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  • One of the Greatest Anime series of all time!

    This is the series that started the whole Dragon Ball series! It is one of the greatest Anime titles of all-time. The original Dragon Ball series includes introductions to a bunch of the well known characters such as Goku, Bulma, Yamcha, Tien, Krillen and Piccolo, who are featured in Dragon Ball Z. You learn how Goku grew up, met his friends for the first time, trained under Master Roshi, defeated the Red Ribbon Army, and of course the timeless Dragon Ball hunts. Dragon Ball also has classic comedy moments, especially Master Roshi's perverted moments and Goku's misunderstanding of modern objests, figurative expressions, ect. If you love Dragon Ball Z, then you will probably enjoy the series that started it all, Dragon Ball!
  • This show rocks! It's the best on show Earth. It is a Classic, and it is not that boring as a lot of people say. It has comedy, adventure, action, everything that is essential for a good show.

    This show rocks! It's the best on show Earth. Cartoon Network should air it again, and not those creepy shows they air now. I have seen this show since I am a little kid, I have seen every single episode, I know all about the characters. This show should be really on more times. This show is a great part of my life, I love it.Who doesn't miss Goku, Bulma, Roshi, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien. Chiaotzu, Puar, Oolong, Lunch, ChiChi, Yajirobe, Baba, The Red Ribbon Army, The World Martial Arts Tournament, Piccolo, ...
    I do, and I am sure I am not the only one.
    It is a Classic, and it is not that boring as a lot of people say. It has comedy, adventure, action, everything that is essential for a good show.
  • I love this show, as well as DBZ, and DBGT! I catch it when ever I can, and most of my guy friends love it too. Its one of the few TV shows I watch any more.

    I wonderful and action-packed show with a good moral code, it's funny and exciting with Goku's strange and pure nature. It's also fun to find out the original story of my favorite characters since i start on DBZ. However, the best part about it is that Goku always calls the four-star dragonball "grandpa".
  • Dragin ball is about a boy named goku who is on a quest trying to round up the dragon balls and not let it fall into the hands of evil the main villians is the red ribbon army and emperor piliaf and on his journey goku makes many friends

    The dragon ball series had a good run and had a lot of fans including me
    i am such a big fan and i watch the Chronicles as much as i can
    i would say this is a must watch anime show
    it has action, adventure, comedy and a bit of ramance
  • Dragon Ball is where the entire DB/Z/GT legacy begins, depicting the origins of Son Goku's life from childhood to early adulthood as a fighter and a hero.

    Dragon Ball starts off with a young boy named Son Goku and a teenage girl, Bulma, searching for the magical Dragon Balls, for which the show was named for. As the series continues, Goku encounters new friends, and allies, as well as stronger enemies. Although DB is the typical action show with the basic outline of the hero's journey, it does contain some interesting twists in the plot and provides as a good enough predecessor to the better known Dragon Ball Z. In conclusion, Dragon Ball is a good blend of hand to hand combat combined with a well written plot by Akira Toriyama and based off of the manga (Japanese-style comic) by the same man.
  • Goku and Bulma journey the world for the 7 Dragon Balls to make a simple wish of whatever they please. But there not the only ones.

    Personaly this is my favorite anime show. I Although I look back at some episodes and look at the picture developement, I think the picture quality gets worse every time I look back becuase of the new anime coming out today. But I also look back at the times when I laughed and enjoyed the show. I thought this was way better than DBZ. The voice acting in this show was spectacular. This show has everything it needs to entertain the youth. I don't think many teens would recommend watching this when its especailly for them. In my opinion, this show should be for audiences in the range of 8 years of age to 14. After that, your old enough to watch other anime. Goku is my favorite character in the series. Character developement in this show is another awsome feeling. You get to be acuainted with many of them. Goku is the best in every positive way, funny, adorable, and much more. Other characters you will find amusing too. This show is highly a spectacular anime. A 9.2 out of 10.
  • I love the show, I have been a fan since i first started watching it so many years ago, I also love the sequels dragonball z and gt, both are good for what they are. great shows that got me into anima

    I have always enjoyed the show since i started watching it, especially when they started showign dragonball z on ytv it was great, now im getting ready to start watching the dvd's for the next couple months from the start to finish of dragonball to dragonball gt

    I am excited, I really like the show and it's one of my all time favorites.
  • Dragon Ball, Gave it a chance. Few months later I have the series on DVD. I would actually say it is better than Dragon Ball Z in certain areas. So if you like action and adventure this is the the top of the mountain. One of my favortie shows ever.

    Dragon Ball, Gave it a chance. Few months later I have the series on DVD. I would actually say it is better than Dragon Ball Z in certain areas. So if you like action and adventure this is the the top of the mountain. One of my favortie shows ever.
  • Best of the 3 dragonball shows.

    Dragonball is much better than dragonballgt and even better than dragonballz. It doesnt have over powered characters that can blow up a planet with a sneeze or something. Goku actualy cant dominate every opponent he meets in dragonball. We get to see goku as a kid and see how he met alot of his friends.
    This show has more comedy than dragonballz and the story moves along a little faster too. It's about 150 episodes spanning about 6-7 years. Goku will meet bulma, roshi, krillin, yamcha, chichi, and villians that later become his allies like yamcha, tien and piccolo.
  • This Show Needs A Uncensored Version

    The was the starter that began the massive and at times stuiped Dragon Ball Z Saga.

    But Dragon Ball was a more innocent show for the younger crowd.

    In Japan it has alot of things not see in the US. Like Kid Goku looking at Teen Bulma's Panties, Teen Bulma Flashing Roshi, and the vast amount of times Kid Goku ran around naked.
  • This show has always been one of my favorites.

    Dragon Ball is about a boy named Goku that tries to find all the seven magical Dragon Balls. Along the way, he is caught up in countless battles against evil. I loved this show when it used to play. The show was more comedic at the beggining but it slowly became more and more serious. The fighting scenes are exellent and it's also fun to watch where Goku came from. I recommend this show to anyone who likes comedy and action or simply just a Dragon Ball fan. I hope this show will live in reruns forever because it will always be close to my heart.

    This show is ok. The beginning might be a bit boring but it gets better at the end with the sagga of Picolo Jr. The whole thing is really good. I saw the blue water version on ytv. they screwd up the opening but the story is the best. amazing show
  • Aimed at a slightly younger crowd than its DBZ counterpart, this show loses a little value. Yet, it is still a very entertaining aspect of the Dragonball genre, and like its counterparts can pull you in so you feel the need to see each and every episode.

    Aimed at a slightly younger crowd than its DBZ counterpart, this show loses a little value. Yet, it is still a very entertaining aspect of the Dragonball genre, and like its counterparts can pull you in so you feel the need to see each and every episode. One aspect of this show that deserves special attention is that you see the origins of many of your favorite DBZ characters such as Goku, Krillen, Master Roshi and even Piccolo. For that reason, this show is very intriguing and brings forth memories of the DBZ experience. Also, like Dragonball Z this show's continuous storyline makes you feel the need to tune in to each and every episode. It too has that guys' soap opera feel to it (not that that's a bad thing). On the negative side, this show has a younger feel to it, almost as if it was aimed at a younger crowd. The characters, dialogue and fight scenes are but a shadow of the quality found in DBZ. This might be due to the fact that Dragonball actually proceeded DBZ in Japan, thus the quality had to grow as the show did. Along these same lines you can see the show's animation and all the previous mentioned items grow during its run. By the end of the series, the show started to look closer to the style and quality of DBZ. All in all, this show is solid and addicting, yet not as good as it's DBZ counterpart.

    My final review: A great and highly addictive show, yet don't expect as much as you get with DBZ.
  • Dragon Ball is the classic "coming-of-age" tale, except the boy has a tail and it is fueled by stylish martial-arts action, friendship, and even a love story; Dragon Ball has something for everyone.

    We've all seen it before in anime...the hero's quest. Dragon Ball is the hero quest, yet its charming characters and story grow on you; you laugh at Master Roshi's pervertedness; you cry when tragedy happens; you cheer when Goku delivers the Kamehameha to defeat yet another evil; any and every anime fan should watch this series through at least once; this show shows us what anime should be like; it is much better than both of the sequels of this classic anime.
  • So this is were it all started O_o

    Dragonball is start of seris(before dbz)

    Theres some comedy and lots fighting in it.Some pepole might now like this show.But to me its great.The show will give you few laughs here and there ^_^.I meen you no you want to watch a small kid beating up pepole or monsters and stuff!
  • Dragonball is a great series about a boy named Goku and his friends Bulma, Krillin, Yamcha, Oolong, Puar, Master Roshi, Launch and her alter ego, Tien, and Chaozu meeting and growing up.Dragonball was originally on TV in Japan from 1986-1989.It reached Am

    Dragonball is an awesome show.It has alot of humor and fighting.Although it has alot of perversion, there's virtually no nudity.You occasionally see Goku's butt.Dragonball has 153 episodes in which there are about 9 sagas.Dragonball has elements that everyone will enjoy although some more than others.Some saga's have more comedy but some have more fighting.I first watched Dragonballs sequal, DragonBall Z when it aired on Cartoon Network.I collected the videos and figures.I eventually found out about this series.At the time however, only 13 episodes had been released in America and there were no plans for any of the others to be released.But a few years ago, Funimation picked up the license for Dragonball and started to release the episodes on uncut videos.Although this series wasn't as big as it's sequal, Dragonball Z, in america.So Funimation stopped releasing the videos and releasd uncut DVD sets that are about $40 each.The only set that has yet to come out in the first saga, which is only available in an edited format.They were redubbed and were shown on TV uncut but have yet to come out on DVD.Anyway, this show is great and everyone who likes Anime should give this show a chance, they won't be disappointed
  • This helped me understand the Dragonball story once and for all.

    I recorded every Dragonball episode when the series debuted during my senior year at high school through my sophomore year in college. Believe it or not, when I first saw Dragon Ball Z, I was curious to know how it all started. Basically Bulma is looking for a dragon ball in the woods and finds Goku and the adventure begins. I thought that the humor in the story was childish, but it did make sense how confused Goku was with common modesty. A typical child raised in the wild minus the super strength would fit the description of his behavior. As the story went on, the tone got more serious, which kept my interest up.
  • i think this was one of the

    i think this one of the best dragonballs i think it is like this 1:Dragonball 2:Dragonball Gt 3:Dragonball z i didnt like z too much but i really loved dragonball i thought it was crazy good! i watched it and watched it and watched it intell i fell asleep in my chair!! i was crazy for dragonball!!
  • Dragon Ball is interesting, very interesting.

    Dragon Ball is interesting, very interesting because it has a lot of action and a lot of adventure. I say this show is very creative. I couldn't say any more to explain this show. Dragon Ball is interesting, very interesting because it has a lot of action and a lot of adventure. I say this show is very creative. I couldn't say any more to explain this show.
  • Dragon Ball is simply a show that's overshadowed by its sequel.

    Before Dragonball Z, there was an even better show known as Dragonball. I personally prefer Dragonball over Dragonball Z for several reasons, mainly because it doesn't take 13 episodes for a fight to end, and the fact it's a little more realistic than its sequel. Or maybe I'm biased, since Dragonball was the first anime I've ever seen, and its unique style in art quickly got me hooked to it. I still probably would have held that judgement even today if I were to watch both series side by side.

    Basically, it follows the lone and young warrior named Goku who isn't quite knowledgable about the world around him. He easily mistakens moving vehicles as hostile animals, and he doesn't understand much of the concept of a "girl" (pretty much you can say he thought only males existed). So when Bulma was driving by within her bike, Goku immediately thrashed it with his awesome supernatural powers. Bulma then resolves everything, saying she's in search of the Dragonballs, mystical orange spheres that are able to grant a single wish when all seven are gathered. It was then discovered that the treasure that Goku guards is also a Dragonball, and tags along with Bulma in her journey of searching these balls.

    The first couple episodes of Dragonball reminded me of the first couple episodes of Pokemon; the atmosphere for both were quite distinctly similar. Which I think was a good thing, because I loved the first 30 episodes of Pokemon, and I can say the same with the entire Dragonball series. Unlike its sequel, "Dragonball" actually centers around the dragonballs and the adventures Bulma and Goku have looking for them. To interfere with their hunting, Emperor Pilaf is also looking for them.

    Later on, a couple new characters will be introduced, such as Yamcha, Bulma's future girlfriend; Oolong, a pig able to transform into anything he can think imaginable; Krillin, Goku's bestfriend; Master Rochi, the master of both Goku and Krillin, and many more. There's also a wide variety of villians that are equally memorable because of their persistence in searching for the mystical balls, such as Mercenery Tao, Pilaf, General Blue, King Piccolo, and others. The action is nowhere near as electrifying as its successor, but they're still enjoyable to watch nevertheless. In between the dragonball hunting, Goku joins the Worlds Martial Arts tournament to test out his skills and become the world's best. In between those times, he's usually tavelling the world, assisting those in need, seeing as the dragonballs take a full year to replenish its magic.

    All in all, Dragonball is quite a charm and is much more laid back then Dragonball Z. For serious fans of fighting animes, this might not suit you since they can be quite short sometimes, but this is definitely a classic no matter what. It's kind of hard to explain why I've enjoyed this anime a lot, but maybe it's because I secretly like shows that use the coming of age theme, and Goku's development was quite a rewarding factor.
  • Anyone who rates this less than 9 is crazy.

    Dragon Ball, the original one, is one of the best anime series there is. Its sequel is good too. But the original is always the best. The story is good and well written and so is the english script and dubbing.
    Goku is awesome and so all of the other characters. lOvE iT.
  • Great great great show. They better bring it back now.

    This is definately one of the best anime cartoons next to dbz. It tells you the story from the very beginning that started it all. With memorable characters such as Goku, Bulma, Master Roshi, Oolong, Yamcha, Puar, Ox-King, and lots lots more. This is one of my personal favorite shows and wish they would bring it back. Or at least make an uncut version. This is a great show for the whole family to enjoy and love. And follow the series all the way through. This show should definately definately definately get an A++++ without a doubt. This is truly a great show.
  • Dragon Ball is an entertaining mix of actiona dn kiddy antics that can keep interest for a certain amount of time.

    With all the anime's out in this world to date this is one of the more popular shows. It has alot of interesting things about it. But like my classifacation call it. It's accidentally funny, you know why? Because everything is corny. The show has a corny plot... a corny lead character... but the show is oddly entertaining to me, and I hate hate anime's.

    The story is about this man named Goku, and he sets out to find 8 Dragon Balls...thats all I know and I'am ashamed to say that I know that much because I hate anime. Oh Well I recommend it for the younger children.
  • Funnier than Dragonball Z.

    I watched this show On Demand and it is funny! Other than it having those cute anime expressions it has silly humer too. I gave it a guilty pleasure rating because I do not want to feel like a nerd. Its about Goku and others finding Dragon balls, in short. The only problems with it is the dated audio and visual quality.
  • unbealivable

    this is a great show a great stater to the dragonball saga the first time i saw it was very informative it showed me how goku started his journey and even made me laugh (goku has a always been the same clueless and funny)it a great show and good for any one to watch it will show how goku met his freinds and how he started to train.
  • hi

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  • Every saga has a beginning...

    Enter Goku, a boy with a tail, monkey's tail that is, found in the woods of East District 439, in a smallround pod like thing. He was found by a grand old fighting master named Gohan! Goku was a brute, but one day, while on a walk with Grandpa Gohan, Goko fell into a revine and badly damaged his head! Gohan thought he lost Goku, but after recovering, Goku became a very happy loving boy! But one night, the full moon was up and Goku looked up at it! Goku transformed into a giant ape, and crushed his Grandpa Gohan! Having no memory of his experiences as a giant ape, Goku got on with life and learned to take care of himself, when Goku was 5, he met a girl named Bulma, and they went on a journey to gather up the Dragon Balls, 7 orange balls, that when gathered together, a huge dragon comes out and grants someone one wish, to find out what there journey was and is like, tune in, to find out the story of the Dragon Balls!
  • pretty good for a kids show

    This show is what started the Dragonball saga and its totally original and had some sort of interesting adventure going on. Although this version is so kiddish, "Doragon Boru" is moreover for adults and teens, so more fun for us. All the characters were great and my favorites were Bulma and Goku (they make a great team.) The only thing i dont like was FUNImation didn't bother dubbing the rest of it and gave us some god-awful voices! other than that this show had great music, loveable,funny characters and some entertaining episodes. Akira Toriyama is a genius!
  • The first Dragon Ball series. Goku is a young child up in the mountains. He comes aross a girl named "Bulma" and head out into adventure. They also met Emperor Pilaf, an evil person who wants the Dragon Ball to rule the world. Goku and friends encounter m

    It has action and humor. A touch of intense with a little dash of sillyness. Bulma looks hot in this series. Though, I like the FUNImation version better. The Blue Water dub has the colouring all washed out. But othern than that, the adventure and it all is very good!
  • Goku is a boy who is well, weird. He has really messy black hair, has a monkey's tail and is kind of naive. He has a very pure, wholesome heart, and may be the nicest kid you will ever meet. He saves the world from villians, and even Ninja Murasaki!

    This is a show that if you give it a chance, you will be stuck watching for a while, but every second you will enjoy. Dragonball has more comedy than Dragonball Z (DBZ) a little less action, and more interesting characters. May I add a little adult content. Don't get this series for that, but enjoy it as it comes along. Master Roshi, the perverted Turtle Hurmit Martial Arts trainer trains Goku for a Tournament, and Goku just keeps getting stronger.

    Every episode builds off of the previous one, and makes you want to tune in tommorow to see what will happen next. I love all the character, and Bulma (Goku's friend) is hot. This is the series that started it all and you deserve to see it. Even if you detest DBZ, you might still like Dragonball. It goes at a different pace.

    I'm in the process of ordering all the uncut DVDs. I want to see the whole show.
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