Dragon Ball

Season 1 Episode 8

The Kamehameha Wave

Aired Weekdays 6:30 PM Aug 29, 2001 on Cartoon Network
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The Kamehameha Wave
After a long search, Goku and Chi-Chi find Master Roshi's island and request the Bansho Fan. Unfortunately, Master Roshi threw it out after spilling soup on it. He will still help, though, if Bulma goes on a date with him. Later at Fire Mountain, Master Roshi gathers the needed strength to unleash the Kamehameha Wave. This tactic works a little too well – completely destroying the mountain, but things ultimately work out for just about every featured party.moreless

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  • Gokue and ChiChi find Master Roshi and take him to Fire Mountain. There he uses the Kamehameha Wave to extinquish the Fire.

    Gokue and ChiChi find Master Roshi. So now they have everything and everyone to extinguish the Fire on Fire Mountain. But Roshi tells them that the fan that he needs to extinguish the fire is not there. Goku thinks there is now hope but Roshiu tells them there is still hope if he just uses the Kamehameha Wave. So that's settled and the people go off on their own transportation. The only thing Roshi wants in return is a date with Bulma. Goku promise dhim that but when they get ther, Bulma isn't too happy about that. So they get there and the Ox King is happy to see his daughter alive and well. Yamcha and Puar are surprised to see that ChiChi is his daughter and now get scared after what they did to her. Roshi uses the Kamehameha Wave to extinguish the fire and the Ox is pleased. then Roshi wants hwta Goku promised him in return. But Bulma doesn't want to date him so Oolong goes in her place. Bulma gets mad when Oolong makes her say stupid and distgusting things. So after that the Ox King gives the gang a couple of DinoCaps and they go on their way, only to be followed by Yamcha and Puar. Find out what happens in the next Dragon Ball!moreless
  • great

    “The Kamehameha Wave” see’s Master Roshi put out the flames for the Ox- King and our hero’s obtain the 6th Dragonball. We see Roshi use his powers, and this is also the first time we see Goku use the Kamehameha Wave. Roshi seems to be hiding all his powers underneath that turtle shell of his. There are some nice touches to this episode and a few laughs. Yet another Dragonball episode that manages to entertain. We also see Yamcha still stalking our hero’s as they search for the final Dragonball. There is also a hint that the Ox- Kings Daughter likes Goku at the end of the episode. 8 out of 10


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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: The dub episode name was misspelled for the episode's intro, accidentally spelled 'The Kamehameah Wave'. However, the error was caught and fixed once it was released on DVD.

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  • NOTES (9)

    • Manga Correlation:
      - Chapter 013, "Kame-sennin's Basho Fan"
      - Chapter 014, "Kame-sennin's Kamehameha!!"
      - Chapter 015, "Seven-Star-Ball Discovered"

    • Original Air Date: April 16th, 1986

    • Original Japanese Title: The Turtle Hermit's Kamehameha

    • We learn Master Roshi drank from the Fountain of Youth. However, we find later in the series that Roshi actually lied and that there is no such substance that would make one live forever. This still does not explain why Roshi lives for so long (even continuing to live through the final "Dragon Ball" series, Dragon Ball GT), but it could just be that people in the DB Universe simply live longer in comparison to the real world.

    • In the original Fox airing, After Roshi took off his shirt, he turned back to Bulma and says: "Aren't I sexy?" This line was later changed in later airings.

    • This is one of the few times you see Master Roshi's transformed state, the 100% state. Frieza, Cell and Buu also use this state in Dragonball Z. The state increases the muscle mass to greater than twice the original size.

    • Canadian Title: The Kamehameha Wave!

    • This is the first appearance of the Kamehameha Wave, a special technique that becomes Goku's signature move throughout Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT.

    • Scene Edit: In the original unedited version of this episode, Roshi's favor in return for the Dragon Ball is for him to fondle Bulma. However, the edited version changes his line to "a walk on the beach."


    • Pet Turtle
      Roshi's pet turtle, Gamera, is an obvious reference to a movie monster of the same name. The original Gamera also has the appearance of a turtle and the ability to fly.

    • Kamehameha
      The Kamehameha Wave happens to share its name with the first king of Hawaii.

      However, the name of the technique was actually inspired by the creator of the series' (Akira Toriyama) wife, who suggested that since Master Roshi was given the title of "Kame Sennin" ("Turtle Hermit") that his technique should be "Kame-something-ha."