Dragon Tales

Season 1 Episode 9

Emmy's Dream House / Dragon Sails

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Sep 23, 1999 on PBS
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Emmy's Dream House / Dragon Sails
"Emmy's Dream House"
The gang decides to build a treehouse in the branches of Sid Sycamore. Emmy, however, keeps bossing everybody around, and pretty soon, they leave her to do it herself. Can she win them back and get the help she needs to complete the treehouse?

"Dragon Sails"
Ord finds himself too big for a sailing adventure in Dragon Land. Max, Emmy and the other dragons work on a fix to the problem.moreless

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • There's no way to propel a sailboat by blowing on the sail when you're inside the boat, no matter how hard you can blow. Newton's Third Law (For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction) makes it impossible.

      • The treehouse seen in "Emmy's Dream House" was used back in "Ord's Unhappy Birthday." Oops.

    • QUOTES (8)

      • Ord: Oh, well. Maybe someday we'll find the prettiest rainbow crystals in the whole river. Just like those. (points to a rock with rainbow crystals under it, completely oblivious to what he just found)
        Cassie: Ord, you did it! You found the rainbow crystals!

      • Cassie: If you see anything shining in the water, just holler.
        Wheezie: I see me! Hello, me.
        Zak: Careful, Wheezie, you'll scare the fish. (chuckles)
        (fish jumps out of the water and smacks Zak in the face, Wheezie laughs)
        Zak: There! Told you!

      • Max: All aboard the... What's the boat's name?
        Wheezie: Since I lovvve sailing, we should call it the Love Boat!

      • Zak: (referring to treehouse roof) It's gonna cave in on us! We'll be dragon pancakes! (puts on snorkel and goggles) Abandon treehouse! Two-headed dragons first!

      • Wheezie: (to Emmy) Zaky and I didn't like the way you painted our steps.
        Zak: Or our toenails!
        Wheezie: Actually, I thought the toenails were kinda pretty.

      • Zak: Yeah, sometimes Wheezie gets so excited, she doesn't hear a word I'm saying.
        Wheezie: Yeah! And sometimes I get so excited, I don't hear a word Zak's saying!
        Zak: I just said that.

      • Max: A talking tree!
        Sid Sycamore: I suppose you thought trees could only...bark! Ha! Get it? Bark?

      • Wheezie: I just lovvve treehouses! They're so...treezy! (laughs)

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