Dragon Tales

Season 3 Episode 7

Lucky Stone / Max Loves a Train

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Mar 01, 2005 on PBS



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • Enrique: Looks like Max is drawing the Dragon Land Express!
      Max: AH-CHOO! AH-CHOO!!! (Emmy and Enrique giggle at Max's sneezing) What's so funny?
      Enrique: You sounded just like a train! Ah-Choo CHOO!
      Emmy and Enrique: (they link their arms on each others backs as Max joins in) AH-CHOO-CHOO-CHOO-CHOO-CHOO-CHOO!

    • Cassie: What do you need the tracks for anyway?
      Giant of Nod: One of my little nodlings got stuck up there. No matter how many times I tell him not to climb things he can't get down from.

    • Max: Look, a tunnel.
      Ord: Is-is it gonna be dark in there?
      Max: Don't worry, Ord. I'll be right here.

    • Zak: Why don't we take our pretend train real high? Up to the sky!

    • Zak: I get it. We're making a train chain.

    • Ord: You're feeling sad again, aren't you?
      Max: (nods)
      Cassie: Maybe you could talk about how you're feeling, Max. That helps me when I feel sad.

    • Wheezie: I can't believe you let Max get ahead of us.
      Zak: Slow and steady wins the race.

    • Max: I can't believe it. I wanted to ride the train forever.
      Cassie: Maybe if we search, we can find the missing tracks.
      Emmy: Definitely.

    • Isabella: Hiya, kids. Isabella's my name, driving trains is my game. Ready to ride?
      Max: Sure are.
      Wheezie: Lovvve it.

    • Emmy: Just be patient, Max. Trains are all he ever talks about lately.

    • Max: Where is it?
      Ord: Aren't you even gonna hug me hello, Max?

  • Notes

    • The show Dora the Explorer also has an episode in which a character removes tracks from a railroad called "Choo Choo." However, in that story it's the main villain character Swiper who takes the tracks with malicious intent.

    • Lenore Zann goes on duty providing the voice for a character different from her normal Lorca --- the conductor Isabella in "Max Loves a Train."

    • Dragon Tunes: "The Ord Shuffle"

    • "Lucky Stone" is the second of five listed stories in the third season that is a repeat of a story from a previous season paired with a new story. Guide procedure for these episodes will be that no info from the recycled story will be repeated, instead, click for the previous guide entry to find the info.

  • Allusions

    • Ord: I can't believe the footprints led us all the way to Ragnarock Canyon.

      This is the first mention on the show of the location Ragnarock Canyon in Dragon Land. Ragnarock is a wordplay on Ragnarok, which was more or less the Norse version of Armageddon. Ragnarok has since been used as the name for a number of things in various games, including both swords and an airship in the Final Fantasy series.

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