Dragon Tales

Season 2 Episode 4

Big Funky Cloud / Copy Cat

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Jun 07, 2001 on PBS
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Big Funky Cloud / Copy Cat
#20401 "Big Funky Cloud" Max and Emmy are playing at home, when they receive a call from the dragons. They grab the dragon scale and head to Dragon Land, where they are told that something terrible has happened to Ord. It turns out that he's lost his favorite blanket down the "lost-forever hole." The blanket was very special to him and now he's sad, so sad that a black raincloud is continuously hovering over his head and raining on him. The dragons tell Max and Emmy that this type of big, funky cloud appears whenever a dragon is really sad about something. In order to get rid of the cloud, they have to find a way to make Ord feel some way other than sad. They first try surprising him, but it only succeeds in scaring him. Then they try putting on a parade to make him happy, but this ends up causing Ord to remember how he used to watch parades sitting on his blanket, which makes him sad again. What else can they do to keep Ord from feeling sad? #20402 "Copy Cat" Emmy is starting to get seriously annoyed with Max. He wants to do everything his way, but as far as she's concerned, it's not the right way. When they run out of craft sticks for the project they're working on, they go to Dragon Land in the hopes of getting more craft sticks. There, some kind of festival is going on. Max, Emmy, and the dragons sit down to have lunch and Max commences eating his burrito in a manner that Emmy doesn't feel is the "right way." Suddenly, a meowing sound is heard. A cat, which looks like it could be Nickelodeon's CatDog if it weren't for the fact that both of its heads are cat heads has appeared. Max begins to stroke him (the wrong way, in Emmy's opinion) and the cat licks him. He goes into a funny trance state and after snapping out of it, begins behaving like Emmy, using the word "definitely" and wanting to do things like she does. The gang figures Quetzal might be able to help them figure out what to do and so they visit him. He looks up the Copy Cat as they describe to him in his Big Storybook. He tells them that they need to find the Copy Cat so that they can get it to lick Max again. The only problem is that the Copy Cat is like a chameleon, capable of changing its colors to blend in with its surroundings. Can they find the Copy Cat and get Max back to normal and is there any way Max can help, now that he just wants to copy everything Emmy does?moreless

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    • TRIVIA (3)

      • In "Big Funky Cloud," after Ord's friends failed to cheer him up again with a parade, Zak says, "Oh, this never ever, ever going to work!"
        You will hear Ord answer, "Zak's right. I will be sad forever and ever and ever!"
        but it is different when you use closed captioning. Instead of Ord saying "Zak's right," the text says "That's right."

      • In the beginning of "Copy Cat", Emmy puts a sixth stick on the roof of her juice pop stick house, but after the camera pans over to Max and back to Emmy, the last stick that she placed mysteriously disappears.

      • In "Big Funky Cloud," Ord had a big funky cloud on the top of his head and it follows him where ever he goes, but in "The Forest of Darkness" and many other episodes, Ord turns invisible when he feels sad or scared.

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      • The constant withholding the episode of Dragon Tales, titled "Just the Two of Us / Cowboy Max," finally proved harmful to PBS in September 2003. Had the network aired that episode on September 5 as viewers had hoped, the nation of PBS affiliates would have aired this particular episode when it needed to be aired: on the afternoon of September 11, the day John Ritter (Clifford The Big Red Dog) died. The only PBS stations to run this Dragon Tales the day it should have been aired, were affiliates such as PBS 45 & 49 in Youngstown, which repeated afternoon Dragon Tales episodes on the following morning.

      • Dragon Tunes: Doodli-Do

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