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  • Dragon Ball is where the entire DB/Z/GT legacy begins, depicting the origins of Son Goku's life from childhood to early adulthood as a fighter and a hero.

    Dragon Ball starts off with a young boy named Son Goku and a teenage girl, Bulma, searching for the magical Dragon Balls, for which the show was named for. As the series continues, Goku encounters new friends, and allies, as well as stronger enemies. Although DB is the typical action show with the basic outline of the hero's journey, it does contain some interesting twists in the plot and provides as a good enough predecessor to the better known Dragon Ball Z. In conclusion, Dragon Ball is a good blend of hand to hand combat combined with a well written plot by Akira Toriyama and based off of the manga (Japanese-style comic) by the same man.
  • Dragin ball is about a boy named goku who is on a quest trying to round up the dragon balls and not let it fall into the hands of evil the main villians is the red ribbon army and emperor piliaf and on his journey goku makes many friends

    The dragon ball series had a good run and had a lot of fans including me
    i am such a big fan and i watch the Chronicles as much as i can
    i would say this is a must watch anime show
    it has action, adventure, comedy and a bit of ramance
  • I love this show, as well as DBZ, and DBGT! I catch it when ever I can, and most of my guy friends love it too. Its one of the few TV shows I watch any more.

    I wonderful and action-packed show with a good moral code, it's funny and exciting with Goku's strange and pure nature. It's also fun to find out the original story of my favorite characters since i start on DBZ. However, the best part about it is that Goku always calls the four-star dragonball "grandpa".
  • This show rocks! It's the best on show Earth. It is a Classic, and it is not that boring as a lot of people say. It has comedy, adventure, action, everything that is essential for a good show.

    This show rocks! It's the best on show Earth. Cartoon Network should air it again, and not those creepy shows they air now. I have seen this show since I am a little kid, I have seen every single episode, I know all about the characters. This show should be really on more times. This show is a great part of my life, I love it.Who doesn't miss Goku, Bulma, Roshi, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien. Chiaotzu, Puar, Oolong, Lunch, ChiChi, Yajirobe, Baba, The Red Ribbon Army, The World Martial Arts Tournament, Piccolo, ...
    I do, and I am sure I am not the only one.
    It is a Classic, and it is not that boring as a lot of people say. It has comedy, adventure, action, everything that is essential for a good show.
  • One of the Greatest Anime series of all time!

    This is the series that started the whole Dragon Ball series! It is one of the greatest Anime titles of all-time. The original Dragon Ball series includes introductions to a bunch of the well known characters such as Goku, Bulma, Yamcha, Tien, Krillen and Piccolo, who are featured in Dragon Ball Z. You learn how Goku grew up, met his friends for the first time, trained under Master Roshi, defeated the Red Ribbon Army, and of course the timeless Dragon Ball hunts. Dragon Ball also has classic comedy moments, especially Master Roshi's perverted moments and Goku's misunderstanding of modern objests, figurative expressions, ect. If you love Dragon Ball Z, then you will probably enjoy the series that started it all, Dragon Ball!
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