Dragon Tales

Season 1 Episode 26

Crash Landings / The Big Cake Mix-Up

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Jan 24, 2000 on PBS
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Crash Landings / The Big Cake Mix-Up
"Crash Landings"
Max and Emmy are in the playroom, Emmy dressed as a coach complete with a whistle. She's going to coach the dragons for the big relay race that's happening in Dragon Land. Max wants to help and Emmy says that he can be her assistant. They head for Dragon Land. There, Zak and Wheezie are admiring the gold trophy that's the prize for winning the race. As they admire it, Max and Emmy materialize, inside the trophy. Everybody heads for the School in the Sky, where Quetzal explains the relay race, using his big storybook as an aid. He shows them that Cassie takes off first. She'll fly for a while and then tag a waiting Ord. Ord will then race and tag Zak and Wheezie. Zak and Wheezie do the final leg of the race, heading for the finish line. It's not as easy as it sounds though, as there are two other teams competing. They head out and Coach Emmy starts coaching the dragons. She has them do warmup and Max asks what he can do to help. Emmy has him get some water from the river to drink. The dragons do their stretches, but Ord messes up and it causes a chain reaction, which ends up with Zak getting a bucket on his head when Max returns with the water. Emmy decides that's enough stretching and has them practice flying. This is where problems really begin. Wheezie goes really fast and doesn't watch where she's going. She nearly flies into a tree and then ends up crashing her and Zak into a muddy creek. Zak complains that he hurts all over, but it's mostly his elbow that hurts. Cassie puts a bandage on it and asks if he feels better. Zak says that he does, especially so, since he's decided that he's never flying again. When the gang is shocked by this, he says that it's too dangerous. Wheezie tries to make concessions, saying that she'll let him determine the speed. They try this, but it's not really working. They're going too slow (a turtle is shown zooming by them for effect) and they're also flying too low to the ground (a snail is shown inching by in this case.) This isn't working, so they have to try something else. They figure that maybe Zak could fly really fast if he had some padding. They suit him up with a helmet, pillows and all sorts of padding, but this doesn't work either. The padding is so heavy that they can't fly straight. Worse, there's no more time to noodle out solutions - the race is starting! Cassie takes off, but is somewhat overtaken by the other dragons. She reaches Ord and tags him. As everyone counted on, Ord's a speed-demon and he passes the other dragons that passed Cassie. He tags Zak and Wheezie. Zak figures that with Ord's speed, he and Wheezie could fly at his speed and they'd still win. He's soon shocked however when he's passed by the other competitors. Wheezie uses the thought of the trophy as an appeal and Zak comes to a decision and casts off the padding that's slowing them down. They take off really fast, passing the other dragons and winning first prize.

"The Big Cake Mix-Up"
Max and Emmy head to Dragon Land, where the dragons are excited about preparing a cake for the Annual Baking Contest. The first prize is a cookbook. Quetzal loves cooking and so they want to win the cookbook for him. The first thing to do is get the ingredients. They're making a draognberry carrot cake and they need flour, milk, eggs, carrots and dragonberries. They all head off. We see that Ord and Max are gathering eggs. They've gathered a whole bunch. Ord cracks a couple, but it's not a big deal because they had a full basket. The scene switches to Zak and Wheezie, who we see are getting... eggs? Their strategy is slightly different: they've found a chicken and Wheezie's having it lay eggs, calling them "Strikes" as if it were a baseball game. One of the eggs ends up cracking on Zak's head, which Wheezie calls a foul ball. Everybody gathers, where we learn that Emmy and Cassie also got eggs. This isn't working. They were all supposed to get different ingredients, but they didn't choose who was going to get what. They try again, this time specifically agreeing to each get different ingredients. With that finally settled, they go ahead with the making of the cake. But nobody wants to follow the recipe and everyone wants to put their items into the mix first. Wheezie decides they need a chef and appoints "Zaky" the chef. Zak is a good chef and he consults the recipe. They encounter some problems. They don't have baking pans big enough for the mix, so they decide to make a layer cake. They aren't allowed to use sharp tools and are worried they can't grate the carrots, but Ord solves that problem with his sharp tail. There's another problem: what happened to the dragonberries? Ord doesn't admit as much onscreen, but it's obvious that he ate them. They don't have any spares, so they use popcorn instead. There's one other problem: they're not allowed to use the oven without their parents' help. Wheezie solves that problem: "MOOOOOOOMMMMM!" They enter the cake in the contest and start telling Quetzal all about everything that happened while they were making in it. They watch the judging, their cake came in... second place?! They didn't win. This means Quetzal doesn't get the cookbook. It turns out that Quetzal doesn't mind though. There's something that Quetzal enjoys even more than cooking - eating popcorn carrot cake. Back home, Emmy and Max are full. They realized they haven't planned things very well, as Mom calls them for dinner.moreless

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