Dragon Tales

Season 2 Episode 3

Finders Keepers / Remember the Pillow Fort

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Jun 06, 2001 on PBS
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Finders Keepers / Remember the Pillow Fort

"Finders Keepers"
Max and Emmy are excited to get to Dragon Land as today is the big opening of the Dragon Land Aquarium. It's an exciting place, with food and rides and even a squirt fish, the only type of fish in Dragon Land that can walk on land. They arrive at Dragon Land and head for the aquarium, but not before getting Zak and Wheezie out of their knuckerhole, since they have the tickets to the aquarium. Or do they? When Wheezie gets there, she can't find the tickets. She asks the ticket-taker if they can get in anyway, since she really did have the tickets, she promises, but the ticket-taker is the same Poor Man's Rodney Dangerfield that was in the Season One episode "Roller Coaster Dragon" and he's not willing to let them in without tickets.

"Remember the Pillow Fort"
Max and Emmy have a box with various costume outfits and are using them to play dress up. Max dresses up as a king and asks Emmy if she'd be willing to be queen. Emmy, however, is more interested in dressing up as a doctor and ministering to her doll. They go to Dragon Land so that the dragons can join them in their activities. There, Cassie and Emmy jointly decide to play doctor together, while Max explains to Ord what being a king is about. Then Max has the idea of building forts, made out of pillows. When they each run out of their chosen color of pillow (which are picked from "pillow trees") they get into an argument over which color of pillow is better.


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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (4)

      • Priscilla, the "Ugly Dragling" from Season One, returns as the head of the Dragon Land Lost and Not Yet Found in "Finders Keepers".

      • When Max and Emmy get to Dragon Land in "Finders Keepers", Ord picks them up for the usual "hello hug", and seems to fly very high into the air according to the fast-scrolling clouds in the background. However, when Emmy tells Ord to let go, he's somehow only about 10 feet in the air.

      • When Max and Emmy return home in "Finders Keepers," they are still mouthing the words to the rhyme to return home, even though the rhyme should have been completed in Dragon Land for them to return home.

      • In "Remember the Pillow Fort," pillows come in different colors and from trees, but in "A Liking to Biking" Ord pulls a white pillow from a "pillow cloud."

    • QUOTES (4)

      • Emmy: You are wrong, red's better than purple!
        Cassie: I'm not wrong!

      • Wheezie: (singing) Ord is tall and Max is short, they both built a pillow fort!
        Zak: Feelings, Wheezie, like happy and sad!
        Wheezie: You're right, Zaky.

      • Wheezie: I'm sorry, everybody. Will you forgive me?
        Zak: You're my sister. I'll always forgive you.
        Wheezie: Aw, Zaky! (kisses him on the cheek)

      • Wheezie: (singing) The wind blows a breezy, through Wheezie's treezies!
        Zak: Oh, if I have to hear any more songs about the wind blowing through something...

    • NOTES (3)

      • Finders Keepers was the name of Nickelodeon game show hosted by Wesley Eure and later by Larry Tofler. Wesley Eure is one of the developers of Dragon Tales.

      • "Remember the Pillow Fort" includes a flashback sequence with scenes from a number of episodes, including "Snow Dragons," "My Way or Snow Way,", "Max and the Magic Carpet," "Backwards to Forwards," "Sand Castle Hassle," "Over and Over," "A Liking to Biking," and "Ord's Unhappy Birthday." Also included are a couple of scenes that seem to have been created specifically for the purposes of the flashback sequence.

      • Dragon Tunes: "Dance" (Premiere!)

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