Dragon Tales

Season 1 Episode 8

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words / The Talent Pool

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Sep 22, 1999 on PBS
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A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words / The Talent Pool
"A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words"
The dragons call Emmy and Max to Dragon Land. Ord's looking for giggle flowers, lots of them. They're his Mom's favorite and he wants them for her birthday. But he's only found one! When the gang goes searching, they encounter a Doodle Fairy, who may be able to help them. But she can't talk! Only doodle. Can they use her drawings to find the giggle flowers?
"The Talent Pool"
The dragons are having a talent show, and Cassie desperately wants to be in it. The thing is, though, she doesn't feel that she has any special talents. She talks to Quetzal, who tells her about an amazing device called the "Talent Pool," but when she visits it, it's less than cooperative.moreless

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • When Cassie explains how to figure out the second Doodle Fairy drawing in "A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words," Zak's forearm and hand are purple when his and Wheezie's arms are crossed.

      • In "The Talent Pool," after Zak puts his foot down when Cassie puts a bandage on it, the bandage disappears for the rest of the episode.

    • QUOTES (13)

      • Max: I'm hungry! My belly is making...(pretends to make gurgling sounds) noises.
        Emmy: Max. Max, look what I can do!
        Max: Wow!
        Emmy : I NEVER miss. (accidentally kicks the ball too hard) OOPS!! (the soccer ball flies all over the room and knocks over a bowl of something that was on Max's head which goes sailing into the air and lands with a splat in Emmy's hair)
        Max and Emmy's Mom: Emmy, are you playing ball in there?
        Emmy: Not anymore!
        Max: (licks the pink stuff from Emmy's hair) YUCK!!!

      • Cassie: How do you clean a messy tuba?

        Talent Pool: Ugh, yeah yeah yeah. With a TUBA-toothpaste. (groans)

        Zak: (laughing up a storm with Wheezie)
        Get it?! Tuba....?
        Wheezie: TUBA TOOTHPASTE!!!!

        Talent Pool: Forget about it. First heard that joke 200 years ago! Come on....

      • Emmy: Isn't this great? Cassie found her talent and you got your snack.
        Max: (finishes cookie) Yum! I'm finally filled up! I can't eat another bite.
        Mom: Emmy! Max! Dinner!
        Max: Great! I'm starving!

      • Ord: I'm gonna do a somersault. Watch! (preforms somersault, ground shakes, fruit falls off a tree and splatters on Zak's head) What do you think?
        Zak: (annoyed) Perfect.

      • Wheezie: I just love giggle flowers! They're so...giggly! (laughs) And I smell something giggly this way; towards the Stickleback Mountains! (takes off running)
        Zak: Whoa! Take it easy, Wheezie!

      • Ord: (preforms somersault and is applauded by classmates) Thank you! Thank you!
        Quetzal: Gracias, Ord. You may sit down...any time now.

      • Talent Pool: I want to laugh! I haven't laughed in 387 years!
        Zak: I can't believe that big puddle has ever laughed.
        Talent Pool: (squirts Zak) I heard that!

      • Zak: This picture looks like something I've seen before...
        Wheezie: Zak!
        Zak: What? Is it a bee?! Don't let it sting me!

      • Ord: That flower makes me sne-(sneezes)
        Max: Did you see that? Something flew out of Ord's nose!
        Zak: Eww!

      • Quetzal: ¡Hola amigos!
        Emmy: ¡Hola Quetzal!
        Max: Are you here looking for flowers for your Mom too?
        Quetzal: No, Max, this is my flower garden.

      • Zak: I know every knuckerhole in Dragon Land and I can tell you positively, absolutely, there is no kunckerhole anywhere near he-e-e-e-re! (falls into kunckerhole)
        Max: Way to go, Zak! You found it!
        Zak: It was nothing, really.

      • Wheezie: Who do we know who has two heads?
        Zak: (makes disgusted face, holds up mirror)
        Wheezie: Oh yeah. Is it a drawing of Zak and me?
        (Doodle Fairy nods)

      • Wheezie: Yahoo! Don't you love to rock and roll in the knuckerhole Zak?
        Zak: I prefer to soap and scrub safe in my tub, Wheezie.

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