Dragon Tales

Season 3 Episode 28

Just the Two of Us / Cowboy Max

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Apr 01, 2005 on PBS

Episode Recap

"Just the Two of Us"
Max and Emmy are in their playroom, drawing unicorns. They get a call from the dragons and decide to head to Dragon Land. There, they meet up with Cassie and Ord. Emmy is surprised to see that Cassie has an umbrella and she wonders if it's going to rain. Cassie tells her that it's going to rain and hail and more. Emmy wonders if Pollynimbus is sick, but Cassie explains that's not the problem. It's just that Pollynimbus is testing out her weather machine. Until the test is completed, they're going to have some odd weather. Cassie complains that it's hard to know what to do on a rainy day. In Zak and Wheezie's knuckerhole, we see Zak and Wheezie's parents. They give Zak and Wheezie a "Dragonlinks Building Kit." They had it when they where young, but, obviously, they don't play with it any more. Wheezie says that she and Zak should make a sculpture, a work of art. The gang decides to visit Zak and Wheezie to see what their up to. But when they see the Dragonlinks construction that they're working on, Zak and Wheezie get reluctant to have them playing with it. They ask if they want to go outside, saying that they should be inside on a beautiful day like today. So they go out to play, but the weather is rather wacky and so it ruins the beach fun they were trying to have. Zak and Wheezie go home, making up some excuse about their Mom and Dad calling. Emmy and Cassie wonder just what it is that they could be building that they don't want anyone to see. While Zak and Wheezie are off working with the Dragonlinks, Max has fun, sliding down a rainbow into snow. Then, it starts raining and the rainbow, as well as the snow, disappear. At the knuckerhole, Zak and Wheezie decide that they need help with their creation they're working on. They need Ord's strength. So they come visit the gang and leave with Ord. Max figures that if they need Ord's help, they must be making something big. Zak and Wheezie start changing the creation. First, they change it to a robot, then it becomes a rocket ship. Zak comments that it's more fun with Ord helping them out. Then, they have a problem where they need to reach something, but the hole they're trying to reach through is too small for their hands to fit. Ord's is definitely to big and neither Zak nor Wheezie's hand will fit. They invite Max in. He's small, so he should be able to help. Cassie and Emmy are finally invited in too. They consider the creation and say that on its side, it looks like it could be a boat. Then, Lorca shows up and wonders what they're doing. They show off the creation and Lorca comes up with a new idea: making it into an "all-weather adventure wagon." However, to do so, they need to make something that can roll and slide. Ord thinks that Arlo could help and so he heads off to the dump and returns with supplies, although we don't see Arlo. They complete the "all-weather" vehicle and have a great time with it. Zak and Wheezie agree that it was more fun building something together with their friends, than trying to do it themselves. Max and Emmy return home, where Max says that Emmy should do something fun together with him. Emmy thinks this is a good idea - until she sees just what it is: helping him clean up a mess he made.

"Cowboy Max"
Max and Emmy are in the playroom, where Max is pretending to be "charro." He has on a cowboy outfit complete with hat and is riding on a pretend horse. He rounds up some of Emmy's dolls, pretending that they're cows. When Emmy asks what he's doing, he explains. Emmy says that it's okay, just so long as Max puts her dolls back in the proper place when he's done. Then, the two get a call from the dragons and head to Dragon Land. When they arrive, Ord starts telling them about how the ponies have come to Dragon Land. Then, he sees Max's outfit and stops to ask about it. Max explains the "charro" thing and Ord thinks it would be neat to be one too. Cassie asks if girls can be charros and Emmy says "definitely." They start playing around, pretending to be charros, all except Zak and Wheezie. Wheezie's not even sure what a charro is at first. Zak thinks what they're doing takes up so much energy, he's getting tired just looking at them. Wheezie says that they don't have to do that, they can go on the ponies. Ord explains that's what he was trying to say: that the ponies have come to Dragon Land and they called so that they could all ride together. They head to the ponies on the carousel, where they meet up with a brown, sort of oldish-looking dragon called "Gamboli." Max picks out a pony called Bronco to ride on and Gamboli tells him that Bronco is one of his favorites. He also says that if you ride the ponies long enough, they become alive. Max tells him about how he met Whinny, from back in "Knot a Problem." Gamboli calls Whinny an "old friend." Gamboli starts up the ride. Wheezie says that she's "lovvvvvving it," while Zak says he's not "lovvvvving it." Then, Max accidentally falls off of Bronco. He seems like he may be okay, but everyone decides to take him to Dr. Booboogone to check things out, just in case. Dr. Booboogone says that Max just has a small scrape. She suggests, though, that maybe Max ride a gentler horse. Max, however, says that he still wants to ride Bronco. They return to the carousel, but when they get there, Max doesn't want to get on. Emmy questions this and Max explains that he wants to ride Bronco, but he's scared. Zak talks about how at first he was scared of riding a bike, but he got over it. Max protests that he doesn't know how to get over being afraid. He asks if anyone has any ideas. Zak and Wheezie say that they'll ride Bronco to show that it's safe. They get on, but soon realize that they're not helping Max. They're so tall that they would never fall off. It's not realistic. Cassie says that she's the right height. So she gets on and is okay. Max gets back on, but soon calls for it to stop again. He's still scared. Ord says that he can help out. He pretends to be a pony and rides with Max on his back. Max thinks this is nice, but he says that he knows Ord would never let him fall off. So it doesn't help. Emmy tells Max that if he doesn't want to ride Bronco, he doesn't have to. But Max insists that he still does. Zak and Wheezie come up with an acorn. They leave and return with two acorns. They crack them and make them into elbow and kneepads. That still leaves head to protect, though. So they take off his cowboy hat and put on a mushroom helmet. Max asks Emmy to ride with Emmy. So they get back on the carousel and Max seems to be okay. He calls for it to stop again, but this time, he just wants Emmy to get off. He's ready to try riding on his own. He does and it's not long before Bronco comes to life. Bronco takes off, with Max riding. He says he reckons nobody can catch Bronco and him. The others take off on their ponies as well. They go on a wild rid and Cassie says that they now know what it's like to be a charro. They even go through the Dandelion Forest, where Ord is only barely able to hold back a sneeze. Finally, they return to the carousel. Gamboli calls Max's riding the best he's ever seen and says Max (and everyone else) is welcome back any time. Everyone's happy that Max was able to overcome his fear and Cassie comments that if Max had a badge, it would be glowing. Max and Emmy return to the playroom. It's about time for dinner and Emmy suggests that Max take off his outfit. Max, however, says that he's like it so much that he's going to wear it to dinner and to bed and to school the next day.