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  • Absolute Rubbish!!!

    Wait! Before all the Dragon Ball fans start going nuts you might want to know that I used to be a DBZ fan.

    I grew up watching this and I LOVED the show.

    Any now about 6 years later I look back and I think.... WHAT A WASTE OF TIME.

    I learned nothing from that moronic show.

    This show is a complete waste of time!

    There are better things to do than watch this rubbish.

    Change the channel and put on a better show e.g. Futurama.

    Hell, I'd rather watch Sesame Street than sit through an episode of DBZ.
  • Boring lame action show.

    Danny Phantom could easily crush all of the stupid lame heroes & villians in this show. Why make another Dragon Ball show when there is already one on the air? I guess they just have to torture us with another one because they want to. It's action shows like this that make me sick. Just take it off the flippin' air.

    omi gosh that show is so stupid if that show were cookies than nobody would eat them cuz everyone hates dbz as much as i do so....... to the creators of dragon ball z i want you to.......STOP MAKING STINKY SHOWS! cuz you are making me angry and you wont like me when im angry!
  • the start of DBZ

    Dragon ball is a show Based around a little kid named Goku who was found in the woods by an old Grandpa, who was named Gohan, when Grandpa gohan took Goku under his wing Goku was a voilent Child with no respect bt one day when him and Gohan were going for a walk he fail off a water fall and Smashed his head on same rocks, Grandpa Gohan tought he had lost Goku but after full recover Goku became a kind and loving kid and lived happly with Grandpa Gohan but one night when the moon was full Goku looked up and transformed into a gaint Ape mand killed Gohan but Goku had no memory of it so he went on with his life has normal and when he was 5 he meet a girl named Bulma, then they set off to find the 7 magical orange balls to get a wish from a magic dragon. Will they succed or will the fail?
  • A great show, very very funny, and good fighting. Explains the story of goku, and how he met most of the charcters in DBZ, like Bluma, Master Roshi, Krillian, Yamcha, Tien, and a bunch more.

    This show has some very very funny plots, and definetly better than GT plots. I think if you like DBZ, then you will love this, but if you like GT, you wont like it as much. And the fighting is very good. Some fights span over more than 3 episodes! Also, the villians and charcters are very unique, and proves the creators distinct imagination. a great show, funny and action packed.
  • martial artists with supernatural powers journey around the world looking for Dragon Balls.

    i like the show because of its creativity and positive influence on the younger generations i like the characters like Goku and Krillin (excuse the spelling) im not a hardcore fan because the battles are so drawn out and lengthy it gets boring. The action in the show is gratuitous and gory and extremely entertaining. and it has great lessons in the story like girls are just as good as guys y'know like theres no sexist influences.the show needs to come back because there is a giant gargantuan cliffhanger at the end of the dang series. so that is my awesome review lol
  • Still not great but...

    significantly better than Dragon Ball Z
  • Dragon Ball is an entertaining mix of actiona dn kiddy antics that can keep interest for a certain amount of time.

    With all the anime's out in this world to date this is one of the more popular shows. It has alot of interesting things about it. But like my classifacation call it. It's accidentally funny, you know why? Because everything is corny. The show has a corny plot... a corny lead character... but the show is oddly entertaining to me, and I hate hate anime's.

    The story is about this man named Goku, and he sets out to find 8 Dragon Balls...thats all I know and I'am ashamed to say that I know that much because I hate anime. Oh Well I recommend it for the younger children.
  • Beginning of the Dragonball series.

    A fighting master known as Gohan discovered a strange boy whom he named Goku. Gohan raised him and trained Goku in martial arts until the day he died. The young and very strong boy was on his own, but easily managed. Gohan leaves a special dragonball with Goku. Then one day, Goku meets a teenage girl named Bulma, whose search for the dragonballs brought her to Goku's home. Together, they set off to find all seven dragon balls and make a special wish. An adventure that would change Goku's life forever. See how Goku meets his life long friends Bulma, Yamcha, Krillin, Master Roshi, Chi Chi, Ox King and many others. Watch his adventures as a boy which all leads up to Dragonball Z and later Dragonball GT. A show worth watching for any Dragonball fan.
  • kamehameh haaaaaaaa

    the story of dragonball is a story about a warrior named goku who was rescued from the widerness by grampa gohan. a couple of years from then goku is all alone sinc his grampa gohan died and the only memory of him is a dragonball that gohan gave to him. later on a girl named bulma comes and finds him becouse she is looking for the seven dragonballs goku and bulma and up becoming friends and looking for the 7 dragonballs. and as they say if you gather up all 7 you can make any 1 wish you want. but goku and bulma r gunna have a little trouble getting them all becaus there are 3 evil guys who are also looking for the dragon balls. so what mistufe will goku get into.

    from brodie henderson

    kamehame haaaaaaaa
  • Boy in search of seven dragon balls, i dont know why.

    This show never impacted me as it it impacted others, but i did enjoy it a lot. It came in Colombia after the Zodiac Knights craze when we were thinking that there would never be something so great as Knights of the Zodiac. How wrong were we, cause there was, Goku and its adventures possessed the hearts and minds of kids and teenagers alike. I think it was the fact that the animation was very different and that the show would leave us with a cliffhanger everytime. Darn producers! i think we suffered a lot waiting for the next episode just to find out Goku was allright. Great show, don't miss it if you can.
  • Well the stroy takes place a liltle out of gokus gouse and then comes along a strange woman which is Bulma and goku thinks shes a animal!(hehehe she is to me)and he saves the world from pilaf,red ribbon,and king piccolo,piccolo junior!its good!

    Well its ok i sometimes wonder tho does goku have a brain?cuz i know hes done very dumb but funny stuff in dragonball z,and gt but man dragonball is so funny(probaly speaking for everybody else).Its a good thing they when up to when he was like 20 or something cuz if they stoped at when he was like 12 i would have killed akira(not really).back to subject well it is good i like how the dinosaurs could talk tho that is pretty cool and he has this 1 arch dinosaur rival thats i think a bandit and goku wipes the floor with him!!Man i have to Dragonball its props it was a huge succsse for me!
  • When Goku was 4 feet tall and Yamcha was actually stronger…

    I’m more familiar with the manga seeing as I bought the first 10 or so – I enjoyed the animated version but it’s no DBZ/GT. On its own it’s an ok show – nothing to rave about but it had its moments.

    I think the pull point for me was the fact that you got to see most of the later DBZ characters and where they began. Dragon Ball introduced us to Piccolo, the inception and birth of my favorite green man! You met Bulma and Chi Chi – and the pesky Red Ribbon Army later responsible for Androids 17 and 18. You also met the core cast in the beginning of DBZ – Like Yamcha, Tien and Chouzo! It’s an introduction to a series known the world over!
  • A decent animated kids program.

    A decent animated kids program. If this is a show that you do not normally watch and you are sitting at home with nothing to do, you are going to wish you had it on tape. Having it "on tape" had become the generic term for recorded programs. Today you are more likely to have the show on Tivo or DVR than VHS, or god forbid Beta!! It is kind of like how a lot of people still call CD's "records" or "albums." Anyway, back to the show. This is the type of show that is really pretty good if you would just give it a chance. So on those cold, lonely, rainy days, pop in your tape or DVR or whatever if you were smart enough to tape it. If not, check to see if it is on as a re-run. After all, as they say, if you have never seen it, it is new to you.
  • Funnier than Dragonball Z.

    I watched this show On Demand and it is funny! Other than it having those cute anime expressions it has silly humer too. I gave it a guilty pleasure rating because I do not want to feel like a nerd. Its about Goku and others finding Dragon balls, in short. The only problems with it is the dated audio and visual quality.
  • i think this was one of the

    i think this one of the best dragonballs i think it is like this 1:Dragonball 2:Dragonball Gt 3:Dragonball z i didnt like z too much but i really loved dragonball i thought it was crazy good! i watched it and watched it and watched it intell i fell asleep in my chair!! i was crazy for dragonball!!
  • Dragon Ball is simply a show that's overshadowed by its sequel.

    Before Dragonball Z, there was an even better show known as Dragonball. I personally prefer Dragonball over Dragonball Z for several reasons, mainly because it doesn't take 13 episodes for a fight to end, and the fact it's a little more realistic than its sequel. Or maybe I'm biased, since Dragonball was the first anime I've ever seen, and its unique style in art quickly got me hooked to it. I still probably would have held that judgement even today if I were to watch both series side by side.

    Basically, it follows the lone and young warrior named Goku who isn't quite knowledgable about the world around him. He easily mistakens moving vehicles as hostile animals, and he doesn't understand much of the concept of a "girl" (pretty much you can say he thought only males existed). So when Bulma was driving by within her bike, Goku immediately thrashed it with his awesome supernatural powers. Bulma then resolves everything, saying she's in search of the Dragonballs, mystical orange spheres that are able to grant a single wish when all seven are gathered. It was then discovered that the treasure that Goku guards is also a Dragonball, and tags along with Bulma in her journey of searching these balls.

    The first couple episodes of Dragonball reminded me of the first couple episodes of Pokemon; the atmosphere for both were quite distinctly similar. Which I think was a good thing, because I loved the first 30 episodes of Pokemon, and I can say the same with the entire Dragonball series. Unlike its sequel, "Dragonball" actually centers around the dragonballs and the adventures Bulma and Goku have looking for them. To interfere with their hunting, Emperor Pilaf is also looking for them.

    Later on, a couple new characters will be introduced, such as Yamcha, Bulma's future girlfriend; Oolong, a pig able to transform into anything he can think imaginable; Krillin, Goku's bestfriend; Master Rochi, the master of both Goku and Krillin, and many more. There's also a wide variety of villians that are equally memorable because of their persistence in searching for the mystical balls, such as Mercenery Tao, Pilaf, General Blue, King Piccolo, and others. The action is nowhere near as electrifying as its successor, but they're still enjoyable to watch nevertheless. In between the dragonball hunting, Goku joins the Worlds Martial Arts tournament to test out his skills and become the world's best. In between those times, he's usually tavelling the world, assisting those in need, seeing as the dragonballs take a full year to replenish its magic.

    All in all, Dragonball is quite a charm and is much more laid back then Dragonball Z. For serious fans of fighting animes, this might not suit you since they can be quite short sometimes, but this is definitely a classic no matter what. It's kind of hard to explain why I've enjoyed this anime a lot, but maybe it's because I secretly like shows that use the coming of age theme, and Goku's development was quite a rewarding factor.
  • This helped me understand the Dragonball story once and for all.

    I recorded every Dragonball episode when the series debuted during my senior year at high school through my sophomore year in college. Believe it or not, when I first saw Dragon Ball Z, I was curious to know how it all started. Basically Bulma is looking for a dragon ball in the woods and finds Goku and the adventure begins. I thought that the humor in the story was childish, but it did make sense how confused Goku was with common modesty. A typical child raised in the wild minus the super strength would fit the description of his behavior. As the story went on, the tone got more serious, which kept my interest up.
  • =D

    i love dragonball dragonball is basically the prelouge for dragonball z. a young namek travels around the world with his friends bulma and some pig guy while using the dragonball radar to look for dragon balls. they are secretly bein stalked by yamchi and his crew who appear to be bad guys but later turn in2 good guys. this show is about all the adventures that young goku, bulma, and a weird czat or pig i forgot have while lookin for the dragon balls. bak then gokus main travelling method was by his numbis cloud which is the same cloud koenma from yu yu hakusho uses.
  • Classic 80's anime that spawned a franchise that's still alive and well today.

    I love Dragon Ball, it is in my opinion, unquestionably one of the absolute best anime shows ever made, and the sequel series Dragon Ball Z is just as great, or possibly even better than this one. I'm currently watching Dragon Ball GT for the first time, and it's pretty good actually...so far at least, some annoyances, but I'll talk about that when I review that series. Dragon Ball was unbelievably popular when it aired, and still Dragon Ball Z Kai manages to pull in consistent high ratings in Japan and the US. People love the show, while others hate it, one individual I talked to, a die hard Naruto and Bleach fan thinks this is the absolute worst anime ever made, he despises it, however I made him admit that he has a bit of respect for it in the sense that Naruto probably wouldn't exst if it weren't for Dragon Ball, but to each their own. The show has spawned sequel shows, countless video games, toys and other merchandise, so there's no doubt it still has numerous fans all over the world.

    Dragon Ball, this first series, is terrific, the adventure/comedy is great, thanks to the fantastic characters. Goku is such a naive, innocent character, I have a problem with other anime shows where the main hero is an obnoxious, full of himself, jerk, Goku is awesome, while still not being smug or annoying. I could go through all the other characters, but there are so many, Bulma is cool as well, Lunch or Launch is one of my favorite characters, too bad she's hardly in Dragon Ball Z at all, Master Roshi and Oolong deliver the perverted comedy that's so common in anime, however, where I had a problem with similar stuff in shows like Keroro Gunso, where the girls are 12-13, here the girls are at least of legal age, at least after my country's rules, so when they have to endure the more humiliating moments, it's not toe-curlingy uncomfortable. They do show a bit of nudity in the show, even uncovered breasts with nipples on full display, but so what? I don't mind kids seeing Dragon Ball, a bit of non-sexual nudity is perfectly fine in my book. Some of the violence however can be very intense, particularly some of the stuff in the last battle between Goku and Piccolo Jr.

    The first three seasons expertly balances comedy and adventure, with some action, now I don't think the action is all that great in the majority of the first three seasons, I blame that on the animation, I guess they had a limited budget, it looks dated, of course that has it's own charm, but the action scenes suffer and are stiff and slow. However, the fourth and fifth seasons have some amazing fight scenes that are really awesome. The show is surprisingly consistent in quality and manages to keep things fresh with new surprises and characters. Of course there are some mediocre eisodes and the last five episodes flat out stinks, they're lousy and boring beyond belief, I'm glad Dragon Ball Z is a direct continuation, it would be embarrassing if these five episodes were the last we would've seen from Dragon Ball. Another thing I hate is how big moments and surprises are way too obvious, and then they spend up to multiple episodes having the characters going "who's that?", "what's happening?" and such, they drag it out and they do this a couple of times. Also, the amount of shots of people gawking at something incredible can be a bit annoying sometimes.

    Part of the success of Dragon Ball can be credited it's charm, it has a genuine heart and isn't just about the kamehameha's and intense battles. I love it, I mean, I'm not a raving fanboy who thinks it's absolutely flawless in every single way, there are a few faults, but ultimately it's a great series that's well worth checking out.
  • The beggining of a series that really had an effect worldwide.

    Dragonball is the second most known anime for people who don't actually watch anime. Dragonballs "sequal" DragonballZ would be the MOST known anime. Even when I was about 8 years old, I knew almost every character up to the Freiza saga. The beggining of dragonball is simple and relates to the title, as do many shows; Goku and his new friend Bulma must find the seven Dragonballs so Bulma can get her wish for a field of strawberries. The show evolves into a fighting anime, but it has humble roots.
  • This show is the bomb. It explains how Goku is a good fighter and who took care of him.

    This show is awesome. I can say that it has fighting and some parts are very funny. The creator, Akira Toriyama. did a very good job with the creation of Dragon Ball. I think that this is one of the best anime shows and almost nothing can top it. It is just amazing.
  • Good show

    This is better than some people say it
    is full of action anyway Goku can't turn
    super saiyan it still has a lot of action.
    Goku has a tail for part of the show.
    Dragon ball zis better but this is good too.
    the episodes is alot better he is a teen.

  • A great anime

    The show started out with Goku meeting Bulma. She told Goku about the Dragon Balls and how you could make a single wish. Together they search for the Dragon Balls. They met friends like Yamcha and Oolung. They used to be evil but Goku and Bulma helped them out to be on the good side. The face many hardships in the way. They faced an evil person called Emporor Pilaf. He was looking for the Dragon Balls too. The penultimate episode was the funniest. Emporor Pilaf wished something that was silly. But did he wish for that? You have to find out what it is. That's just the beginning. Overall, this is a great show.
  • Anyone who rates this less than 9 is crazy.

    Dragon Ball, the original one, is one of the best anime series there is. Its sequel is good too. But the original is always the best. The story is good and well written and so is the english script and dubbing.
    Goku is awesome and so all of the other characters. lOvE iT.
  • Great anime!

    I just saw the first episode on Toonami Jetstream and it was alright. My friends seemed to like the show so I decided to give it a try. Okay so this show is about a legendary Master named Gohan who lived far in the mountains by himself, until a baby was left with him. The baby was named Goku and was raised by Gohan and his own. Goku was trained to be a warrior like Gohan. And he did even when Gohan dies. Then when Goku was a child a woman named Bilma came and told him to look for the Dragon Balls. Goku did have a Dragon Ball from Gohan but didn't want to give it up but after some persueation he decided to go with Bilma and search for the Dragon Balls.
  • A very good animated show.

    This show was a good one and I used to like watching it because it sets when Goku was a kid and I liked that and the nimbus cloud in my opinion was funny the way Goku used to ride it and Krillin couldn't ride it. Anyway this was a truly enjoyable show to watch because it had an adventurous storyline that I used to like it because it was simply one of the best. Because this was before Dragon Ball Z for me it was still a great show. What I didn't like much about the series was about Emperor Pilaf because he has bad, but sometimes he was funny. Also Master Rochi I liked him because he created the Kamehameha Wave and I think that is a great thing. Another character that was funny was Launch because everytime she sneffed she transformed from good to bad and that was a good thing in my opinion. In conclusion for being such a great show in television I give it a 9.2 superb rating for my review.
  • This show is about a boy named Kid - Goku who is trying to obtain the Seven Sacred Earth Dragon Balls . Him and his friend Volma trying to obtain them , so they can make sure Red Ribbon or any other enemies do not get the Dragon Balls first .

    I think this show is real cool because they have specail powers , differrent planets , galaxies , and makes kids imagination get more creative . It is a very known show and my oponion is that it ROCKS ! A great childrens and Preteens show . So I just say , this show is awesome . Well , this show is a great inspiration for me . Let me think . . . . . . . . .well this show JUST ROCKS !
  • This show is one of my all time favorite shows to watch. I like DBZ But any one who has seen this will agree that this is better.

    This show orginally thought up in the 80s is an instant classic. Some of you may not have even heard of this show or just never seen it. On account of the fact that this is an old show. But that dose not mean that this is a bad show. Dragon ball has actually infulenced many other shows. As in a person who can do anything with the right backing. WOOT to Dragon Ball
  • The show that begins it all.

    The series that begins the Dragon Ball franchise. To me, this is better than Dragon Ball Z. It mixes comedy with action, which is an excellent blend. However, while being the best show out of the three, it is not as popular as the immensely Sequel Dragon Ball Z, while I think Dragon Ball needs more support. Overall, Dragon Ball gets a 9.5 out of Ten, but it focuses mostly on Goku.
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