Dragon Drive

Season 1 Episode 36


Aired Unknown Mar 13, 2003 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

Shinryu has been released, but appears to be sleeping. Kouhei refuses to give Shinryu up and battles Souzi. Meanwhile, Reiji and the others find a way to get back to Earth using Jigen-Joker, the same dragon that originally brought them to Rikyu. Kouhei and Souzi continue to fight while Agent S and Agent L try to gain control of D-Zone and stop Souzi. Souzi defeats Kouhei and promises not to kill him because he brang Shinryu to Earth. Kouhei stares into Shinryu's eyes and understands everything. Kouhei fakes defeat and runs over to Shinryu. Kouhei's body becomes zapped and suddenly disappears. Rockaku and Mahiru show up and battle Souzi. Souzi decides to spare their lives so people from Rikyu could witness Shinryu's ressurection. Reiji and the others arrive and all of them have a conversation about why using Shinryu is wrong. Reiji attacks Shinryu, but Kouhei's voice is heard and tells them to disappear. A bright light occurs and causes Reiji to wake up in his bedroom. Was it really all just a dream?