Dragon Booster

Season 3 Episode 9

The Mouth That Roared

Aired Friday 5:10 PM Nov 04, 2006 on ABC Family

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  • Someone really needs to listen to Lance.

    Poor lance, no one ever believes him. This episode shows how smart the brat brother is. He rigs a game so he'd beat everyone. THen while trying to fix it, he taps into a message with mordrid. Lance goes to tell what he learns and noone believes him, how typical. Then later while racing, he does the smae thing and still no one believes him. Meanwhile Mordrid's dad is following him and learning what his son is using. Mordrid is using special equiment that is super strong. I love how when Mordrid's supplier is to go for the drop, Lance gets Kit to help him spy on the supplier. When he does not show up, Kit abandons lance. THe kid then gets the police chief who does wait awhile withthe kid. But the supplier still never shows so no one believes lance. When the supplier Multo or something shows up lance gets help with Kit. She gets captured, Multo captures Authra and drops the pair down into a free fall below the city. Dragon booster saves kit, helps capture Malto and arthra rejoins the race. Mordrid is leading with his illegal gear and is told to dump it. He does and authra passes him to win. It was a descent episode.