Dragon Half

(ended 2002)


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Dragon Half

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Dragon Half is an anime about a girl named Mink. She would seem like she's a normal teenage girl, except for one thing. She's a half dragon. Her father is human and her mother is a dragon. Mink meets a pop singer/dragon slayer, Dick Saucer, and falls in love with him. But when the King tricks Dick into thinking that Mink is an evil dragon, that complicate things.Comedy is also included into this TV series and is very organized, that's where the comedy comes in throughout the show it is quite funny.This show series also has a manga series and is said to be quite as entertaining as the show.And what might happen to Minks love for Dick Saucer? Just watch the show or read the manga and find out, but either way it's bound to entertain you.
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  • this show is hilarious as well as the Manga but I think the manga is better but either way its coool!

    alright,Mink a seemingly normal girl is not even close to normal shes half dragon half human thats where the title comes from,her father is a human while her mother is a dragon.Comedy indeed,some things on this show are off balanced and is going to have to fix it up.The mess up accures when the King tricks Dick Saucer(Minks former love)into thinking Minks a evil dragon so theyll never see eye to eye how will Mink balance this problem up?just watch the show and another way to find out is if u read the manga the manga is said to be better so look for the book or watch the show although only 2 episodes in the series i'm sure youll find out what is going to happen but in other words its really COOOL!!!moreless
  • Only 2 OVA episodes, but funny! The manga/comic was so much better though.

    Dragon Half was always something I wanted to watch. However, this was nothing compared to the manga. Not only was the manga so much longer, but had more deph in the story.

    This was obviously not taken into to thought by the creators.

    The humor is quite funny! However, the artist was a tad bit perverted. Showing girls with skimpy clothing.

    The music was very good.

    (Well I have the soundtrack...)

    Anyway, this is very funny. Not the funniest but still funny. It entertained me. It has a silly original story as well.

    If you really want to know more of the story on which the anime completely left off, then I highly suggest reading the manga.moreless