Dragon Drive

Season 1 Episode 35


Aired Unknown Feb 27, 2003 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

Reiji and the others must stop Kouhei and Hideaki from returning to Earth, but fail in doing so. Rockaku and Mahiru manage to follow them back to Earth, leaving the others behind. Meanwhile, Kouhei's father, Souzi, finally has the Dragonite and is ready to release Shinryu, having Hideaki do it from D-Zone. Kouhei travels to D-Zone to prove his strength and steals it from Hideaki. Kouhei then figures out what Hideaki really is. Souzi shows up and Hideaki runs over to him, happy to meet him. Kouhei explains that Hideaki is a computer program created to keep an eye on him. Hideaki can't believe it, that is until Souzi deletes him. Kouhei then decides that it's time to release Shinryu and does so. Can Reiji and the others stop him when they're trapped in Rikyu?