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  • Sonic

  • Dragonball Z's Prequel is a worthy show to view!

    Dragonball Z's prequel, Dragonball, tells the story of Goku's childhood and reveals the origins of characters such as Bulma, Chi-Chi, Ox King, Master Roshi, Yamcha, Krillin, Tien, Korin and even Piccolo! The show follows a pattern of Goku going on a Dragonball Quest then participating in the World Martial Arts Tournaments. Goku's past adversaries include Emperor Pilaf (with his minions Shu & Mai), Supreme Commander Red & the Red Ribbon Army, Mercenary Tao & the Crane Hermit and Piccolo's sinister father, King Piccolo (who is the most evil of the villains before the DBZ era)! I saw DBZ 1st, so therefore saw DB as a prequel; DB is more fantasy oriented then its science-fiction oriented sequel. A great show that I recommend to those who have questions concerning the past of DBZ characters.
  • Dragonball

    I like Dragonball, I think the gang looks cute being teens, especially Goku.
  • Realy cool animation film :)

    This is one of that animation films i like. ecpecialy i like first season - Dragonball. The story begins then elder named Gohan who lives in the earth find a starnge boy. He is strange because he have a tail. Gohan give name for the child - Goku. Gohan raised him and trained Goku in martial arts until he died. Until Gohan dead Goku meet young girl named Bulma whos search the dragon balls who can make three whishes. There are seven dragon balls in diferent places of the all world. Together they going to long jurney. I can't tell all story. Story is very long and very cool.
  • one word funny

    I got to admit its one of the best show i ever watch and i watch a lot. I like it so much b/c of the jokes and sexual comedy, goku a very strong but retarded kid follows bulma on her ogal for the dragon balls who encounter a lot of danger such as yamcha the bandit (didnt turn out that bad) and the red ribbon army, although later in the series is more with fighting like king piccollo and the tournament with tien and jackie chun is still funny especially the part where they met master roshi the pervert but im not gonna spoil it for ya so watch and i promise you'll laugh your pants off
  • A young boy named Goku is confronted by a hot 16 year old girl and led to collect 7 magic dragonballs. When these balls are all together an eternal dragon rises to grant one wish.

    This is without a doubt, the best anime show ever created. Although Dragon ball Z got most of the attention and credit, it is dragon ball that has got the most creativity. All of the Sagas are very strong and entertaining, but what makes this anime so good is the consistent humor throughout. Master Roshi including Jackie Chun are an absolute crack up with him constantly hitting on Bulma and her constantly rejecting him. I think the match between Yamcha and Kami(in a human body) was the funniest thing I have ever seen, poor Yamcha. Just watching kid Goku in his child years was so entertaining, also the enemies were designed so well, with King Piccolo being my favorite. I would recommend this show to anyone who is a fan of an action anime. Also the first Emperor Pilaf saga is not the best but after that its all good.
  • I love this show because of the way it starts the dragonball trilogy.

    This shows how Goku met his human friends. By watching dragon ball, you get the idea of whats going on in Dragon Ball Z. Watching Son Goku vs Jackie Chun, Son Goku Vs Kuririn, Son Goku vs Tenshinhan (first time), Son Goku vs Piccolo Daimaio, and of course, Son Goku vs Ma Junior AKA Piccolo Junior, makes you love the series. It never gets old. Oh it'd be nice if dragon ball A f were real. Toriyama sure got lazy and retired from writing one of, if not then the best Japanese manga ever to be writen. Say hello to my favorite trilogy set, Dragon ball.
  • martial artists with supernatural powers journey around the world looking for Dragon Balls.

    i like the show because of its creativity and positive influence on the younger generations i like the characters like Goku and Krillin (excuse the spelling) im not a hardcore fan because the battles are so drawn out and lengthy it gets boring. The action in the show is gratuitous and gory and extremely entertaining. and it has great lessons in the story like girls are just as good as guys y'know like theres no sexist influences.the show needs to come back because there is a giant gargantuan cliffhanger at the end of the dang series. so that is my awesome review lol
  • The orignal dragon ball series

    Okay dragon ball is even better than dragonball z because it has comedy action crazy super human kung fu fighting more hand to hand combat less and ki attacks. It has it all and one top of that this is when the humans are strong and not forgeten. If you've seen Z but you haven't seen this then watch it this is much better and what I also like about this show is that its more about skill than fighting at insane power levels that should blow up the planet by just charging up. I've watched this anime about 5 times and it never get's old.. so go watch and if you've seen it see it again. Then after you've seen it enough go watch Z but don't watch GT it sucks.
  • Really cool show.

    This show totally kicks butt. It has awesome plots and great animation and good characters and awesome episodes that kick butt. I like this show cause it has fighting adventures and it is really interesting to watch for all ages people would want to enjoy this show alot. I really like Goku and he is such an awesome talented fighting boy who is from another world which is the Saiyan world. Goku is alot like Gohan in Dragon Ball Z and they are like almost twins this is just such a great show 10 out of 10. This is just to good and CN should bring it back as soon as possible.
  • Dragonball was amazing!!!

    Dragonball was an awesome series. It set up so many things that would eventually happen in Dragonball Z. The animation of Dragonball was amazing for an 80's anime. My favorite Dragonball character was Goku of course. He was just as awesome in this series as the rest. For me I saw Dragonball Z way before I saw Dragonball. So I though it was really cool to see a child version of Goku. My favorite saga was the Red Ribbon Army saga. That saga set up and major part of Dragonball Z. The Android and Cell sagas. I enjoyed the battles with all the generals. Another thing I liked about Dragonball was the equal level of fighting. Everyone was on the same level. I also enjoyed the classic world tournaments. It was awesome watching those tournaments. I would recommend watching this series if you enjoy lots of action in your anime.
  • WOW! I never thought I would ever watch an anime, until I saw Dragon Ball!

    I love Dragon Ball! It is my favorite TV Show by far, and even now that it's all done, I still watch it over and over. I love the first in the Trilogy of Dragon Balls because everything in Dragon Ball seems so true and the characters are so different and corky in their own way that it just draws my attention. This is the only anime that I could ever stand watching, and I am so thankful to Akira Toriyama for creating this masterpiece. Dragon Ball is, and will always be the best TV Show out there. Thank You Akira Toriyama!
  • probably the best of the 3 dragonball series.

    This show is about a kid named goku. At the beginning of the series goku meets a girl named bulma. Bulma teaches goku about the dragonballs. when you get all 7 dragonballs you get one wish but after you make your wish the dragonballs will turn to stone for a year. so goku and bulma are on there way to get all the dragonballs and along the way they meet lots of friends. after they made there wish goku gets trained by the martial arts master known as Master Roshi. Master Roshi trains goku for the world martial arts tournament. The rest you will have to find out on your own.
  • The first of the Dragon Ball trilogy remains to be the best.

    I remember when I was four, I first caught an episode of Dragon Ball Z on Cartoon Network's Toonami. It was where Goku was beating the crap out of Pikkon and Gohan was getting ready to go to high school. This was how I was introduced to the ultimate and awesome Dragon Ball Z series, which tells the story of a man named Goku who is of an alien race, can make himself more powerful by going blonde, and likes to beat the crap out of bad guys. So then I was introduced to the very crappy Dragon Ball GT. But at last I was introduced to the best of them all: Dragon Ball.

    Dragon Ball features a young boy, who is a student under the Turtle Hermit School, named Goku, who runs around collecting Dragon Balls, making friends, defeating major villains, training, helping people, and competeing in difficult tournaments. Sounds simple? No way. The Dragon Ball saga just ultimately rocks. There are far less energy blasts here (they are still there, though) and way more pure martial arts fighting. Unlike DBZ, Dragon Ball also has humor, drama and romance.

    Watch Dragon Ball becuase it rocks!! 10/10
  • hooo good time

    I have to say the true....thagon boll is a classic of classic,the king of anime and the simbol and a slogan of cartoon,comics and manga how forget goku,bulma,yansha,crilin and all these classic character that will live for ever,how foget this is one of the best shos ever andthe greatest enmi of faigth.like the ememi like freezaer that was bad.Well this is the story of the young goku went he had like 8 or 10 years all. this is just an introduction of the great show... how forget, theclassic attack like kame-kame-ha or the genkidama. great in all way you can thing. so tell this is really the best show witrh the best faigth in it time.yes for me yes .i remember that i believe in that show. XD
  • Dragon Ball is one of the best television series ever made.

    Dragon Ball is just a great anime. It is better than Dragon Ball Z because it focuses more on adventure, comedy and martial arts more than supersonic energy blasts, although it contains great energy blasts like the Evil Containment Wave. Overall, Dragon Ball is just a great series about a boy named Goku who is searching for the Dragon Balls, defeating villains, training, competing in tournaments, and making new friends along the way.

    Favorite Arc: Red Ribbon Army Arc (episodes 29-68)
    Favorite Episode: Every Episode of Dragon Ball!
    Favorite Characters: Yamcha, Tien, Kuririn, Goku, Silver

    The main characters include Goku, Bulma, Yamcha, Kuririn, Roshi, Tenshinhan, Chaotzu, Oolong, Puar and Piccolo. The villains are Pilaf in Season 1, Commander Red in Season 2, Crane Hermit in Season 3, and Piccolo in Season 4. The arcs are like this:

    The Teamup Arc (season 1)
    -Emperor Pilaf Saga (1-13)
    -Tournament Saga (14-28)

    The Red Ribbon Army Arc (season 2)
    -Red Ribbon Army Saga (29-45)
    -General Blue Saga (46-57)
    -Commander Red Saga (58-68)

    The Tournament Frenzy Arc (season 3)
    -Fortuneteller Baba Saga (69-83)
    -Tenshinhan Saga (84-101)

    The Demon Piccolo Arc (season 4)
    -King Piccolo Saga (102-122)
    -Piccolo Junior Saga (123-153)

  • Goku is the man

    It was my brother who talked me into watching dragonball,when i first saw my brother watching this i used to think to myself.This looks weird why doe's that little guy have a tail.Well when i started to watch it myself everything started to come together.If you have never seen dragonball it's basically about Goku travelling the world trying to collect all the dragonballs,so that he can make a wish.But the red ribbon army are trying to collect them aswell,so his task get's made a little harder.On his journey Goku begins to find alot of friends who then decide to follow him in his task to collect the dragonballs aswell.This cartoon is full of action packed fighting and is really funny aswell,that's why it's one of my favourite cartoons.
    thanks moneyman1982
  • second best after DbZ and Bleach

    great show great characters great fights and the best part is that it follows goku as a child from the age of 10 to the age of 19.Direct sequal is DbZ which follows Goku since the age of 24.I realy don't know what to say except that is faboulos and interesting.
  • A Perfect anime, filled with characters and adventures that no one can resist.

    I have loved this show ever since I saw it when I was 7. This show has been my one of my favorites, but it has always pained me that this show is underrates. In my opinion, this show has always been better than Dragon Ball Z. I have always loved the characters, the quests, and the overall feel of this show. But, over the time I have watched this, one of the things that really stuck out was the comedy of this show; the premise the DBZ lacked. This show is a classic and, and classics will never die.
  • goku, krillin, bulma, chichi and yamsha from the beginning. One of the best anime shows ever.

    I consider this one of the best of the dragonball series. DBZ is right next to it, but Dbgt was just crap. Anyways this is an esential part of the series it fills you in how goku and his friends became what they are, how everything started. I started watching this when i was like 6 or something and now 9 years later i still love it. Goku going through all the world tourniments, the red ribion army, picallo, pilaf and other random things. I really suggest watching it. Great show needs more attention though. Screw dbgt they just wanted to make more money off it and they destroyed all characters.
  • This show was good.

    This show was good I loved it. I actully watched all of the Dragon Ball Episodes. The characters liked the most were Goku, Yamcha,Tien, Piccolo, and Master Roshi. Goku was very cute as a little kid. But as he grew up he got stronger and more muscles. He doens't reach his stongest point until Dragon ball gt.
  • Goku a young naive boy with great power teams up with Bulma a slightly older girl to search for 7 mystical balls. Along the way they discover new friends, and new enemies.Along the way Goku becomes more stronger and by the end of the series saves the worl

    I love Dragon ball. It's just funny. I don't know whether it is as good as Dragon Ball Z but it is pretty enjoyable. If you have seen Dragon Ball Z before Dragon Ball you might get pissed because your thinking "Come on learn the energy attack" or something like that. However other then that the show is well done. The Villians are bizzarre and usually have an interesting back story. The Characters of Goku, Krilin, Master Roshi, Yamacha, Tien, Bulma, and Piccolo are so well developed. However as you see in Dragon Ball Z there is a different realm of power then that shown in Dragon Ball. However Dragon Ball is authentic and the story and episodes are very addictive. Plus with humor the show is amazing.
  • This show is NOT worse than Z and GT!

    I notice lots of people giving the original DB a low rating because of one thing: No Super Sayajin! Dude, the lack in Super Sayajin makes the episode less boring so you don't have to wait twenty minutes for the action to return.

    Okay, this is nothing like DBZ. It's better. It's adorable, has better music, makes me laugh, has a real script, is higher rated and the villains don't all have the same attacks. In DBZ, all battles end the same. In the original DB, the battles are different and the enemies at least have interesting techniques. Okay, perhaps that little imp guy is annoying, but he's funny, plus Roshi is actually strong and tollerable. In fact, this one has more supernatural and mythical creatures than Z had to offer. Z is all about staring at the screen for five minutes to waste time and every battle playing out in a repetative loop. (Goku dies and comes back) Dragon Ball is about getting to the action without a need for pointless banter and a repetative loop.

    Face it, this is the superior DB series.
  • good..

    I think this show is good and I think they should have made a game out of this which I think they will... I think this kinda better than DBZ because its more comedy than grunting and growling... I thought it was really cool to see all of Gokus friends as kids than all the way to adults...
  • Goku is a boy who is well, weird. He has really messy black hair, has a monkey's tail and is kind of naive. He has a very pure, wholesome heart, and may be the nicest kid you will ever meet. He saves the world from villians, and even Ninja Murasaki!

    This is a show that if you give it a chance, you will be stuck watching for a while, but every second you will enjoy. Dragonball has more comedy than Dragonball Z (DBZ) a little less action, and more interesting characters. May I add a little adult content. Don't get this series for that, but enjoy it as it comes along. Master Roshi, the perverted Turtle Hurmit Martial Arts trainer trains Goku for a Tournament, and Goku just keeps getting stronger.

    Every episode builds off of the previous one, and makes you want to tune in tommorow to see what will happen next. I love all the character, and Bulma (Goku's friend) is hot. This is the series that started it all and you deserve to see it. Even if you detest DBZ, you might still like Dragonball. It goes at a different pace.

    I'm in the process of ordering all the uncut DVDs. I want to see the whole show.
  • The first Dragon Ball series. Goku is a young child up in the mountains. He comes aross a girl named "Bulma" and head out into adventure. They also met Emperor Pilaf, an evil person who wants the Dragon Ball to rule the world. Goku and friends encounter m

    It has action and humor. A touch of intense with a little dash of sillyness. Bulma looks hot in this series. Though, I like the FUNImation version better. The Blue Water dub has the colouring all washed out. But othern than that, the adventure and it all is very good!
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  • unbealivable

    this is a great show a great stater to the dragonball saga the first time i saw it was very informative it showed me how goku started his journey and even made me laugh (goku has a always been the same clueless and funny)it a great show and good for any one to watch it will show how goku met his freinds and how he started to train.
  • Great great great show. They better bring it back now.

    This is definately one of the best anime cartoons next to dbz. It tells you the story from the very beginning that started it all. With memorable characters such as Goku, Bulma, Master Roshi, Oolong, Yamcha, Puar, Ox-King, and lots lots more. This is one of my personal favorite shows and wish they would bring it back. Or at least make an uncut version. This is a great show for the whole family to enjoy and love. And follow the series all the way through. This show should definately definately definately get an A++++ without a doubt. This is truly a great show.
  • Dragon Ball is interesting, very interesting.

    Dragon Ball is interesting, very interesting because it has a lot of action and a lot of adventure. I say this show is very creative. I couldn't say any more to explain this show. Dragon Ball is interesting, very interesting because it has a lot of action and a lot of adventure. I say this show is very creative. I couldn't say any more to explain this show.
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