Dragon Tales

Season 3 Episode 8

A New Friend / El Dia del Maestro

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Mar 02, 2005 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • When giving the instructions for making the tortillas, Ragnarock Canyon is once again referenced. Cassie instructs "And then you have to sprinkle Ragnarock cheese and add salsa..." Close-captioning, however, reads "Rag-n-rock."

  • Quotes

    • Quetzal: Each and every one of you will always be in my heart.

    • Quetzal: Once again, you've caught me off-guard!
      Cassie: And we made your favorite dish!

    • Cassie: My dragon badge! It's glowing!
      Emmy: We are so proud of you!

    • Ord: Chalupas ala Ord are way too spicy! Even for dragons!

    • Cassie: I don't want to hurt his feelings.
      Emmy: It's up to you to make sure the job is done right. Just tell him nicely. He'll be okay.

    • Ord: Wanna try it? Go on. Yummy, huh?
      Cassie: It's... different.

    • Lorca: Wait! What color napkins should we use?
      Cassie: (getting frusturated at constant questions) It doesn't really matter, Lorca! (changes to an apologetic tone) Sorry. I didn't mean to sound mad.

    • Cassie: This isn't working. What did I do wrong?
      Emmy: Everybody's getting in each other's way, trying to do everything at once.
      Cassie: The food will never be done in time this way.

    • Wheezie: We'll sing in Spanish and English. Quetzal will love that.

    • Pollynimbus: I've always wanted to be in a chorus. Usually, I only sing in the shower. A thunder shower, that is!

    • Enrique: Captain Scaliwag, are you the only one here?
      Captain Scaliwag: Afraid so, mate. Me crew couldn't make it.

    • Cassie: If Sophie doesn't help, Quetzal's party will be ruined.

    • Lorca: Hi, everyone. We're here to help with the party.
      Cassie: We're just waiting for my big sister, Sophie, to get here. She's going to be in charge of getting the chalupas ready.

    • Max: If the kids in Dragon Land give their teacher a party every year, how come it's a surprise?
      Emmy: Because Teacher's Day is on a different day every year. The kids get to choose it.

    • Max: Look! We have to get going!
      Emmy: Max! You don't have a watch!

  • Notes

    • The song that Enrique teaches everyone is sung to the tune of the Dragon Tune "Clap" and even includes some of the same lyrics, but also new lyrics about Quetzal being a great teacher.

    • "El Dia del Maestro" features the first ever mention of Cassie's older sister, Sophie. Although Cassie has 74 brothers and sisters, only two of them have ever been given more than the briefest of appearances on the show --- her little sisters Kiki and Finn.

    • "El Dia del Maestro" is the first Spanish Dragon Tales story title. It translates in English to "Teacher's Day," or "the day of the teacher."

    • "A New Friend" is the third of five stories in the third season that is actually a repeat of a story from Season Two.

    • Dragon Tunes: "Count on a Friend"

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