Dragon Drive - Season 1

TV Tokyo (ended 2003)




Episode Guide


  • D-Break!
    Episode 38
    It's the final battle against Shinryu, and even with his new allies, Reiji can't defeat Kouhei. It's time for Chibi to prove his worth as a hero. However, a return home forces Reiji to leave his friend behind...forever!
  • Shinryu
    Episode 37
    Reiji awakens and finds that he's in his room. When he goes to school, Daisuke and and Maiko both seem to have forgotten everything. In truth, they're pretending they forgot because they don't want to face Shinryu. Reiji finally convinces them to face Shinryu one more time, and with the help of L, S, Meguru, and Ichiro, prepare for the final showdown.moreless
  • Return
    Episode 36
    While Reiji and the others try make it back to Earth, Kouhei battles his own father for control of Shinryu.
  • D-Zone
    Episode 35
    Reiji and the others must stop Kouhei and Hideaki from returning to Earth, but fail in doing so. Rokkaku and Mahiru manage to follow them back to Earth, leaving the others behind. Meanwhile, Kouhei's father, Souzi, finally has the Dragonite and is ready to release Shinryu. Can Reiji and the others stop him when they're still trapped in Rikyu?moreless
  • The Truth
    The Truth
    Episode 34
    When an attack leaves Kouhei blind, Reiji and Kouhei join forces to break free from the dragon's trap. Meanwhile, Mahiru discovers who the real murderer of his brother is, causing his allegiance to change.
  • Labrynth of Darkness
    Daisuke appears to have defeated the dragon he was fighting. However, he becomes possessed in the process and traps his friends in a dark sphere, pitting them against their dark sides. Meanwhile, Hikaru and Rokkaku must deal with another dragon while Reiji and Chibi restore their energy.
  • Rival
    Episode 32
    The group must deal with the four dragons, and Kouhei tries to sneak into the shrine. He fails, forcing him to fight as well. Unexpected help in the form of Hikaru shows up, and with Hikaru's advice, Reiji finally masters SinnSaber's power.
  • The Four Sacred Dragons
    Kouhei secretly helps the group locate the Shrine of the Four Sacred Dragon. However, in the process they awaken four of the most powerful dragons that ever roamed the face of the planet.
  • Betrayal
    Episode 30
    Hideaki is working for RI-ON, and he now knows where the shrine is. Kouhei tells Meguru to lead them there, but she refuses. When Ichiro arrives, Hideaki wants to prove his strength to Meguru and defeats him. Everyone else arrives on the scene and a huge battle ensues. Determined not to let Kouhei succeed in his mission, Meguru attempts to commit suicide, but nobody is about to let her throw her life away.moreless
  • The Boy
    The Boy
    Episode 29
    A young boy named Hideaki appears in Rikyu, claiming his machine malfunctioned. When Hideaki single-handedly defeats Kouhei, Reiji become determined to add him to their team. However, Ichiro doesn't trust him...and neither does Chibi.
  • Memory
    Episode 28
    Kouhei kidnaps Meguru in an effort to find the location of the Shrine of the Four Sacred Dragons.
  • Eternal Life
    Eternal Life
    Episode 27
    Reiji and Sun must think up a plan to save their dragons, as well as all of the others from Bloody Mary, a former Dragonic Heaven champion. Does this woman hold a clue to the Shrine of the Four Sacred Dragons?
  • Shadow of a Friend
    Shadow of a Friend
    Episode 26
    When the group splits up to try and find the Shrine of the Four Sacred Dragons, Reiji and Sun encounter a group of poachers capturing dragons and decide to try and figure out what their goal is. Meanwhile, Rokkaku has another encounter with the mysterious warrior and discovers his true identity.moreless
  • A Mysterious Warrior
    While Reiji trains Chibi to master SinnSaber's power, a mysterious warrior sporting shades offers his services to Kouhei. In order to prove his worth, he decides to take on Reiji and the others. Will Reiji and Chibi be able to master SinnSaber's power and defeat this mysterious warrior? And where is Rokkaku?moreless
  • The Price of Power
    The Price of Power
    Episode 24
    After receiving SinnSaber's power, Chibi goes out of control. Wanting to face Chibi and defeat him for even greater power, Hikaru helps Reiji locate a mineral that will suppress SinnSaber's power. Meanwhile, Kouhei returns to Rikyu.
  • SinnSaber
    Episode 23
    The battle between Reiji and Hikaru is interrupted by SinnSaber, whom defeats the two with ease. The two soon encounter the man from earlier and agree to save his daughter from some bandits. Along the way, the two encounter SinnSaber again. Will they be able to defeat this legendary dragon?
  • Runaway
    Episode 22
    Kouhei's brother reveals Kouhei's past, and tries to get his brother to change his ways. However, Kouhei wants nothing more than to please his father, and he will do anything to do so. Meanwhile, Hikaru challenges Reiji for the right to face SinnSaber himself.
  • To the Legendary Mountain
    As Reiji struggles to ditch Hikaru and reach SinnSaber, Ichiro tries to persuade Meguru to return to Earth. The others begin to wonder if Ichiro can really be trusted, but their doubts are put to rest when Sun Wols shows up and tests him.
  • Rites of Passage
    Rites of Passage
    Episode 20
    While Reiji is off searching for the legendary dragon SinnSaber, Ichiro offers his services to Daisuke and the others. When Hikaru saves Reiji from a swamp dragon, the two are thrown in jail for destroying a sacred shrine. With the help of a young lad, the two soon discover a plot being devised by the defense force leader and seek to stop it.moreless
  • Rebirth
    Episode 19
    Chibi has fallen ill, and is slowly dying. To stop this, Reiji goes on a journey to find a special herb that may save Chibi's life. Also, RI-ON decides to come back to Rikyu to carry out their plans and revive Shinryu. To prepare for Kouhei's return, Daisuke, Rokkaku, and Maiko decide to seek out a warrior that may aid them in their fight. Can the three locate the warrior? Will Reiji retrieve the herb before it's too late?moreless
  • The Journey
    The Journey
    Episode 18
    As the group mourns the death of their comrade, Reiji reflects on all the events up to the current point.
  • The End of Revenge
    The End of Revenge
    Episode 17
    The tournament may be over, but that won't stop Rokkaku from taking revenge on Kouhei. As Kouhei tries to escape from Rikyu with the Dragonite, everyone tries to stop him. When Kouhei proves to be too powerful for Rokkaku to handle, somebody will have to pay the ultimate price to protect him!moreless
  • The Catch
    The Catch
    Episode 16
    Mukai confronts the one who kidnapped his mother in the first place, and he wants revenge for his mother's death. In order to save him, Reiji and the others give up their chance to win the Dragonic Heaven. Will their decision allow Kouhei to steal the Dragonite?
  • Eve of Battle
    Eve of Battle
    Episode 15
    With the battle against Mukai over with, Reiji watches as Hikaru's team mercilessly beats down Sun Wols'. Unable to contain his rage, he goes in search of Hikaru that evening. However, when Hikaru challenges Reiji to a match, will Reiji be able to defeat him after learning his true motives?
  • Winner and Loser
    Winner and Loser
    Episode 14
    While Maiko and Sayaka duke it out, Daisuke tries to sace the mysterious woman on his own. After Maiko and Sayaka's match ends in a draw, Reiji fights against Kyoji. When Chibi finally gets the strength to defeat Kyoji, Kyoji gives up, saying he wans to learn more about Reiji. Now Reiji must fight against Mukai, while at the same time Daisuke finds out the truth about the mysterious woman.moreless
  • Mission
    Episode 13
    Reiji and the gang soon learn about an evil dragon who destroyed Madina's home, and that he is keeping people hostage. In order to save them, and against Rokkaku's wishes, they are forced to risk their own participation in the tournament. They find one lady, but fall into a trap where a dragon made of liquid can burn anything it touches.moreless
  • The Gathering
    The Gathering
    Episode 12
    While visiting the town, the group spies three contestants picking on another person. Rokkaku mocks them and the three get ready to fight him. However, a mysterious person arrives and stops the fight. That night, the three contestants abduct Maiko to use her a bait to defeat Reiji.
  • As You Are
    As You Are
    Episode 11
    Rokkaku claims that Maiko can't take Daisuke's place because she is too weak. Maiko makes a bet that says if she can reach the end of the desert on her own, since her dragon can't fly, then she gets to take the injured Daisuke's place. Can Maiko make it across the desert alone?moreless
  • Proof of Trust
    Proof of Trust
    Episode 10
    Reiji, blinded by rage, unleashes an ferocious assault on the twins. However, a dark figure appears and grants the two enough power to overpower Chibi. The twins' escort appears and explains the terrible truth behind their power, explaining that they are being controlled by the dragon, Darkx. Sue and Lin beg Reiji to kill them and set them free, but will Reiji be willing to take their lives?moreless
  • The Anger's End
    The Anger's End
    Episode 9
    Reiji, Daisuke, and Rokkaku only have a few hours to get a special stone to qualify for the tournament. Their search for a stone forces them into another confrontation with the twins, Sue and Lin. When the twins pull a dirty trick on Daisuke, Reiji gets so angry that he awakens a darker power within Chibi. What is happening to Chibi's body?moreless
  • The Fight Begins
    The Fight Begins
    Episode 8
    After Chibi goes missing, Reiji goes looking for him and finds him in the care of two mysterious children, Sue and Lin. The two attempt to buy Chibi off of him, but when Reiji refuses the money, the two prepare to feed Chbi to one of their other dragons.
  • Dragonic Heaven
    Dragonic Heaven
    Episode 7
    When Reiji is requested to join the Dragonic Heaven tournament, Gokaku's brother, Rokkaku, challenges him to a fight for the spot in the tournament. When Chibi is poisoned by one of Rokkaku's henchmen, he is unable to battle normally. However, Reiji and Chibi aren't about to give up, and Chibi is about to unleash an attack far more powerful than anything anyone has ever seen before!moreless
  • Successor
    Episode 6
    After waking up in a mysterious world, a girl named Meguru explains to the group the truth behind RI-ON and Dragon Drive. She reveals that they are in a world known as Rikyu, where Chibi is regarded as a legendary hero. However, a boy named Gokaku confronts Reiji and claims that he is Chibi's true owner, abducting him and challenging a powerful dragon to prove it. Will Chibi accept this boy as his master, or is it up to Reiji to save both their lives?moreless
  • Rikyu, the Other Earth
    Agent L shows Reiji a secret training room so he can train to become stronger than Hikaru. Can Reiji train Chibi to unlock his full potential?
  • Shocking Awakening
    Shocking Awakening
    Episode 4
    Reiji's had a run of bad luck lately, as he can't stop losing matches. However, when he finds his way into a battle with the strongest players in the world: Ichiro Sumishiba, Sayaka Towa and the #1 ranked player in the world, Hikaru Himuro, Reiji may finally find the motivation he needs to awaken Chibi's true power.moreless
  • Revenge
    Episode 3
    When a glitch in the system causes Reiji to lose all of his battle experience, he will have to face Daisuke, who has teamed up with Ichiro for revenge, in a rematch where not only are they not the only participants, but an unmanned wild dragon is running around the battle. When the two are severely injured, can they work together and defeat the dragon to save not only save their lives, but Kanper's as well?moreless
  • Promised Dive
    Promised Dive
    Episode 2
    Reiji and Maiko face off against Ichiro Sumishiba, a top-ranked player who has sworn to defeat everyone in 10 minutes or less. In order to prove to Maiko that he can keep a promise to protect her, Reiji decides to jump off a 10-story building to reach her, an effort that could seriously damage his body in the real world!moreless
  • The Sleeping Dragon
    Reiji Oozora is a terribly unmotivated high school student. However, when his friend Maiko Yukino introduces him to a virtual reality game known as Dragon Drive, Reiji finally finds the motivation to do something. Sadly, this motivation is dwindled when Reiji receives a dragon so weak that it doesn't even register. He names the dragon Chibi, and when he's forced into a battle with Daisuke Hagiwara, a boy infatuated with Maiko, Reiji will discover that there is more to Chibi than meets than eye!moreless