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  • The first of the Dragon Ball trilogy remains to be the best.

    I remember when I was four, I first caught an episode of Dragon Ball Z on Cartoon Network's Toonami. It was where Goku was beating the crap out of Pikkon and Gohan was getting ready to go to high school. This was how I was introduced to the ultimate and awesome Dragon Ball Z series, which tells the story of a man named Goku who is of an alien race, can make himself more powerful by going blonde, and likes to beat the crap out of bad guys. So then I was introduced to the very crappy Dragon Ball GT. But at last I was introduced to the best of them all: Dragon Ball.

    Dragon Ball features a young boy, who is a student under the Turtle Hermit School, named Goku, who runs around collecting Dragon Balls, making friends, defeating major villains, training, helping people, and competeing in difficult tournaments. Sounds simple? No way. The Dragon Ball saga just ultimately rocks. There are far less energy blasts here (they are still there, though) and way more pure martial arts fighting. Unlike DBZ, Dragon Ball also has humor, drama and romance.

    Watch Dragon Ball becuase it rocks!! 10/10