Dragon Tales

Season 2 Episode 7

Cassie, the Green-Eyed Dragon / Something's Missing

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Jun 19, 2001 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • Cassie's Mom is a purple dragon with a blue belly in "Cassie, the Green-Eyed Dragon," but back in Baby Troubles she was a pink dragon with a yellow belly.

  • Quotes

    • Ord: (regarding Finn) He's so cute.
      Wheezie: Yeah. I wish I had a cute brother.
      Zak: Hey!
      Wheezie: Just kidding!

    • Max: A letter? But I don't know how to write.

    • Wheezie: Hmmm. Do you think that's my good side?
      Zak: I'm your good side.

    • Wheezie: You dance like you have two left feet Zaky!
      Zak: I don't even have one!

    • Cassie: I can talk like Emmy. Definitely! I definitely think this is a good idea! Definitely! (everyone laughs except Max)
      Max: (to Cassie) That definitely wasn't Emmy, but thanks for trying.

    • Cassie: Let's show Max where the strangest plants in Dragon Land grow!
      Quetzal: I know just the place...
      Zak: Heh heh...Under Wheezie's bed?

    • Zak: I'd sure miss Wheezie if she ever went away.

    • Zak: Look, it's Max!
      Wheezie: Looooove it!
      Cassie: Where's Emmy?
      Max: She's not coming!
      Zak: Not coming?!
      Wheezie: I don't love it.

    • Quetzal: (sounding like Mister Rogers) You know, Cassie, when something is bothering me, I often feel better if I talk about it.

    • Cassie: Finn's ruined everything! He spoiled Circle Time and smashed my castle. I wish I'd never brought him to school!
      Emmy: It's okay, Cassie. Little brothers can be a pain sometimes. I know.

    • Cassie: (to Finn) You remember: Hello!
      Finn: Bah!
      Class: Hi, Finn!

    • Quetzal: (to Finn) Bienvenido, pequeño. Welcome. The other children will be so happy to meet you.

    • Wheezie: I just love surprises! The bigger, the better.

  • Notes

    • The title "Cassie, the Green-Eyed Dragon," is a reference to the idea of jealousy being a "green-eyed monster" as first introduced by William Shakespeare. In his Othello the character Iago had the line, "O, beware, my lord, of jealousy; It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock The meat it feeds on."

    • The "Arthur" television show also did an episode about a character going away on a trip for a while: "Arthur's Faraway Friend." After that episode, the Buster character was gone from the show until the beginning of Season Three in, "Buster's Back." "Something's Missing" isn't quite so complicated, although Emmy hasn't yet returned at the end of the episode.

    • At the end of "Something's Missing," Max places his letter in a Dragon Land mailbox. Does Emmy ever receive it?

    • "Something's Missing" introduces us to "tickleberry bushes."

    • Finn does not have a dragon badge, as he's apparently too young.

    • The "Arthur" television show also did an episode about a guest getting all the attention.

    • Dragon Tunes: "Doodli-Do"

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