fan and finally after so long I get to see the beginning.

    When I first watched Dragon Ball Z on syndication I was hooked, it became my first favorite anime, then when I got DirecTV I got Cartoon Network, and when I found out that the first series Dragon Ball was on Cartoon Network, I glued my eyes to the screen to watch it and man did I love it. While for hardcore battle action, Dragon Ball Z still gives that better, but this series is just as suspenceful, funny and exciting as it's sequels. It was definatly the best beginning to the whole thing and had a lot of funny, wierd and deadly villains. I like this show because it also tries to makes each adventure full so it doesn't end it quiickly like a lot of other shows do, with it's continueing sagas, it makes it feel like it's more actually happening to make it more exciting and supenceful.

    I would highly recommend this to many anime fans and those who love action and suspence, this show rocks!
  • A decent animated kids program.

    A decent animated kids program. If this is a show that you do not normally watch and you are sitting at home with nothing to do, you are going to wish you had it on tape. Having it "on tape" had become the generic term for recorded programs. Today you are more likely to have the show on Tivo or DVR than VHS, or god forbid Beta!! It is kind of like how a lot of people still call CD's "records" or "albums." Anyway, back to the show. This is the type of show that is really pretty good if you would just give it a chance. So on those cold, lonely, rainy days, pop in your tape or DVR or whatever if you were smart enough to tape it. If not, check to see if it is on as a re-run. After all, as they say, if you have never seen it, it is new to you.
  • The beggining of a series that really had an effect worldwide.

    Dragonball is the second most known anime for people who don't actually watch anime. Dragonballs "sequal" DragonballZ would be the MOST known anime. Even when I was about 8 years old, I knew almost every character up to the Freiza saga. The beggining of dragonball is simple and relates to the title, as do many shows; Goku and his new friend Bulma must find the seven Dragonballs so Bulma can get her wish for a field of strawberries. The show evolves into a fighting anime, but it has humble roots.
  • This show is the bomb. It explains how Goku is a good fighter and who took care of him.

    This show is awesome. I can say that it has fighting and some parts are very funny. The creator, Akira Toriyama. did a very good job with the creation of Dragon Ball. I think that this is one of the best anime shows and almost nothing can top it. It is just amazing.
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