Dragon Ball

Season 4 Episode 16

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Aired Weekdays 6:30 PM Sep 25, 2003 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • In this episode, Goku senses another's power-level, King Piccolo to be exact, for the first time. Whether this is because of Goku's strength increase or his mind is at peace is a mystery.

  • Quotes

    • Piccolo: My first degree is to abolish the police and release all criminals. I want riots, all order is legally dead. Well, what are you waiting for? Let it begin!

    • Yajirobe: You did it Goku! You survived! So do you feel any stronger, Goku?
      Goku: I don't know. I do feel different, but I just can't explain it.
      Yajirobe: Well, it sure didn't change your looks. You're still just a goofy looking kid with a tail.

    • Launch: I'm proud of you Tien, so proud.
      Tien: Don't be. This is not about me, rather, this is about the bad things in my life that make me no better than King Piccolo. This is about atonement and I only hope it's enough. Goodbye, my friends.

  • Notes

    • Original Air Date: June 29th, 1988

    • Japanese Title: Son Goku Reborn!

    • None of the above was cut from the Blue Water dub version.

    • The following scenes were cut:
      1. (In recap) Shot of Piccolo holding King Funny by the neck in midair replaced with a shot of Pu'ar and Oolong looking at the TV in shock

      2. (In recap) Again, scene of the tiger holding up the other animal with a knife is replaced by extending the shot of the family watching TV

      3. Scene of some crazed criminals driving a truck into a restaurant

      4. Scene of a criminal jumping through a swimsuit billboard

      5. Scene of criminals setting a building afire and throwing molotov cocktails into a building, much to the surprise of an office worker, who tries to stomp the fire out

      6. A shot of a truckfull of criminals aimlessly shooting guns in all directions

      7. A scene cut here...
      Policeman over loudspeaker : "Please return to your homes! Piccolo is not the official ruler! All those who break the law will be punished accordingly!"
      *Criminal pistol-whips the officer in the face*
      *Officer falls down*
      Criminal : "I'll keep it under advisement... heheh..."

      8. Another scene of more criminals carelessly shooting up cars and other such things

      9. Another scene, this time in a jail:
      Prisoner : "Come on. Give it up, warden."
      Warden : "Get comfortable. You're not going anywhere, Johnny... at least, not on my watch. So, just sit back and relax there."
      Prisoner : "Oh, I'm fine right here..."
      *Large explosion*
      *Criminals break out of their cells and stand over the warden and the other guards with guns and evil smiles*

      10. Shot of the punker's knife falling close to his crotch after Android #8 slaps it out of his hand replaced with an extended shot of the punkers laughing nervously. (They also edited a scene in earlier Dragonball when a knife fell close to Kuririn's crotch, in fact, tearing his pants open, by moving the knife further away from him. I don't know why...)

      Most of these were unnecessary. While, I must admit, some of the criminal activity was pretty dastardly, you wouldn't see much worse on, say, Batman... although the rocket firing was similar to a terrorist attack, so I can see why they took that out.

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