Dragon Drive

Season 1 Episode 37


Aired Unknown Mar 20, 2003 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

Reiji wakes up in his room and does things that he usually did around his house. He wonders if anything reall happened. He goes to school and everyone asks him to help them out to prepare for a festival. After school, Reiji confronts Maiko and Daisuke to tell them about his "dream". They say it must've been a dream, but their attitudes have changed. Reiji suspects something is wrong that they aren't telling him, but they say they aren't hiding anything. Reiji notices Kanper's card fall from Daisuke's backpack and remembers Chibi. Reiji rushes to the Sea Palace, until Maiko and Daisuke stop him, telling him not to go back. They remember everything, but are too scared of Shinryu. Reiji says he'll go back alone and meets up with Meguru. Meanwhile, Kouhei has merged his body with Shinryu and kills Souzi. Rockaku, Mahiru, and Taiyou try to fight back, but he is too strong. Hikaru shows up and helps them out. Reiji meets up with L and S who helps him get back to D-Zone. Maiko and Daisuke arrive to join him, Meguru, and Ichiro. Reiji and the others arrive to fight Shinryu, but they can't harm him. Shinryu lets out a massive burst of energy, sending all of the dragons down. Meguru tries to send him to Rikyu, but fails, forcing L to risk her life and save her. L survives, but is forced out of D-Zone. However, L managed to stun Kouhei long enough for Rockaku to take action. Rockaku jumps on Shinryu and holds Kouhei down. He tells Reiji to kill him along with Kouhei and Shinryu.
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