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  • 10/10 Seems a little strong for a show that nobody really pays attention to, but I feel it's about time to give credit where credit is do.

    Of course nobody is going to give this show a second glance when it is put in a line-up with shows like Ben 10 and Zixx. At the time of this show's premiere, Ben 10 had already recieved major publicity and popularity from Cartoon Network's "Sneak Peak Week", which took place back in November, while Zixx had been previously shown on an entirely different channel(YTV). It is completely unfair to judge this show based on what it was up against because this show has an entirely different vibe and feeling to it. If people would look past their pre-concieved notions of what they think this show is, they would see a really funny, intelligent show that should be excepted for what it is and not what people thought it would be.
  • Oh, my poor bleeding eyeballs...

    Never, I mean NEVER, Thought that a show this disgustingly horrible could even possibly exist. Back when Cartoon Network began advertising for it's new set of shows, it wasn't Ben 10 that caught my eye, it was Dragon Hunters. I had high expectations for this show, despite the fact that it was thrown completely out of the blue at us, with no explanation or description of the core plotline. I eagerly awaited for it to preimere, and then, finally the morning came. Man was I let down.

    It was so downright terrible that it was actually PAINFUL for me to watch the first 15 minutes of it! But trying to hold fast to my policy of watching at least one whole episode of a show before judging it, I sat still for the daunting task of sitting through 30 minutes of this garbage.

    Why is it so bad? Let's start with the characters. For a moment, lets completely ignore the fact that both Cartoon Network and the show itself refused to explain what exactly was supposed to be going on with this show. The story was filled with one cliche after another. You have the two friends, the Brawny and brave, the brainy and cowardly. Absolutely nothing new here. And the characters had no depth, and no personalities, outside what I just mentioned before. Throw in a cute little animal that follows them everywhere, and, ta-da, your unoriginality soup is finished.

    The story, which, when read about actually sounds semi-interesting but as stated is a pain to watch, fails in every aspect and is only pushed down lower by the poor writing for each individual episode. The jokes failed to even get me to grant a small smile. Corniness and cliches abounded.

    The only redeeming quality I can find in this show is that the animation style is nice to look at; there's not much more going for this show other than that. I suggest you avoid 'Dragon Hunters' at all costs.
  • Juniper Lee lasts three seasons and Dragon Hunters disappears after a month...there is no justice.

    What a fun, quirky little show...of course only a few people liked it and it disappeared in no time. In Dragon Hunters, the world's comprised of a bunch of floating islands and three guys, Gwizdo, Lian-chu and Hector their dog/mini-dragon thing, fly around in a thing that looks like a cross between a helicopter and a wheelbarrow trying to get rich hunting dragons. They're pretty good at it, but they're pretty good at picking bad marks in the process so they can never get ahead. It was a fun show with a fun concept and awesome artwork, I can't understand why it didn't catch on. At least I've heard tell they might be getting a second chance next year with the release of a CGI movie. I'll be looking forward to that.
  • It's about time that a new style of cartoon be introduced from France to other parts of the world. This show really knocks my socks off!

    In a world where dragons rampage villages and eat whatever crosses their path, it is up to the dragon hunters to stop these dragons from causing chaos. Among those dragon hunters are Gwizdo, a money-grubbing contractor; Lian Chu, a brave and kind-hearted warrior; and Hector, and fuzzy blue dragon with the scent power of a hound. Together, these three work together to end the terror of dragons anywhere (but usually mess up in some way and do not get paid. Hey, they're not perfect!)

    My score, 10/10, will always stay for this show, as the animation is completely out-of-this-world!
  • Something new and refreshing. The best way to describe this is it's a breath of fresh air!

    While the other reviewer had some points about us have this show thrown into our face, with little or no explination at all about what it was or is, I must disagree with his review of the series. When I tuned into this show there weren't ANY commercials for it, nothing, no advertising or anything. So it was a complete fluke that I ran across this WONDERFUL show. The first thing that caught my eye was the AMAZING backgrounds and character designs. Then, up next came the wonderful voice acting talents of Rick Jones, Harry Standjofski, Sonja Ball, and Annie Boulavard! All of them are FANTASTIC voice actors, and actresses. I must say, I'm not all that particularly TOO fond of all the Billy and Mandy, KND and etc, but this show caught my eye. It was so different than your run of the mill cartoons that you see EVERY single day. It didn't have to do with Super Heroes, It didn't have to deal with girly girl spies, it didn't have to deal with a show that's been on forever and a day doing the same repeatative things.

    Great characters, sure, The big brawny guy, named Lian-Chu is a swordsman and slays dragons. However, he is extermely, wise, and EXTREMELY gentle. This guy even KNITS and makes TEDDY BEARS, which his partner Gwizdo will gladly, and quickly complain about. Lian-Chu and Gwizdo BOTH come from an orphanage caleld Mother Hubbards. I'm not quite sure how Gwizdo was found, but Lian-Chu on the other hand, had lost his family, and his WHOLE village to a dragon that only comes aroudn during the 3 moon cycle.

    Upon going to the orphanage is when Gwizdo andf Lian-Chu met and hooked up to become a team. Lian-Chu is also extremely fond of Zaza, the inn keepers daughter. He looks at himself as her father, and she looks at him as her father. Zoria, also the inn keepers daughter is the same way.

    Gwizdo, The short loud mouthed talker of the group, writes contracts. It's noted that he spent most of his time as a child writting contracts because he had no friends, until Lian-Chu came along. This very out spoken character manages to always get the trio into some sort of wacky, funny, situations! Weather it's making the inn keeper kick his butt OUT of the inn, or being chased by a dragon, or, foiling one of his own plans, by exploding the dragon over the village, causing ashes to fall all over it...by accident! He also tends to add alot of comedy to this series, quite personally, he's my favorite due to his antics.

    He may appear to be uncaring about anyone, or anything, except gold, money, or any form of cash, and trying to figure out a way to rip people off through contracts, BUT, there is WAY more to this little out spoken shorty, he cares DEEPLY about his best friend Lian-Chu. (Not so much in a ...uh lovey dovey way, more like, Big Brother, or only family member way) When his buddy Lian-Chu gets poisoned and is on the verge of dying, Gwizdo actually picks up a sword and does his bset, to try and SAVE Lian-Chu's life! Despite him being a coward and all.... he...still tried to save him.

    Each episode Gwizdo, Lian-Chu, and Hector (their blue dragon/dog) go off on some crazy adventure trying to slay a dragon on a different island. Each story is VERY different from the other, despite the fact that the plot remains the same, they're trying to slay a dragon. However, there's always two plots, the slaying one, and another one mixed in with it, for example when Gwizdo falls in love with a girl, who....really turns out to be using him....which we find out why. Another episode they go to this Isle of Mist, to slay a dragon, expecting gold on the islnd, only to find, The foutain of youth! Most of the time, they will some how end up slaying the said dragon, BUT, Not always....do they get paid!! ;3 All of the episodes are VERY WELL written, Amazing acting, Amazing art and character designs, and AWESOME music! Oh yes, and down right hilarious jokes. It is FAR fromy our run of the mill repeated comedy that you ALWAYS find on cartoons now adays.

    For anyone with a love of Dragons, Floating Islands, Renaissance, Fantasy, Action, Adventure and Comedy, this is the show for you! ^_^