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Dragon Drive

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Dragon Drive is a series about a young boy named Reiji Oozara who participates in a game known as Dragon Drive. Reiji is a lazy slob who never keeps any of his promises and quits everything. When Reiji is introduced to the game, he is psyched about getting a dragon to battle with in a virtual world. However, he gets the weakest of them all! He names the dragon Chibi, and is forced to battle with him the second he gets him. Little does he know that Chibi has an amazing power. He is really Senkoh Coola, a legendary dragon. However, as soon as he learns this, he is transported to a mysterious world known as Rikyu where he learns the truth about Dragon Drive. Now he must enter an upcoming tournament and capture a mystical stone called the "Dragonite" before it falls into the clutches of the evil organization RI-ON, the same company that designed the Dragon Drive game. Opening Theme: "True" by Mikuni Shimokawa Ending Theme: "Tatta Hitosu No" (aka: The Only One) by Mikuni Shimokawa Character Bios Reiji Oozara" The main character. He is a lazy quitter that never keeps any of his promises. He was dragged to Dragon Drive against his will, but became obsessed with the game. He has the ability to tame almost any dragon. Chibi/Senkoh Coola: Reiji's dragon and the long awaited savior of Rikyu. He appears to be the weakest dragon, but in his true form he is the most powerful. Maiko Yukino: Reiji's childhood friend. She is always pushing Reiji do things with her. She is tough and has a crush on Reiji. Maiko's dragon is a ground-type named "Ghoaloah". Yukino receives a small, musical dragon named "Medina Heaven" for a short while. Daisuke Hagiwara: At first he holds a grudge against Reiji for stealing Maiko's affection, but soon becomes a close friend. He thinks of Reiji as a rival, but Reiji doesn't think much of him. Daisuke's dragon is an ice-type, named "Kanper". Kyoji Tachibana: Known as the coolest kid at Reiji's school, he is an excellent Dragon Drive player who wants to challenge Reiji himself. He is impressed with Chibi's abilities. Kyoji's dragon is a wind-type dragon, named "Air Blast". Sayaka Towa: The best female Dragon Drive player in the world. Her dragon is even weaker in attack power than Chibi, but her dragon's attack makes her enemies fall victim to their own power. She seems to have a crush on Reiji, which angers Yukino. Sayaka's dragon is an earth-type dragon, named "Floral Fern". Hikaru Himuro: The number one Dragon Drive player in the world, and Reiji's biggest rival! He works for RI-ON, but doesn't seem to care for anybody or anything. His true intentions are unknown. Reiji is the only person he sees any interest in. Hikaru's first dragon is a light-type dragon, named "Koakoh", but he later receives a new blue, snake like dragon, named "Canopus". He later leaves RI-ON to pursue Reiji. Ichiro Sumishiba: One of Reiji's enemies who works for RI-ON. He is one of Reiji's rivals and strives to defeat Hikaru. Ichiro's dragon is a dark-type, named "Junarashi", but later uses a sword-like dragon, named "Hayate Slash". He later joins up with Reiji in the fight against RI-ON. Agent L: The announcer of Dragon Drive games. She keeps a constant eye on Reiji. However, she seems to be hiding something. Agent S: A mysterious member of RI-ON. Not much is known about him except that he is keeping an eye on Agent L, making sure she doesn't do anything suspicious. Rokkaku: A member of Reiji's team on Rikyu. He first tries to kill Reiji for stealing his spot in the tournament, but soon agrees to help him. He is a strong foe who went crazy during the last tournament, and seeks revenge on a mysterious person who took out one of his eyes. Rokkaku's dragon is a lightning-type, named "Thunder Volt". Mahiru: Yako's little brother. He blames Rockaku for his brother's death and seeks revenge, so he teams up with Kouhei to get closer to him. However, unbeknownst to him, Kouhei is the one responsible for Yako's death. Sue: She is the girl of the two twins that Reiji faces. She, like her brother, was possessed by Darks because she was alone in the world. Her dragon is a fire-type named "Kashiniki". Lin: He is the boy of the two twins. He was also possessed by Darks because he too was alone in the world. His dragon is a fire-type named "Enouji". Sally: The guardian of the twins. She knows that Sue and Lin were never paid attention to by their parents, even though they were bought everything they wanted. Although she follows their orders, she seeks Reiji's help to save Sue and Lin. Kouhei Toki: Working for RI-ON, he is the son of RI-ON's President. He has been trained to fight in Dragon Drive ever since he was little and is very powerful. He also is tired of taking orders from Hikaru, and seems to be the strongest of his team. He posseses two dragons, a dark-type named "Darks", and another phoenix-like dragon named "Phoenix Fire". Mukai: Mukai is one of the soul living members of his clan, that came under the attack of an evil dragon named "Guan-coo". He is looking for his mother and trying to avenge the destruction of his clan by searching for Guan-coo. He has a crush on Sayaka Towa, who uses him to get closer to the Dragonite. His team consists of himself, Sayaka, and Kyoji. His dragon is a dark-type, named "Shadow Fang". Gokaku: He's Rokkaku's little brother and is the true successor to Senkoh Coola. He abducts Chibi from Reiji to prove his ownership of Chibi, but fails. He finally recognizes Reiji as the owner and later helps him. He only wants to help everyone, but is ignored because he doesn't truly own a dragon. Meguru: Agent L's sister and a traitor to RI-ON. She once tried to help in the plot to take over Rikyu. But, she changed her side when she was saved by the people of Rikyu and soon realized the truth about Dragon Drive. Hideaki: A young boy transported to Rikyu by RI-ON. He's even stronger than Kouhei and tricks Reiji and the others into trusting them. He then betrays them and reveals he is with RI-ON. He is in love Meguru and always wants to prove his strength. However, something isn't quite right with him.moreless
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  • A great series worth a shot!

    I get a lot of questions about whether or not the series Dragon Drive is good or not. Well, I can plainly tell you that it is indeed a good series. However, because Bandai cut out the cussing and blood, it was given an age rating of 8+. This caused many anime fans to not even tak enotice of it. However, the original version was suited for ages 13+.

    Some people say the series bears a similar resemblacne to shows like Yu-Gi-Oh, and I can say that this is false. They do use cards in it, but only for about the first three episodes, then you never see them again. The show takes place in a viritual realty world for the first five episodes, which is similar to Digimon in a way. But, for the rest of the series it takes place in another world that is indeed real.

    Dragon Drive is a story about a young boy named Reiji Oozora who has earned the title of "Slacker King" (or "Tardy Champion" in the dub), becaus ehe is an unmotivated, lazy slob who quits everything. However, when he gets hooked up with a game called Dragon Drive, he becomes obsessed. He first gets a dragon that he names Chibi, who is the weakest of them all. After many struggles, he finds out that Chibi is in reality Senkoh Coola, a legendary savior of a world known as Rikyu. There he discovers the truth about Dragon Drive, and the company behind it's evil intention to revive an ancient dragon that will allow them to rule both Rikyu and Earth. Reiji and Chibi, along with Reiji's friends, must work together to save both world's from destruction.

    Don't think the series is all happy stories. There are many signs of comedy, death, loss of a friend, love, betrayal, and plenty of action. So, before you go dissing it because of the stupid rating Bandai gave it, give it a shot. Although Bandai removed the cussing and lots of blood, they did it in a way to make it look like hardly anything was removed. If you want to see it in its true glory though, seek out some fan subs or the manga. The manga is a little different, such as the fact that some characters don't appear in it, but the general story is still the same.

    So, check it out!moreless
  • A show where student goes into a world call dragon drive to use their own dragon to complete with one another. But things begin to change when a little boy call Reji awaked his sleeping dragon, which is an gurdian of the dragon world.moreless

    This show is awesome. I like this show when i watch the first 2 episode, its encourage people to work. When facing problem, do not run away and face it seriously.

    I like most is the ending part where Reji still gets Chibi back after defeating the evil dragon. And chibi is weak again just like the first time they met. ANd everything has to start all over again, and his rivalstill want to challenge him even he is weak.moreless
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