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  • How i remember the day...

    What great memories i have of Dragon Ball, believe it or not i only started to watch Dragon Ball one day when my mom taped it by mistake.
    When i watched the first episode i thought it was kind of strange because the first thing i saw was little Goku getting shot in the head by Bulma.
    But out of simple curiosity i started watching and soon the fights started, Goku vs Yamcha what a great battle it was and at that moment i got addicted, i started to tape all the episodes and became a serious fan, back in my school everyone was obsessed just like me and we spent all the time pretending to be the Dragon Ball characters:P
    Then came the Budokai tournaments which were the episodes that i prefer from the entire series seeing everyone fight it out, watching Goku and company fight amongst them, and watching Yamcha always get eliminated by one of the strongest opponents made be a fanatic.
    There are a view shows i can say that i was obsessed with and one of them is Dragon Ball, to think that i even tryed to do the kamehameha attack when i was younger lol i sure was crazy.
    Ohh and by the way my favourite characters were Tien, Piccolo and Krillin it's a pity Tien and Krillin lost their potential in Dragon Ball Z...but at least they still fought once in a while so it's not that bad:P