Dragon Tales

Season 3 Episode 10

Express Yourself / A Snowman for All Seasons

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Mar 04, 2005 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • Pollynimbus is also a victim of errant closed-captioning. Because she is called "Polly" at one point, NCI prints her full name as "Polly Nimbus."

    • Closed-captioning by the National Captioning Institute (NCI) misspells one of Enrique's lines as "Sií! Sií!" when it should have been spelled "sí." (A similar captioning error had occurred in an episode of Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks.)

  • Quotes

    • Cassie: My dragon badge is glowing. It was hard for me to tell Enrique how I felt, but I did it.

    • Cassie: I've been trying all morning and now I'm going to tell him.

    • Enrique: The doodle fairies put us in their painting to thank us.
      Wheezie: (sighs dreamily) I just love how they express their feelings without saying a word.
      Zak: (snickers) You oughta give that a try yourself, Wheeze.
      Wheezie: Oh, Zaky. I love you too.

    • Emmy: Maybe you can talk about what you want to say and say it over and over to yourself first.
      Cassie: You mean, practice? That's a great idea, Emmy.

    • Wheezie: Follow that fluff!

    • Cassie: I wish I could ask Enrique not to call me by that nickname.
      Emmy: (concerned) Well, why don't you?
      Cassie: It's just... what if I hurt his feelings?

    • Cassie: I was covering my ears because I didn't want to hear Enrique call me Pinky again.

    • Enrique: Pinky. (Cassie covers her ears.) Pinky, the handle is stuck. Help.

    • Emmy: Zak, Wheezie, let's keep an eye on the fog machine.
      Wheezie: It'll be a breeze. Get it? Breeze!
      Zak: We get it. But we wish we didn't have to.
      Enrique: That leaves the raincloud machine for us, Pinky.
      Cassie: He keeps calling me that.
      Emmy: (gushing) I know. It's so cute.

    • Pollynimbus: I'll be back very soon. (salutes) Polly promise.

    • Cassie: You'll love the doodle fairies' artwork, Enrique. They make beautiful paintings.
      Enrique: I can not wait to see it, Pinky.
      Max: Who's Pinky?
      Enrique: It's my new nickname for Cassie.
      Cassie: (looking aghast) Huh?

    • Zak: Now you can come with us.
      Emmy: Where to?
      Cassie: Doodle Cliff. The Doodle Fairies are creating a giant painting there as a present for their princess.
      Wheezie: That's gonna be one oodle of a doodle for Princess Kidoodle.
      Zak: I hope their painting is better than your poetry.

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