Dragon Tales

Season 2 Episode 11

I Believe In Me / Bye, Bye Baby Birdie

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Sep 03, 2001 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • In "Bye, Bye Baby Birdie," when Emmy says "Ord, you're squishing us," she sounds like Max.

    • In "Bye, Bye Baby Birdie," the adult rhyme birds only said three rhyming words like the baby birds did, but back in "Eggs Over Easy," the mother rhyme bird could say whole sentences as long as the last word of each sentence rhymed.

    • In "I Believe in Me," when Cassie dances with castanets in front of her friends for the second time, Ord's foot is green for a few seconds.

  • Quotes

    • Cassie: We'll make up rhymes with you, Emmy.
      Zak: To remind you of Cutie-Pie.
      Ord: We can even make some up right now.
      Emmy: Really? You would?
      Max: Would, should, could!
      Ord: I have one! Dragonberry, dragonvery, uh... And another dragonberry! (laughs)
      Zak: Look! The Ding-a-ling flowers are ringing.
      Wheezie: Ringing, dinging, (loudly) singing!
      Zak: (irritated) You don't have to yell!

    • Ord: I made you something, too, Max. Max: Really? What? (Ord pulls out a snowflake-shaped piece of cardboard on a string) Zak: 'What' is the word I'd have used, too. Ord: I call it a twirly-wirly! Max: Thanks, Ord. I think it's the best twirly-wirly I've ever seen. (Ord's tummy rumbles) Oh, it even makes a funny noise! Wheezie: That's not the twirly-wirly, that's Ord's stomach!(laughs)

    • Emmy: Hey, Max, would you like to see a play on Broadway?
      Max: Where's Broadway?
      Emmy: (laughs) In the living room.
      Max: Whoa, that's far! Better take the train! (imitates a train)

    • Cassie: This is too hard. It felt like you were all staring at me.
      Emmy: We were. That's how it's going to be during the play.
      Ord: Yeah. Everybody's going to be looking at you, they'll never take their eyes off you, except maybe to get some dragon corn, but when they come back, they'll all be looking at you again.

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