Dragon Tales

Season 1 Episode 14

Dragon Drop / Cassie Loves a Parade

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Oct 07, 1999 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • When Zak is convincing himself that he must learn to catch in "Dragon Drop," his teeth are the same color as his skin.

    • In "Dragon Drop," when Zak misses catch the ball that Emmy threw and says he can't take it anymore, the ball returns to Emmy's side, even though nobody is shown to have given the ball back to Emmy.

    • Cassie's hair ribbon keeps disappearing and reappering when Quetzal is drawing names.

  • Quotes

    • (Emmy and Max are playing a restaurant game)
      Emmy: I hear you make the best milkshakes in town.
      Max: Sure do. What kind do you want?
      Emmy: Chocolate!
      Max: Coming right up! (pretends to stir up a milkshake)
      Emmy: (tastes the milkshake when Max gives it to him) Yuck!
      Max: What's wrong?
      Emmy: I asked for chocolate. This is strawberry.

    • Max: This parade is humongous!
      Ord: Big, too!

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