Dragon Booster - Season 3

ABC Family (ended 2008)


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Episode Guide

  • Damaged Goods
    Damaged Goods
    Episode 13
    In this episode, we see the Dragon Race elimination finals where Artha Penn and Moordryd Paynn are competing. Artha was injured earlier and must play while injured. They play, and Artha's team switches gear. Woord Payne uses Wraith Dragons to trip Artha, but Moordryd stops it. The score is tied 5-5, and the academy decides to accept them both.moreless
  • Battle For The Ages
    Battle For The Ages
    Episode 12
    Moordryd and Artha battle it out in the final academy race, but Moordryd has the ancient warrior Armegedon on his side. Drakkus and Mortis team up to fight Armegedon but can't stop him without the most unlikely team ever, Moordryd as the Shadow Booster and Artha as the Dragon Booster. And the most shocking part is, Moordryd and Artha discover each other's secrets.moreless
  • Cain's Mutiny
    Cain's Mutiny
    Episode 11
    Will Moordryd's obsession with The Academy, and his secret identity get in the way of a good friendship with Cain?
  • Professor Stubborn
    Professor Stubborn
    Episode 10
    Parm goes on an important mission.
  • The Mouth That Roared
    Moordryd uses illegal black market gear in his bid to win the only spot at the academy
  • Slithercorp
    Episode 8
    When Kitt stops in the middle of a race to help Artha, Artha ends up winning and costs Kitt her chance to enter the Academy, so she decides to look into a different Academy: Slithercorp. When Artha, Parm, and Lance go and investigate, they find out that Woord Payne puts control gear on the Dragon Riders and sends them to take over the city. Now Kitt has become their leader. Can Artha, as the Dragon Booster, stop them from damaging the city?moreless
  • The Defiant
    The Defiant
    Episode 7
    A dangerous mag blast causes the season to officially end and gives Moordryd the Academy birth, but Artha rallies the other races and promises he'll race without any blasts if they keep the season going. Will he succeed?
  • When Opposites Attract
    Moordryd and Cain reluctantly help Lance and Parm get out of their predictaments while Kitt and a depleted Artha try to stop Propheci.
  • No Paynn, No Gain
    No Paynn, No Gain
    Episode 5
    One of Woord's plans have backfired, the only side effect is that he is in a comatose state and might stay that way unless helped. Artha, who has just won an endurance tournament, and who was the target of Word's trap, has decided to help him. Moordryd meanwhile is told of his fathers condition, and against the advise of Armeggaddon, decides to save him. Turns out the only place that has any information on the cure is the academy, And that is exactly where Artha goes, with some help from Rivet. Moordryd is close behind, with a plan to cure his farther, and implicate Artha of breaking in.moreless
  • Eye of the Dragon
    Eye of the Dragon
    Episode 4
    Moordryd has secured the Vysox bone mark, but it seams to have affected Decepshun adversely. She now thinks for herself and leads Moordryd to a map and to tying a race with Artha, but when Artha learns of the map, he seeks out the dragon priests who tell him that the map leads to a cache of dark bone marks. Moordryd too is after these, albeit against the advise of Armeggaddon. When Artha manages to thwart Moordryd initial attempt, he comes back, as the Shadow Booster.moreless
  • Framed!
    Episode 3
    When one of the academy racers comes to overlook the next leg of the competition, she arrest Phistus, on the count of cheating, but when Artha is accused of sabotaging Moordryd's gear, she helps him escape and prove his innocence.
  • The Changelings
    The Changelings
    Episode 2
    When Word's new gear back fires when tested by Cain and switches Beau with Artha, the Penn racing crew hurry to set things right, as there is a competition in half an hour.
  • Paynn Rising
    Paynn Rising
    Episode 1
    Artha and Moordryd and others are racing on the Academy track, and Sentris, an Academy talent scout of sorts takes an interest in them, and tells them there is only one spot available in the Academy. In order to win, Moordryd uses a mag push, which channels energy from his dragon into bursts that he can use in various ways. Artha is angry about this and wants to learn to use it as well, but Connor won't let him; he says it is cheating, as none of the other riders can use it. There is also an appearance by the Shadow Booster, who foils the Penn Crew's plans to rebuild the Penn Stables. In the end, Artha must realize that he has the power within him to win without cheating.moreless
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