Dragon Tales

Season 2 Episode 21

Make No Mistake / The Balancing Act

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Sep 17, 2002 on PBS
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Make No Mistake / The Balancing Act
"Make No Mistake"
Max has a clapping CD and he's playing it obsessively. He's playing it in anticipation of the applause he'll get after performing the lead role at the School in the Sky play. Emmy gets tired of it and turns it off. She says it's time to go to Dragon Land. They get there, where Quetzal is having them do a rehearsal for the play, entitled Paint Your Dragon. Max overhears Wheezie correcting a mistake Zak made in one of his lines and gets nervous. What if he makes a similar mistake? He'll be embarrassed in front of a whole, huge audience. Cassie tells him that it's okay to make a mistake during rehearsal, it's only practice for the real thing and it lets you know what you need to work on. Max, however, gets afraid and vows not to make any mistakes during rehearsal. He makes one anyway and freezes up. When it's time for the next act, Cassie finds him hiding backstage. And then, when it's time for the play, Max is nowhere to be found. The gang searches and searches and finally finds Max atop Mama Mia Portabello, a giant mushroom with an Italian accent. Max explains his fear of making a mistake. Everybody tries to help him. They say that everyone makes mistakes sometimes. Ord says that he makes a lot of mistakes, sometimes they can even be funny. Mama Mia chimes in too - she has a cousin who's a famous movie star and he's always "makin' a mistakes." They manage to convince Max to give the play a chance. At the stage, Cassie points out a mistake to Quetzal. She notices that the mountains in the backdrop are red, aren't they supposed to be the Blue Rock Mountains? Quetzal says that Cassie is right, his mistake, so now they're the Red Rock Mountains! This has a big impact on Max --- Quetzal made a mistake. He goes ahead with the play and ends up making a mistake anyway. He's worried at first, but then Ord makes an even bigger and goofier mistake. Nobody notices and Max realizes that making mistakes isn't something to fear. Back home, Max turns back on his clapping CD. Emmy heads to the playroom window for a "Why me?" look.

"The Balancing Act"
Emmy has a brand new skateboard and she's ready to get skating! It's raining outside the playroom, though, so it doesn't look like she's going to be doing much skating. There's a solution to that, though - Dragon Land. Emmy and Max head there, skateboard in tow. There, Ord is impressed with Emmy's moves. He wants to try out the skateboard, but it's much too small for him. Quetzal to the rescue, he has some magic Gro-water which will make the skateboard bigger so that Ord can skate on it. When he's done, he can simply shrink back to Emmy's size with shrink water. Quetzal does this and Ord wants to start skating right away. He hops on, but he doesn't have any idea how to skate and sends Emmy's skateboard flying to parts unknown. It headed in the direction of the house of the gnome Mr. Dustfree, so that's where the gang heads first. Zak knows about Mr. Dustfree: he's the neatest gnome in all of Dragon Land. They reach Mr. Dustfree's. Apparently Emmy's skateboard did go through Mr. Dustfree's house (leaving quite an awful mess), but it's not there anymore. Emmy thanks Mr. Dustfree for his time and apologizes for the mess. She, Max and the dragons are just about to leave, when Mr. Dustfree invites them to stay for milk and dragonchip cookies. He presents them with his award-winning recipe, the perfect balance, five dragonchips one side and five on the other. He doesn't want them making a mess though, so they'll have to take the cookies outside, and no spilling anything. Ord doesn't think he can do it, he's not a very good balancer. Max gives him a tip, keep his eyes straight ahead and he'll be able to balance better. Ord keeps an eye on Max's cookies and manages to make it without spilling anything. After finishing the cookies, the hunt continues for the skateboard. The gang comes to a ravine that's lined with some itchy fuzzbushes. They're going to want to avoid those, as they'll be itchy all night if they fall into them. Ord's worried, he doesn't think he can make it across. But the gang has another tip- keep your arms straight out and it'll help you keep your balance. Ord does this and makes it across successfully. They've nearly reached Emmy's skateboard, but they have to go across a pond. There's some lillypads which they can use to skate across. Wheezie is especially keen on this, she pulls out her heart shaped sunglasses and hangs ten. Ord is worried again, but he uses the techniques previously taught, along with a new technique- try to keep your weight in the middle as opposed to too much on one side. Ord makes it, and they get Emmy's skateboard. Ord doesn't feel ready to try it again, but he's told that everything he's done today has been like practice for balancing on the skateboard. He tries it and finds that he's able to skate. Later on, Quetzal sprinkles the shrink water, returning Emmy's skateboard to normal size. She and Max return home, where Max is working on a block structure. It's about to fall over, but Emmy adds a block, giving it the balance it needs to stand firm.moreless

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