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  • Dragonball Z's Prequel is a worthy show to view!

    Dragonball Z's prequel, Dragonball, tells the story of Goku's childhood and reveals the origins of characters such as Bulma, Chi-Chi, Ox King, Master Roshi, Yamcha, Krillin, Tien, Korin and even Piccolo! The show follows a pattern of Goku going on a Dragonball Quest then participating in the World Martial Arts Tournaments. Goku's past adversaries include Emperor Pilaf (with his minions Shu & Mai), Supreme Commander Red & the Red Ribbon Army, Mercenary Tao & the Crane Hermit and Piccolo's sinister father, King Piccolo (who is the most evil of the villains before the DBZ era)! I saw DBZ 1st, so therefore saw DB as a prequel; DB is more fantasy oriented then its science-fiction oriented sequel. A great show that I recommend to those who have questions concerning the past of DBZ characters.
  • One of the Greatest Anime series of all time!

    This is the series that started the whole Dragon Ball series! It is one of the greatest Anime titles of all-time. The original Dragon Ball series includes introductions to a bunch of the well known characters such as Goku, Bulma, Yamcha, Tien, Krillen and Piccolo, who are featured in Dragon Ball Z. You learn how Goku grew up, met his friends for the first time, trained under Master Roshi, defeated the Red Ribbon Army, and of course the timeless Dragon Ball hunts. Dragon Ball also has classic comedy moments, especially Master Roshi's perverted moments and Goku's misunderstanding of modern objests, figurative expressions, ect. If you love Dragon Ball Z, then you will probably enjoy the series that started it all, Dragon Ball!
  • I love this show because of the way it starts the dragonball trilogy.

    This shows how Goku met his human friends. By watching dragon ball, you get the idea of whats going on in Dragon Ball Z. Watching Son Goku vs Jackie Chun, Son Goku Vs Kuririn, Son Goku vs Tenshinhan (first time), Son Goku vs Piccolo Daimaio, and of course, Son Goku vs Ma Junior AKA Piccolo Junior, makes you love the series. It never gets old. Oh it'd be nice if dragon ball A f were real. Toriyama sure got lazy and retired from writing one of, if not then the best Japanese manga ever to be writen. Say hello to my favorite trilogy set, Dragon ball.
  • This show is NOT worse than Z and GT!

    I notice lots of people giving the original DB a low rating because of one thing: No Super Sayajin! Dude, the lack in Super Sayajin makes the episode less boring so you don't have to wait twenty minutes for the action to return.

    Okay, this is nothing like DBZ. It's better. It's adorable, has better music, makes me laugh, has a real script, is higher rated and the villains don't all have the same attacks. In DBZ, all battles end the same. In the original DB, the battles are different and the enemies at least have interesting techniques. Okay, perhaps that little imp guy is annoying, but he's funny, plus Roshi is actually strong and tollerable. In fact, this one has more supernatural and mythical creatures than Z had to offer. Z is all about staring at the screen for five minutes to waste time and every battle playing out in a repetative loop. (Goku dies and comes back) Dragon Ball is about getting to the action without a need for pointless banter and a repetative loop.

    Face it, this is the superior DB series.
  • unbealivable

    this is a great show a great stater to the dragonball saga the first time i saw it was very informative it showed me how goku started his journey and even made me laugh (goku has a always been the same clueless and funny)it a great show and good for any one to watch it will show how goku met his freinds and how he started to train.
  • I love the show, I have been a fan since i first started watching it so many years ago, I also love the sequels dragonball z and gt, both are good for what they are. great shows that got me into anima

    I have always enjoyed the show since i started watching it, especially when they started showign dragonball z on ytv it was great, now im getting ready to start watching the dvd's for the next couple months from the start to finish of dragonball to dragonball gt

    I am excited, I really like the show and it's one of my all time favorites.
  • one of the greatest animes to ever be made

    dragonball was a huge show it came out in the 90s and i used to watch it all the time. goku who is a sayian and was raised by a man that discoverd him but the man died when goku transformed into a ape. goku and help of others go and finded the dragonballs. he comes across huge and powerful enimes. using his power pole and his kamaiamia wave. and ridsa nimbus clowd. i enjoyed the show it also had alot of comdedy in it which made the show one of the best animes to ever be made i think.
  • Every saga has a beginning...

    Enter Goku, a boy with a tail, monkey's tail that is, found in the woods of East District 439, in a smallround pod like thing. He was found by a grand old fighting master named Gohan! Goku was a brute, but one day, while on a walk with Grandpa Gohan, Goko fell into a revine and badly damaged his head! Gohan thought he lost Goku, but after recovering, Goku became a very happy loving boy! But one night, the full moon was up and Goku looked up at it! Goku transformed into a giant ape, and crushed his Grandpa Gohan! Having no memory of his experiences as a giant ape, Goku got on with life and learned to take care of himself, when Goku was 5, he met a girl named Bulma, and they went on a journey to gather up the Dragon Balls, 7 orange balls, that when gathered together, a huge dragon comes out and grants someone one wish, to find out what there journey was and is like, tune in, to find out the story of the Dragon Balls!
  • Realy cool animation film :)

    This is one of that animation films i like. ecpecialy i like first season - Dragonball. The story begins then elder named Gohan who lives in the earth find a starnge boy. He is strange because he have a tail. Gohan give name for the child - Goku. Gohan raised him and trained Goku in martial arts until he died. Until Gohan dead Goku meet young girl named Bulma whos search the dragon balls who can make three whishes. There are seven dragon balls in diferent places of the all world. Together they going to long jurney. I can't tell all story. Story is very long and very cool.
  • The orignal dragon ball series

    Okay dragon ball is even better than dragonball z because it has comedy action crazy super human kung fu fighting more hand to hand combat less and ki attacks. It has it all and one top of that this is when the humans are strong and not forgeten. If you've seen Z but you haven't seen this then watch it this is much better and what I also like about this show is that its more about skill than fighting at insane power levels that should blow up the planet by just charging up. I've watched this anime about 5 times and it never get's old.. so go watch and if you've seen it see it again. Then after you've seen it enough go watch Z but don't watch GT it sucks.
  • Dragonball was amazing!!!

    Dragonball was an awesome series. It set up so many things that would eventually happen in Dragonball Z. The animation of Dragonball was amazing for an 80's anime. My favorite Dragonball character was Goku of course. He was just as awesome in this series as the rest. For me I saw Dragonball Z way before I saw Dragonball. So I though it was really cool to see a child version of Goku. My favorite saga was the Red Ribbon Army saga. That saga set up and major part of Dragonball Z. The Android and Cell sagas. I enjoyed the battles with all the generals. Another thing I liked about Dragonball was the equal level of fighting. Everyone was on the same level. I also enjoyed the classic world tournaments. It was awesome watching those tournaments. I would recommend watching this series if you enjoy lots of action in your anime.
  • second best after DbZ and Bleach

    great show great characters great fights and the best part is that it follows goku as a child from the age of 10 to the age of 19.Direct sequal is DbZ which follows Goku since the age of 24.I realy don't know what to say except that is faboulos and interesting.
  • Goku a young naive boy with great power teams up with Bulma a slightly older girl to search for 7 mystical balls. Along the way they discover new friends, and new enemies.Along the way Goku becomes more stronger and by the end of the series saves the worl

    I love Dragon ball. It's just funny. I don't know whether it is as good as Dragon Ball Z but it is pretty enjoyable. If you have seen Dragon Ball Z before Dragon Ball you might get pissed because your thinking "Come on learn the energy attack" or something like that. However other then that the show is well done. The Villians are bizzarre and usually have an interesting back story. The Characters of Goku, Krilin, Master Roshi, Yamacha, Tien, Bulma, and Piccolo are so well developed. However as you see in Dragon Ball Z there is a different realm of power then that shown in Dragon Ball. However Dragon Ball is authentic and the story and episodes are very addictive. Plus with humor the show is amazing.
  • This Show Needs A Uncensored Version

    The was the starter that began the massive and at times stuiped Dragon Ball Z Saga.

    But Dragon Ball was a more innocent show for the younger crowd.

    In Japan it has alot of things not see in the US. Like Kid Goku looking at Teen Bulma's Panties, Teen Bulma Flashing Roshi, and the vast amount of times Kid Goku ran around naked.
  • Dragon Ball, Gave it a chance. Few months later I have the series on DVD. I would actually say it is better than Dragon Ball Z in certain areas. So if you like action and adventure this is the the top of the mountain. One of my favortie shows ever.

    Dragon Ball, Gave it a chance. Few months later I have the series on DVD. I would actually say it is better than Dragon Ball Z in certain areas. So if you like action and adventure this is the the top of the mountain. One of my favortie shows ever.
  • Dragin ball is about a boy named goku who is on a quest trying to round up the dragon balls and not let it fall into the hands of evil the main villians is the red ribbon army and emperor piliaf and on his journey goku makes many friends

    The dragon ball series had a good run and had a lot of fans including me
    i am such a big fan and i watch the Chronicles as much as i can
    i would say this is a must watch anime show
    it has action, adventure, comedy and a bit of ramance
  • I love this show, as well as DBZ, and DBGT! I catch it when ever I can, and most of my guy friends love it too. Its one of the few TV shows I watch any more.

    I wonderful and action-packed show with a good moral code, it's funny and exciting with Goku's strange and pure nature. It's also fun to find out the original story of my favorite characters since i start on DBZ. However, the best part about it is that Goku always calls the four-star dragonball "grandpa".
  • This show rocks! It's the best on show Earth. It is a Classic, and it is not that boring as a lot of people say. It has comedy, adventure, action, everything that is essential for a good show.

    This show rocks! It's the best on show Earth. Cartoon Network should air it again, and not those creepy shows they air now. I have seen this show since I am a little kid, I have seen every single episode, I know all about the characters. This show should be really on more times. This show is a great part of my life, I love it.Who doesn't miss Goku, Bulma, Roshi, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien. Chiaotzu, Puar, Oolong, Lunch, ChiChi, Yajirobe, Baba, The Red Ribbon Army, The World Martial Arts Tournament, Piccolo, ...
    I do, and I am sure I am not the only one.
    It is a Classic, and it is not that boring as a lot of people say. It has comedy, adventure, action, everything that is essential for a good show.
  • How i remember the day...

    What great memories i have of Dragon Ball, believe it or not i only started to watch Dragon Ball one day when my mom taped it by mistake.
    When i watched the first episode i thought it was kind of strange because the first thing i saw was little Goku getting shot in the head by Bulma.
    But out of simple curiosity i started watching and soon the fights started, Goku vs Yamcha what a great battle it was and at that moment i got addicted, i started to tape all the episodes and became a serious fan, back in my school everyone was obsessed just like me and we spent all the time pretending to be the Dragon Ball characters:P
    Then came the Budokai tournaments which were the episodes that i prefer from the entire series seeing everyone fight it out, watching Goku and company fight amongst them, and watching Yamcha always get eliminated by one of the strongest opponents made be a fanatic.
    There are a view shows i can say that i was obsessed with and one of them is Dragon Ball, to think that i even tryed to do the kamehameha attack when i was younger lol i sure was crazy.
    Ohh and by the way my favourite characters were Tien, Piccolo and Krillin it's a pity Tien and Krillin lost their potential in Dragon Ball Z...but at least they still fought once in a while so it's not that bad:P
  • its a good dragonball series

    this is the best anime ever
    this cartoon is the best cartoon ever its about about fighters with a ultimate attacks and increadible abailty that they have the power to destroy the unvierse the cartoon begun with fighter name frieza controlling the sayians he was sending the sayians to destroy planets and when a sayian get near death and recover he gets stonger than before and there was a sayian always getting near death and then recover back so frieza was afraid from him and the other sayians because they might get stronger than them anytime so he destroyed the plant but before the plaent gets destroyed the son of bardockwas send to destroy the earth he son was a baby but they send him to grow their and destroy the planet and when he got on earth a man found him name roshi , roshi was a good fighter and stong one he learned the son of bardock how to fight and he named him goku so goku trained with another human name krillain to be strong fighters but since goku was a sayian he was stronger than them and then he grow up to be a great fighter and he was trying to safe the universe from evil and he succed on doing so

    i think you should hurry up and watch this cartoon because its the best
  • Best of the 3 dragonball shows.

    Dragonball is much better than dragonballgt and even better than dragonballz. It doesnt have over powered characters that can blow up a planet with a sneeze or something. Goku actualy cant dominate every opponent he meets in dragonball. We get to see goku as a kid and see how he met alot of his friends.
    This show has more comedy than dragonballz and the story moves along a little faster too. It's about 150 episodes spanning about 6-7 years. Goku will meet bulma, roshi, krillin, yamcha, chichi, and villians that later become his allies like yamcha, tien and piccolo.
  • The anime of animes.

    I really like this show. Really, I do. Its my first anime. Dragon Ball is about a kid named Goku with a tail who lives in a remote valley. He soon meets a girl named Bulma and they form a partnership to search for seven star balls called dragon balls. If you gather all seven dragon balls, you can get granted one wish. They soon meet friends and enemies along the way of their adventures. One reason I like this anime is that it influenced others such as One Piece and Yu Yu Hakusho to be made. I'm not sure we would have them without this.
  • Dragon Ball is about a boy named Kid-Goku that is trying to obtain the Seven Earth Dragon Balls.With his friend Volma he searches for the SevenDragon Balls so he can get to them before Red Ribbon and other enemies.

    I think this show is real cool because they have specail powers , differrent planets , galaxies , and makes kids imagination get more creative . It is a very known show and my oponion is that it ROCKS ! A great childrens and Preteens show . So I just say , this show is awesome . Lets just say . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .uh . . . . .well it is jusr cool , i guess . Go Draon Ball !
  • Goku and Bulma journey the world for the 7 Dragon Balls to make a simple wish of whatever they please. But there not the only ones.

    Personaly this is my favorite anime show. I Although I look back at some episodes and look at the picture developement, I think the picture quality gets worse every time I look back becuase of the new anime coming out today. But I also look back at the times when I laughed and enjoyed the show. I thought this was way better than DBZ. The voice acting in this show was spectacular. This show has everything it needs to entertain the youth. I don't think many teens would recommend watching this when its especailly for them. In my opinion, this show should be for audiences in the range of 8 years of age to 14. After that, your old enough to watch other anime. Goku is my favorite character in the series. Character developement in this show is another awsome feeling. You get to be acuainted with many of them. Goku is the best in every positive way, funny, adorable, and much more. Other characters you will find amusing too. This show is highly a spectacular anime. A 9.2 out of 10.
  • Dragon Ball is where the entire DB/Z/GT legacy begins, depicting the origins of Son Goku's life from childhood to early adulthood as a fighter and a hero.

    Dragon Ball starts off with a young boy named Son Goku and a teenage girl, Bulma, searching for the magical Dragon Balls, for which the show was named for. As the series continues, Goku encounters new friends, and allies, as well as stronger enemies. Although DB is the typical action show with the basic outline of the hero's journey, it does contain some interesting twists in the plot and provides as a good enough predecessor to the better known Dragon Ball Z. In conclusion, Dragon Ball is a good blend of hand to hand combat combined with a well written plot by Akira Toriyama and based off of the manga (Japanese-style comic) by the same man.
  • It was entertaining to watch this show

    I just remember watching it as a kid, it was good.
  • An Extraordinary series, one of the greatest animes ever in my opinion.

    I'm sure there are people who hate this series but I have never met any of those people. I am not a big fan of the American version, besides the voices. I prefer the original uncut Japanese version with English subtitles. I like to see anime the way it was supposed to be seen, not how America wants us to see it. Dragonball is about the life of a kid from another planet named Goku. I do not want to spoil anything for you so please go watch it and find out what it is about. It is great. After the Dragonball series comes Dragonball Z which is a follow-up from this series. Watch it as well if you haven't. By the way, if you did not know, Dragonball is based on the Japanese comic series of the same name.
  • The start of it all was the best of it all. Dragon Ball is too often wrongly overlooked for the benefit of its older brothers (Z and GT).

    I can still remember watching this as a kid. Many years later I got the whole series in manga form. And even more years later I am still talking about it on here!

    This is where Goku's adventure started. Little did he (or Toriyama) know, that many many adventures were to follow, including the one of worldwide fame. Dragon Ball was 17 mangas long (cut up into I don't know how many TV episodes) and starts off as the story of a young ten year old boy living at the heart of a forest. One day he meets a girl Bulma who tells him she is searching for the dragon balls. Goku decides to leave his home and follow her on her quest.

    The original series is by far my favourite, as it doesn't focus so relentlessly on the fighting or "leveling up". It is much more story based but also sweet and at times extremely funny as Goku is a very naive individual innocent and new to the world, having never before left his forest.

    It is a real shame that the episodes we got to see when we were younger on the European continent, were slightly censored, but it didn't hinder the overall greatness of DB. Ahhh the memories.
  • Better than DBZ and one of the best anime ever created.

    DragonBall may be slightly dated but age does not lessen the quality of something. To this day, DragonBall still shines like the diamond it is. The quality adventuring, most noticeably in the first few series', was legendary, as it was simple, yet charming. The fighting scenes were very inventive as they were frequently unexpected. Although everyone wanted Goku to win his fights, the twist was he did'nt always win, and that kept the show realistic. I was nice that many characters, who were previously villains became Goku's allies. In the U.K, DB was very popular, due to the way Cartoon Network aired the DragonBall shows. They aired DBZ first, followed by DBGT, that was suceeded by DragonBall. This made the viewers want to see how Goku learnt his moves and it was different from the heavily O.T.T battles that were prevelant in DragonBall Z, as DragonBall featured likeable, exciting and downright brilliant adventuring. This is why DragonBall is better than DragonBall Z. It was appealing to adventure fans AND action fans. This is why DragonBall is an anime legend.
  • Dragon Ball is the classic "coming-of-age" tale, except the boy has a tail and it is fueled by stylish martial-arts action, friendship, and even a love story; Dragon Ball has something for everyone.

    We've all seen it before in anime...the hero's quest. Dragon Ball is the hero quest, yet its charming characters and story grow on you; you laugh at Master Roshi's pervertedness; you cry when tragedy happens; you cheer when Goku delivers the Kamehameha to defeat yet another evil; any and every anime fan should watch this series through at least once; this show shows us what anime should be like; it is much better than both of the sequels of this classic anime.
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