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  • we want dragon booster series back

    i have been waiting for the academy series since 8 bring it back....
  • Bring Dragon Booster Academy series...........

    Dragon booster is the best story lines ever... i'm a big fan of I'm waiting from 9 years to watch this new series.... the show was open ended what happens next??? please bring it back..
  • I miss u boa

    i am a big fan of dragon booster series...........

    waiting for the newly modified academy series or a MOVIE that i expecting a trendy look in 3D.
  • dragon booster

    used to see this series when i was a kid in a grade 4 now I've graduated my high school and i have been waiting for this series to continue. Whenever I remember of this show it reminds me of my childhood days watching Dragon Booster.
  • We want the dragon Booster Back

    I used to see this series when i was a kid in a grade 4 now I've graduated my high school and i have been waiting for this series to continue. Whenever I remember of this show it reminds me of my childhood days watching Dragon Booster. I've waited for about 8 years for this series to continue. So, please for the sake of the fans please bring back this series again.
  • Dragon Booster Academy FTW!!!

    I have loved it ever since I was 9 now I'm 15 and I still love, why don't they continue it, I miss it and they left a lot of loose ends, what happens to armegadon, does Parm get the green draconium amulet, does lance or kit find the water or fire guantlets and amulets. It was rather abrupt please bring it back
  • 11 year old girl wanting it back in Australia

    Man need to watch this again really miss it cause it gives me dreams of im a dragon and i can kick bad guy butt
  • dragon booster academy

    its a superb cartoon & we need it
  • Dragon booster

    we need Dragon booster back plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......

    i love Dragon booster i have never seen anything like that plzzzz come back
  • we need Dragon Booster Acadamy series and more.........................we want to know the upcoming challenges of artha the dragon booster

    Dragon booster was the most exciting animation series i have ever seen.........., the strongest characters....., ....the dragons...........and their feelings.........and the ending of season 3 made us to watch the upcoming episodes as soon as possible..........but it was a saaaaaaad news ..........".........dragon booster ends...........",,,,,,,,, and who ever reads it...... plz support me by voting................
  • Please Bring Dragon Booster Academy...

    Dragon Booster One of the best story lines ever... I don't Know why they stopped It but Please Continue IT
  • Needs to have the story finsihed and put on DVD at least. Very Good although occasionally there were some corny bits. But all great shows have corny bits.

    The life of a critic is quite easy. We risk very little compared to those who offer up their work for our judgement. We thrive on negative criticism because its easy to write and fun to read. But sometimes the job of a critic even an amateur critic is quite hard. Hard in the defense of something new. The new needs friends in this world where everything including the entertainment Industry is changing constantly.

    The children to young adult program "Dragon Booster" is one such program. Sure the animation is choppy in some places but we can't expect the 'Mona Lisa" from those who put so much effort into this program. If we did there would be no point in having short half hour programs running from one a week to five times a week.

    Plot has alot of depth and if we look at the plot about five boosters and look back through the episodes we can see that this has been in the works for a long time. The voice actors all fit perfectly with their characters. Those who are evil sound evil and so who are good sound good. The personalities of the characters are amplified by these actors and the dragons (especially Beau) provide some good comedy from the sidelines.

    Graphics or video quality (Don't really care what it's called) is quite good. I have heard people complain about when objects are moving fast they can't see the building or objects themselves just striped lines simulating speed. I must say that it is annoying at first but when you analyse it you can see it is for the best: Financially and Time wise. Many people who write scathing reviews I have found only judge by the first season or episode. This program only has thirteen episodes in each season and much of the first season was getting to know each of the characters whilst subtly bringing in the main plot. Many other great programs have used this style (e.g. Zoids).

    I don't judge programs on personal preference as I once did. When I did I missed out on some truly brilliant programs that I miss sorely. Don't pass judgement on any program until you have watched the entire length. It's like going to the movies and only watching the introduction to a movie.

    I can't imagine what the creators of this program are working on now. I can only hope that for the sake of the fans who do not yet know the program has been cancelled that they finish the story.

    That is my great ask to the creators: Finish the story.
  • go too http://www.dragon-city.org/

    Important: Dragon Booster has ended it's run of 39 episodes. Unless the broadcasters order more, we won't see any more of the show. Join the campaign for more episodes now. Your voice counts! We've crossed 7900 signatures, but we need more! There are three ways you can help: Sign the petition->

    Join the letter writing campaign-> Request Dragon Booster be in the iTunes Store->

    Help get Dragon Booster toys back in stores. Read more-> Site news: Limited Time: A small quantity of Dragon Booster Toys are available for purchase online. Click here to view selection and to order. good ah
  • beset show ever, i dont understand why they took it off. I don't know about you but i loved the show and the storyline was original and captivating!

    I watched dragon booster every week and never missed an episode. I thought it was the best show ever. I loved the storyline and its originality because it was so different. A show about dragons, set in the future with a bunch of twists, i just loved it.

    There were times when the show lacked a but of action here or there but it would always make up for it in the next episode. I have to say that i thought Arthur was, lol, cute, but anyway, the characters all had awesome personalities that made the show more and more enjoyable. From the evil Mordrid to the heroic Arthur the action just never stopped.

    Although the show has ended i will always enjoy it and remember it
  • Smart and cool!

    At first when I started seeing ads for Dragon Booster saying that it was coming to ABC Family I wasn't sure if was going to be anything good. But when I checked out the pilot episode I thought the series was good. This series is about a teenager named Artha Penn who lives in a timeless world where dragons and humans co-exist. Artha Penn was plunged into a extraordinary adventure when he was the chosen one to ride Beaucephalis, the dragon of legend (or sometimes called Beau for short). It was then Artha's life was changed when he transformed into a legendary hero known as the Dragon Booster! Artha's quest is to save the world from a war and uniting dragons and humans forever and racing to win dragon races where the 12-ton reptiles go fast at 200 miles per hour. The animation I thought was really well done and the voice acting is not bad! But all and all it is a pretty neat cartoon!
  • Amazing thing I have ever heard of!

    Its a show Which amazing of the amazing!Dragon Booster is a mythic good versus evil struggle in a classic, yet timeless world where humans and dragons coexist. Our hero is Artha Penn, an ordinary teenager who is plunged into an incredible adventure when he is chosen to ride Beaucephalis, the dragon of legend. When teamed with Beau, Artha is transformed into a mythical hero knows as the Dragon Booster, a hero charged with the task of saving the world from an impending war and uniting humans and dragons for once and for all. Dragon Booster is high-octane adventure set against the backdrop of dragon racing where 12-ton reptiles chew up the asphalt at over 200 miles per hour! Dragon Booster, conceived by The Story Hat, and the animation of the series is being produced by Nerd Corps Entertainment, a 3D animation facility based in Vancouver.
  • Dragon booster is one of the only shows on that has lore/history and its own working/detailed world. Goto Wikipedia if you like this show and use the link to sign the petition for a fourth season.

    Dragon Booster is a must see if you enjoy anime, dragons , or fiction. Its very well written and you can watch episodes over and see things you missed becuase of the detail put into the story. Sadly the show was recently put on hold [even more sad is the way it was left hanging with a hint at a possible new season even though the networks are saying otherwise]If you want to see more episodes I suggest going to Wikipedia use the link to sign the petition for a fourth season [also there is a letter writing campaighn through the petition site ]Seems CBC and Jetix don\\\'t think enough people watch so lets show em the Neilson ratings suck.... Wait this might work ,here should be a link to the petition ..
  • its a good show.

    this thow is a little strange, but that is why i like it. its about a teen, artha penn, who lives in a world where humans control dragons. artha has a very special dragon; the black and gold dragon of legend. artha is the dragon booster and has to save the world from a dragon human war.artha and his friends fight word paynn and his other acociats. this show is good and has good action. the main reason that i watch this show is because of my love of dragons and also tha animation and the plot. this thow good overall.
  • It's the greatest!

    Dragon Booster is the greatest show! Though that on my cable ABC Family took Jetix off and I don't have Toon Disney.... So I have my friend record them for me. I have see up until Return of Drakkus part 2 and the show is great! I love Artha and Kitt they are awsome characters! Beau and Wyldfyr are my favorite dragons. Decepshun is a cool dragon I just don't like her rider that much. The show is the greatest! I love it! I even have a site all about Dragon Booster! I love the show! I could help but add it to my favorite list.
  • Horrible voice actors with horrible animation and a horrible idea.

    Dragon Booster is about a boy who rides a dragon to win races. Frankly, I don't care about what it's about. I'll just let you know that this show is not good at all. The animation is very choppy. Oh come on, the 3D is not doing it. The voice actors sound bleh. Plus, would you actually watch a show about racing dragons? I wouldn't. Let's get something better like them being used to racing dragons but then the dragons rebelled and then a war would start out between the humans and dragons. Ok, I'm getting over my head here but this show is so not worth explaining about.
  • The animation gives me headaches, and the storyline makes you snore.

    The only reason this show isn't totally abysmal is because of the high-tech animation. It's pretty 3-D; the graphics are neat, but kind of give me headaches and foaming of the mouth if I watch it directly. And the dragons? Shouldn't they be eating their riders? If I was a dragon, if a human got near me, he'd be lunch. Dragons can't be tamed, did the producers ignore Chinese tales about the evil dragons? These things are commonplace in this show, like pets. No. Just no. Dragons are not to be rode around, they're supposed to be torching people. And dragons fly/run so fast that at 200 MPH, you'd be flying off the dragon and skidding into the pavement facefirst. Just another attempt to make JETIX seem like they know how to make a good show.
  • I grew to love this show.

    When I first saw this show, I thought no way would i watch it. aTH e animation was jsut okay. but since i t had dragons, i was going to give it a chance. Then i learned it is kinda loosely based otn arthurian legend/ aThat scored big points. I fell in love with the show. It has lots of humor in it. They love to make fun of the hero right at the end of the show every time. There is always a lesson to learn a fight to win. This show also reminds me of the typical super hero comic cartoons
  • A young man is entrusted with stopping a dragon human war.

    This is very origional. Though it has the age old theme of a young hero entrusted with an awsome responsibility. With a drogon as his alliy, Artha penn matches wits with Wordd Payne, the human who wants to start the war. He is aided by his brother and two friends who know who he is. the races and fight in this how make it worth watching. Though it is set in a time unplaceable its seams to connect. This said it does have flaws. The villan is obsesive and the hero normally wins because of how noble he realy is.
  • Dragon Booseter is an anime with the right balance between style, Attitude, Humor, Adventure and just pure Entertainment.

    When I saw the first episode of DB I kenw it was a good series. But it took me some time to get to know its TV times and actually start watching regularly.
    After that I was actually hooked to it. Why Becase the whole theme of the show is just too good. The Characters for me are the soul of any show and every character in this show has soem depth in them.
    Another thing I like is the Anime style. It looks like a Cell Shaded 3d render. The emotions on the faces are jsut too good. Sets the right attitude for the series. The Voice acting is also pretty good for all the characters(Especially Artha\\\'s Girl - love her voice). And the added humor never hurt anyone especially when it is done in the right way like in DB.
    So all in all a great show to watch out for. I am pretty sure it will pick up fans as Time goes by. Just have to wait and Watch.

    Release The Dragon.
  • I'll like the dragons. I liked them, too. Was Dragon Booster saving the world and fighting the evil darknesses? I can love the dragons and humans. I'm great. Is Artha the chosen one? Artha's dragon, Beau was choosing Artha. Are Artha and Beau the power go

    I'm great. I liked them. I'll like the dragons, too. Was Dragon Booster saving the world and fighting the evil darknesses? I can love the dragons and humans. Is Artha the chosen one? Artha's dragon, Beau was choosing Artha. Are Artha and Beau the power gold? I loved Dragon Booster!
  • Racing Dragons and fights seem pretty good for a show.

    Dragon Booster begins in the distant past, where dragons and humans were friends and equals. Then the first dragon with all the colors was born. But when more were made, a dragon\human war began. And the first dragon, the most noble dragon, choose a human hero to become a hero known as the Dragon Booster. The Dragon Booster and Beau stopped the Human\Dragon war together. In the recent past, there were two friends named Connor Penn and Word Payne. They both entered a secret society in wich a dragon monk tells them about the Dragon human war, and that Beau will revive. So the monk gives Connor the Dragon Booster bracelet. In the present, Word tries to steal Beau and Connor's son, Artha, becomes the Dragon Booster.
  • For all you "Simons" out there who judge things by first impressions (You know who you are), you shouldn't leave just yet. Me, I know a good show when I see one, and I think for the sake of DB fans everywhere if every single Nay-sayers woul

    For all you "Simons" out there who judge things by first impressions (You know who you are),
    you shouldn't leave just yet.
    Me, I know a good show when I see one, and I think for the sake of DB fans everywhere if every single Nay-sayers would just walk away.

    When a great show is unappreciated, it gets a reputation. When a show gets a reputation, it turns some people who'd really enjoy Dragon Booster, won't ever watch it because there friends said it was stupid, and un-original.

    So everyone consider this: Sticking it To The Man!
  • This show is simply the best animated show to date. The CGI effects are superb and the animation is smooth and great. DragonBooster is sure to be a smash hit in the future and I believe that it will reach a high popularity with boys and girls worldwide.

    Dragon Booster has to be the GREATEST animated show in history. There is no better show that I have seen that could compare to this. The animation is amazing, the storyline is great and the characters are cool. Also the plot is good too. This is one of the few Computer animated shows that actually looks decent and is a thrill to watch and you don't get bored by it! You can easily relate to the characters who are cleverly named after King Arthur and his court. There is also some comedy in the show too because some of the characters say small comments that are actually funny and that provide some comic relief inbetween the racing action and DragonBooster heroics. Also the use of two brothers being the main characters one young one older is an interesting thing because you can see how two siblings get along and have their rivalries. Artha is the protagonist and at 16 years old is a good racer who carries the responsibility of being the DragonBooster along with caring for his little brother Lance who is 10 years old and his dragon Beau. He has two friends Kitt Wann and Parmon Sean. He has a small crush on Kitt and Parmon is his best friend. His main rivals are Moordryd Paynn and his father Word Paynn who are plotting to start a massive Dragon-Human war similar to the one that occured 3000 years past.

    Besides all the characters and dragons there is the implement of Dragon Racing. The Racing is like Nascar but with 2-ton dragons going at 200mph and more. Also the Racing Gear that is used by the dragons and racers is cool looking and there is Thruster Gear(like jetpacks), Ramming Gear(covers dragon's head and chest and either can be used head-on or a mace ball shoots out), and many others. You can see that the Racing is cool because the tracks look like the Nascar racing tracks but are longer and loop in all directions and even dead-end in places requiring racers to make their dragons jump down from crazy heights to reach the next section of track. The racing action is all too realistic and shows the dead-heat fights and the neck and neck finishes. You can seem to feel what the racers feel and want to be racing alongside them on a dragon of your own.

    To finish this off, there is the heroic and mythic elements of this. The Dragon Booster is a hero of Dragon City and helps fight crime produced by Word Paynn and his Wraith Dragons. The Dragon Booster was a myth of sorts or at least his dragon was. The Black and Gold Dragon of Legend was said to be able to magnetize all gear types and levels and had many interesting powers such as being able to fuse with the Dragon Booster and talking to other dragons through almost melodic high pitch roars. The Dragon Booster Rocks!! Release the Dragon!!
  • in a world of incredible technology, humans and dragons live together in harmony. but when an evil force comes to try and manipulate the two groups to war against each other, legend has it that a hero will rise to fight. that hero is artha penn, dragon

    this show is amazing. original plot, with some of the coolest animation i've ever seen. part computer graphics, part classic comic book, part killer cartoon, equals an incredibly unique style of storytelling. bold colors, anime style emotions, but with real face reactions make this very interesting.

    it helps that the charaters have such great stories behind them. you get to see a lot of character developement for everyone, even the villians. (a major plus in my book) you get to see more sides of Moordryd Payne, the big bad's son, than even Artha Penn, the hero.

    the action is cool, and the humor just makes it even better. but what's best about the show is the healthy dose of drama you feel. making alliances, shady characters, discovering just how evil someone can truely be, for example.

    i would recomend this show to anyone looking for something different.
  • The world of Dragons and Humans are in danger, someone wishes for another Dragon human war and it is up to Auther Pinn to save them all.

    I like this show, my brother loves it. Its funny, cute and so amazing at times. I hope they conutine on with it for a while for it is so funny how the dragons and humans work together at times. And Mordrid Painn is really funny at times ya know.
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