Dragon Ball - Season 3

Cartoon Network (ended 2003)




Episode Guide

  • The Fallen
    The Fallen
    Episode 48
    Goku and Tien have endured a great deal in this match, and it's all about to end. Stuck in free fall, it is a struggle for them to do virtually anything. On top of that, they have no ring to fall into, so this match is about to end no matter what. Goku ultimately comes up short because of a truck. Though Tien admits that wasn't fair, Goku concedes and congratulates him. Following Tien's victory, a celebration begins and new friendships are forged. Unfortunately, evil looms on the horizon and leaves Krillin dead.moreless
  • The Spirit Cannon
    The Spirit Cannon
    Episode 47
    The freshly multi-armed Tien is on the attack. The young warrior ends up in several binds – forcing him to use his own tail to save his chances of victory. After all of this, Tien has one last recourse, and he quickly takes to the sky. The Spirit Cannon is coming, and it can destroy everything in its path. A further downside is that Tien may not even survive the attempt. Can Goku save Tien and himself from it?moreless
  • Tien's Insurrection
    Tien's Insurrection
    Episode 46
    The match rages on and neither fighter shows any signs of giving up. While Goku's friends cheer the young warrior onto victory, Master Shen urges Tien to go farther – to go for the kill. As he tries to fight Goku, Tien finds himself being influenced to do that and to do what is honorable. Finally, he reaches his breaking point with Master Shen – interrupting the match to forcibly eject him from the World Martial Arts Tournament arena. When the match resumes, though, don't expect Tien to cut Goku any slack. If anything, expect even more intensified conflict, as Tien grows a couple of new sets of arms.moreless
  • Victory's Edge
    Victory's Edge
    Episode 45
    Battered, bruised, and on the brink of destruction, Goku finds himself at the mercy of Tien Shinhan, as the final match in the World Martial Arts Tournament continues. No one has witnessed combat like this! Who will win the ultimate battle? Watch and find out!
  • 12/25/02
    The final match in the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament is about to begin! Goku faces Tien Shinhan in a climactic battle to see who will become the next Master of Martial Arts! However, if Tien has his way, this will be Goku's final match, period!
  • Tail's Tale
    Tail's Tale
    Episode 43
    The fight between Goku and Krillin heats up as the World Martial Arts Tournament continues. What began as friendly combat turns to all-out war after Krillin pulls a sneaky stunt behind Goku's back. Tempers flare, the battle turns fierce, and a once strong friendship all but disappears. Be prepared! The outcome of this match will knock you off your feet!moreless
  • Goku vs. Krillin
    Goku vs. Krillin
    Episode 42
    The semi-finals are underway. Goku faces off against Krillin. The winner of this match will determine who will face Tien in the championship round. Both have only one goal in mind: victory. What will be the outcome of this match-up between two best friends?
  • Stepping Down
    Stepping Down
    Episode 41
    Jackie Chun and Tien are pushing themselves to the limit. When one unleashes one powerful attack, the other unleashes an even more powerful attack. These two fighters may be able to take it, but the audience sure can't. After innocent people are nearly killed during the onslaught, Jackie Chun knows what he has to do – forfeit. Tien is now another step closer to final victory, but Jackie Chun hopes his words about honor have reached the troubled fighter.moreless
  • Tien Shinhan vs. Jacky Chun
    Jackie Chun must again defend his championship title. Naturally, though, Tien won't go down easy. In fact, he proves to Jackie Chun's biggest challenge since Goku – perhaps more so. Tien, meanwhile, finds the elder fighter to be a challenge, as well. The desire for victory means a need from both for more and more powerful attacks. However, slowly increasing the conflict slowly increases the danger to others.moreless
  • 12/17/02
    Both Goku and Pamput are determined to advance to the semi-finals. Goku achieved some fame from the last tournament, but Pamput is a bonafide celebrity. He's no pushover, though, as he is highly skilled – enough to train his own students. Pamput wants to win, but unfortunately for him, Goku is the better fighter. As exciting as that match was, though, the next one with Jackie Chun and Tien promises to be even bigger.moreless
  • 12/16/02

    It appears that Chiaotzu's victory is only a matter of time. However, Krillin stumbles onto the one thing that can help him – math. As unlikely as it seems, this gambit pays off and leaves Chiaotzu distracted enough to be defeated. This victory may prove short-lived for the students of Master Roshi, though, as Tien is still in the World Martial Arts Tournament and Master Shen hasn't given up his vengeful desires.

  • The Dodon Wave
    Episode 37

    Once again, the pupils of Masters Roshi and Shen face each other in battle. Krillin and Chiaotzu may be small, but they prove that size doesn't matter. Both are quite skilled, and they may actually be evenly matched. Chiaotzu then breaks out the powerful Dodon Wave in a last ditch attempt to turn the tide. If Krillin doesn't think of something fast, his time in the ring will be up.

  • Full-Moon Vengeance
    Episode 36

    The past comes back to haunt Jackie Chun, as Man Wolf reveals why he is so angry at him. It turns out that he was in the audience at the last tournament and became trapped in his beastly form after Jackie Chun's Kamehameha Wave destroyed the full moon. His life ruined, he spent the last three years in anger and in training for this moment. Jackie Chun experiences little trouble in besting Man Wolf, though. Still, he feels bad about his plight, so – with Krillin's bald head – he manages to restore Man Wolf's human form and peace of mind.

  • Yamcha's Big Break
    Episode 35
    As the World Martial Arts Tournament continues, the first match in the Quarter-Finals is well underway, with Yamcha challenging Tien Shinhan. With these two warriors locked in combat, one thing is certain: sparks will fly!
  • Yamcha vs. Tien
    Episode 34

    The excitement grows as everyone eggs on the Grand Finals. Goku remains calm while others are more nervous. Tien shows up and insults Yamcha as usual. Then, Chiaotzu comes along and Krillin gives him a piece of his mind. "Are you going to say something or what?"(Honestly, I understand. Chaiotzu never says a word!)"Baldy!" replies Chiaotzu. WHAAAAAAT?!, the insulted Krillin yells. "It's not exactly like you have a lion's mane under there, cueball!" Not exactly, says Chiaotzu. He removes his hat only to reveal.......there's only ONE SQUIGGLY HAIR under there!!! Tien shelters Chiaotzu as if he were his older brother telling him to put his hat back on before he catches a cold. Like Tien actually has a sensitive side to him! Outside, Oolong and Puar go off in search of Master Roshi. Puar checks the crowd and Oolong checks all the bathrooms. Oolong opens one bathroom door too many and is slapped by a girl in the GIRL'S restroom! Oolong gives up and returns to Bulma Master Roshi'less. Master Shen offers a hand and says he'll find him for them. Back stage, the announcer appears and the remaining 8 fighters draw numbers for placement in their matches. Tien continues talking to Chiaotzu, when Chiaotzu mysteriously points his finger and causes the numbers in the drawing box to spin around! They're cheating! Placing Master Roshi with Man-Wolf, Tien with Yamcha, and after a brief mispronunciation, Chiaotzu cheats for himself and pits himself against Krillin. Automatically, Goku is placed against Pamput. What kind of power is this? Only time will tell. Say a prayer for Krillin, if that's only a taste of one of the many tricks Chiaotzu has in store for him. Back outside, Master Shen asks an announcer to give an insulting page to find Master Roshi over the loudspeaker. The gang is disgusted but agree at the same time. Master Roshi is not one to be "clean" of all sins. First match! Yamacha vs. Tien! Yamcha, representing the Turtle Hermit house and Tien, representing the Crane Hermit house. Let the match begin! Over the wall, Goku, Krillin, Jackie Chun and Chiaotzu look on with intensity. Goku has a brief flashback from the Inoshika episode, where Tien tried to kill him and left him for dead under a tree. But back to the match, Dear God!, these two are fighting with everything they've got! Wow! Flip, flip, punch! Block, block, counter! Kick, kick, jump! What's going on! They are evenly matched! Neither can believe their skills. Yamcha decides to break out his new technique, Wolf-Fang Rolling Wind! Stay tuned for the next episode, where Yamcha may end this fight PERMANENTLY! On the next episode of.......Dragon Ball!

  • 12/9/02
    The preliminary round continues. Goku finds himself facing a tough opponent: King Chappa, a former champion of the World Martial Arts Tournament. Meanwhile, Jackie Chun, Yamcha, Krillin, Tien, and Chiaotzu continue to advance through the preliminary rounds. With only 8 spots available, will all of them qualify for the tournament?
  • Preliminary Peril
    Preliminary Peril
    Episode 32

    Three years of intense training has led Goku and his friends to this day. The World Martial Arts Tournament begins! Among the competitors is a dangerous foe who nearly destroyed Goku in their first encounter. Get ready for action!

  • Rivals and Arrivals
    Rivals and Arrivals
    Episode 31
    As Master Roshi and the rest of the gang head for the World Martial Arts Tournament, one member is noticeably absent: Goku! After three years of training, his mysterious disappearance is baffling, but if he doesn't reach the sign-in booth on time, he won't get to compete!
  • Which Way To Papaya Island?
    Three years have passed since Master Roshi sent Goku out to learn from the great teacher, life. But before the tournament begins, it seems he still has a difficult lesson to learn about deception and betrayal. And perhaps more importantly, he needs directions!
  • The Rampage of InoShikaCho
    A low snarling growl, the ground trembling beneath your feet, and a shivering tingle up your spine. These are the only warning signs that the creature is coming. And right now, it's coming for Goku! It is the monster, InoShikaCho!
  • Goku Goes To Demon Land
    Goku's travels land him in a tiny village terrorized by dozens of demons! The town's princess has been kidnapped by these frightening creatures, and the king wants Goku's help! Does Goku dare to go down into the underworld to retrieve the girl? Can he make it back alive if he does?moreless
  • Goku vs. Sky Dragon
    Goku vs. Sky Dragon
    Episode 27

    Goku has taken his first step to the unknown world in order to prepare himself for the next World Martial Arts Tournament. He wanders to a nearby city in hopes of finding a worthy adversary to test his strength. He meets Master Chin, who has a dilemma: he is sick but has to fight against Sky Dragon in a match to defend his title. Goku decides to take his place, but how will he fare against the strongest warrior in town?

  • Terror And Plague
    Terror And Plague
    Episode 26
    Goku stumbles into trouble when he meets Chao, a little girl who persuades him to help save her village from a pair of dangerous criminals, Plague and Terror. The real danger lies in a secret weapon the maniacs possess, one that could destroy Goku and leave his new foes invincible.
  • The Eternal Dragon Rises
    Goku has collected all seven of the Dragon Balls! So, it's off to the land of Korin to revive Upa's beloved father. Will all of Goku's hard work finally pay off? It's all up to the Eternal Dragon!
  • Pilaf's Tactics
    Pilaf's Tactics
    Episode 24
    Goku knows the location of the seventh Dragon Ball. It's in the possession of the greedy Emperor Pilaf and secured by his mechanized arsenal! Can Goku break through Pilaf's titanium shell and come away with the final ball?
  • 11/25/02
    The battle between Goku and the masked fighter concludes in an unimaginable showdown that will forever change our hero. Meanwhile, Emperor Pilaf sets in motion a diabolical plan to destroy Goku and steal his Dragon balls using a lethal army of robotic enforcers!
  • The Strong Ones
    The Strong Ones
    Episode 22
    The last match in Fortuneteller Baba's tournament has begun, and it quickly proves to be a bout for the ages! But the longer the fight rages on, the more worried Master Roshi becomes! There's something strangely familiar about Goku's masked opponent, but who could it be? The answer is out of this world!moreless
  • The Mysterious Fifth Man

    The battle for the last Dragon Ball continues! Now Goku must contend with the fourth fighter and his deadly Devilmite Beam, a heart-stopping power that no opponent has ever withstood. Master Roshi and the others can only watch in horror as the young hero confronts this new danger. Can Goku survive?

  • Devilmite Beam
    Episode 20
    Goku has a major problem to unravel, how do you beat a 5,000 year old mummy that has never been beaten? Goku will need all of his strength and cunning if he hopes to win this fight. But this is only the third of Baba's fighters! Goku still has two more opponents to face, if he can survive this one, that is!moreless
  • Goku's Turn
    Goku's Turn
    Episode 19
    Baba's next fighter is revealed, a mummy! Roshi claims that nobody has ever defeated Baba's third fighter. Yamcha faces the mummy but is quickly defeated. Now it's Goku's turn to fight, but what chance does he stand against this awesome foe?
  • Deadly Battle
    Deadly Battle
    Episode 18
    Yamcha really said a mouthful when he said this would be easy. As he faces off with someone he can't even see! This battle turns for the worse and all bets are on Baba's team. But when all else fails Yamcha relies on his other sense: Hearing. It seems the tables have turned as Yamcha launches an all out assault on anything that moves. See-Through (The Invisible man) has lost his element of surprise. But just as the odds start to favor Yamcha, Baba starts to sing a annoying song made even worse by her hideous voice. See-Through doesn't waste any time and continuously pummels Yamcha while he's still caught off-guard. Krillin knows Yamcha can't take much more of this punishment and sends Goku to retrieve Master Roshi and a can of tomato soup? Krillin instructs Master Roshi to throw the tomato soup at Yamcha but instead drenches See-Through in it. Yamcha quickly makes mince meat of his opponent and claims the victory. With three fighters to go, the gang eagerly awaits their next match in.... The Devil's Caldron!moreless
  • We Are The Five Warriors
    The battle begins! Goku and friends vs. Fortuneteller Baba's fiendish minions. The prize: the location of the last Dragon Ball. First up: Krillin, who must face-off against a warrior with real bite!
  • Who Is Fortuneteller Baba?

    Goku and the gang meet up at the Kame House and find themselves in a bit of a dilemma. The Dragon Radar wont pick up the last ball. Master Roshi suggests they should ask Fortune Teller Baba (Master Roshi's sister) for help locating the seventh Dragon Ball. Puar, Krillin and Yamcha accompany Goku on his journey to find Fortune Teller Baba. During a brief pit-stop, Goku's uniform starts to rip so he asks for a new one to be made. Soon after, Goku brings Upa along and joins up with the gang. Now the journey is finally underway. When they arrive much to their surprise Fortune Teller Baba is nothing more than a cranky old witch who charges 1 million zeni to tell fortunes and that's after the coupon! Once she finds out they're broke she offers them a second form of payment: Beat all 5 of my fighters and I'll tell your fortune for free. Sounds easy enough, right? But why does Baba seem so confident? Baba's up to something. Find out what dangerous surprises Fortune Teller Baba has in store for Goku, on the next episode of..... Dragon Ball!

  • The Last Dragon Ball
    As the gang rushes to aid Goku in his assault against the Red Ribbon Army, Goku seems to really need it at this point. As the newly risen Commander Black (Commander Red's lackey) and Goku go head to head, the remaining members of the Red Ribbon Army run for their lives and completely desert the base. Using his Battle Jacket (a gigantic robot that can be controlled from within), Commander Black seems to get the upper hand, that is, until Goku remembers all the innocent people and friends that got hurt at the hands of the merciless Red Ribbon Army. Goku's incredible strength proves to be too much for Commander Black and attempts to escape. Goku wont let him get away this time as he grabs a flag pole, leans back and launches himself towards the Commander. Goku breaks through the the Battle Jacket and destroys it. The infamous Red Ribbon Army has failed and Goku has recovered 2 more Dragon Balls giving him a total of 6. He is only one ball away from reviving Upa's father but how can he find it with his broken radar? Find out, next time on........ Dragon Ball!moreless
  • The End of Commander Red
    Goku declares war on the entire Red Ribbon Army! In an attempt to acquire two Dragon Balls, our hero infiltrates the army's lair, where he must face Commander Red and his diabolical legion of soldiers. Danger and deception looms as the ultimate battle between good and evil begins!
  • A Real Bind
    A Real Bind
    Episode 13
    Goku is on his way to take back the Dragon Balls from the Red Ribbon Army headquarters. And realizing the danger he's in, his best friends have joined together to help! Can this small group of good guys conquer the legions of evil that await them at Commander Red's compound? With a kid like Goku on their side, they just might!moreless
  • Confront the Red Ribbon Army
    Goku journeys toward the Red Ribbon Army's headquarters to retrieve the Dragon Balls there. Meanwhile Bulma and Master Roshi are trying to track him down. They think they're worried now, just wait until they realize he intends to take on the whole army by himself.
  • The Last of Mercenary Tao
    Quickly realizing he's no match for Goku's new strength, Tao decides to even the odds by climbing the tower and drinking the Sacred Water himself. What will Tao find atop the tower? And more importantly, what's in store for Goku when the angry assassin comes back down?
  • The Return of Goku
    The Return of Goku
    Episode 10
    Goku and Tao return for a rematch! And Goku's winning. When Tao learns that Goku's strength increased up Korin Tower, he climbs up there to become stronger. Until then, Goku and Upa decides to wait for him to come back.
  • Sacred Water
    Sacred Water
    Episode 9
    Goku continues his training atop Korin's Tower. Exhausted, frustrated, but far from defeated, the young hero pushes on in an attempt to capture the bottle of Sacred Water from Korin. Meanwhile, Mercenary Tao prepares for a rematch against Goku, in which he intends to destroy him. Will our young hero be ready in time?moreless
  • Korin Tower
    Korin Tower
    Episode 8

    Goku attempts to climb the massive Korin Tower in hopes of finding the Sacred Water. Legend says that whomever drinks it will be rewarded with amazing new powers. It is a prize the young warrior finds irresistible, for the shadow of the deadly Mercenary Tao looms near!

  • Tao Attacks!
    Tao Attacks!
    Episode 7
    The despicable hired hit man, Mercenary Tao, will stop at nothing to complete his mission and earn his paycheck. He made short work of Bora, but Goku won't prove to be so easy. Goku's determined to avenge his friend's death and hang on to the Dragon Balls. But will his determination be enough to beat this cruel contract killer?moreless
  • The Notorious Mercenary
    While General Red talks with the infamous Tao, General Blue returns to Red Ribbon Army headquarters. General Red is furious over Blue's recent failures, but will allow him to live if Blue can defeat Tao in battle. Meanwhile on Korin, Goku learns about the tower from Bora and the strength enhancing water at the top. Blue battles Tao, but even his finishing move is useless and Tao wins effortlessly. After learning about Goku and the Dragon Balls, Tao sets out to Korin. Goku expresses eagerness to climb the tower just before Tao arrives. Bora fights him, but Tao kills him mercilessly. Angered, Goku leaps into battle.moreless
  • The Land of Korin
    The Land of Korin
    Episode 5
    Goku is on his way to the next Dragon Ball, but Captain Yellow and his forces reach it first on the island of Korin. However, it soon falls into the hands of the protector of Korin, Bora, and his son. The Red Ribbon Army try to get it back, but Bora makes quick work of them and only Yellow escapes. When he returns in his plane, Yellow captures Bora's son and threatens to drop him unless he gets the Dragon Ball. But Goku arrives in time to defeat Yellow and save Bora's son. Goku then sees it is the four star Dragon Ball Bora has and is overjoyed to have finally found it.moreless
  • Arale vs. Blue
    Arale vs. Blue
    Episode 4

    With the Dragon Radar repaired, Goku already locks onto to something. He searches around Sembei's place, unaware of General Blue lurking around. When he reveals himself, General Blue freezes Goku again. Before leaving on Sembei's plane with the Dragon Balls and Radar, General Blue decides to finish off Goku. However, Arale leaps in and shows General Blue how she plays tag, sending him flying. With the Dragon Balls recovered and a new Radar, Goku says goodbye to his new friends and resumes his search for the four star Dragon Ball.

  • Strange Visitor
    Strange Visitor
    Episode 3
    Goku meets a girl named Arale before rushing off after the Dragon Balls. General Blue has survived the crash into the mountain and escapes before Goku arrives. Goku again encounters Arale (who ran all the way there) and accepts her help to find the Dragon Balls. After General Blue causes trouble for residents of Penguin Village, Goku tries using the Dragon Radar to find him, but finds it's broken. Worse, Goku doesn't know how to get back home for Bulma to repair it. Arale then tells him she knows someone who can fix it, Sembei. But unknown to them, General Blue is on his way to Sembei's as well.moreless
  • Penguin Village
    Penguin Village
    Episode 2

    General Blue enters the Kame House and ties up the surprised Goku, Krillin, Master Roshi and Bulma. General Blue plants a detonator set to explode in five minutes next to them and leaves with the recently collected Dragon Balls. Fortunately, Launch returns and unties Goku so he can dispose of the detonator just in time. Goku then takes off on the Flying Nimbus to retrieve the Dragon Balls from General Blue. The high speed chase leads the two to a mysterious town.

  • Escape From Pirate Cave

    Bulma and Krillin make their way to the submarine and begin their escape. Bulma thinks that Goku is dead. As the cave is about to collapse, Goku makes it out of the cave and jumps onto the submarine, taking the Dragonball with him. Now together, they must escape the Pirate Cave, which could collapse at any minute...

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