Dragon Tales

Season 3 Episode 3

Musical Scales / Hand in Hand

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Feb 23, 2005 on PBS



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    • (Zak and Wheezie singing)
      Zak: My Coqui, little Frog, how I love you.
      Wheezie: for your song gives me comfort and peace.
      (belt began to slip)
      Zak: A belt has come loose, and it's slipping
      Wheezie: Well grab it, before it falls off.
      Zak: (holding on to the belt)
      Coqui, Coqui, doh!, Coqui, Coqui, qui, qui, yeow!
      Both: Coqui, Coqui, Coqui, qui, qui---Unh!

    • Emmy: Enrique's not taking off his hat for anybody today.

    • Max: Phew! It feels so good to wiggle my fingers again!
      Wyatt: As we say in the wish biz, all's well that ends well. Get it?

    • Enrique: I wish my friends Max and Emmy weren't stuck together anymore.

    • Ord: If you wanna figure out the best plan, you have to hear what each has to say.

    • Wheezie: You know, you could do what both wants to do if you take turns.

    • Zak: (regarding Max and Emmy) You know, when those two argue, they remind me of someone.

    • Enrique: I made a wish to make them closer. I didn't mean that close.

    • Wheezie: Come on. We're playing a fabulicious new game that Ord made up. You're going to (sings) love it.
      Zak: You only love it because you're winning!
      Wheezie: (chuckles)

    • Enrique: You two are always arguing lately.
      Max & Emmy: It's his/her fault!

    • Max: Enrique, you left your hat in Dragon Land.
      Enrique: That's okay. I can get along without it until next time.
      Max: And maybe your hair will grow back by then!

    • Enrique: Even looking like this, if I had a chance to play for Princess Kidoodle, I'd do it.

    • Zak: We look like somebody dumped a laundry basket over our heads. This almost looks worse than shedding!

    • Wheezie: (giggling) That tickles! (giggles again)
      Cassie: You have to stop giggling. It makes you all jiggly.

    • Zak: Our song is called el coqui, the frog.
      Enrique: I taught them that song, in español and English.

    • Enrique: You two practiced so hard. You can't let a few missing scales stop you from performing.

    • Wheezie: Go away! Zak and Wheezie aren't here!
      Cassie: You can't fool me, Wheezie. That's your voice.

    • Emmy: Is something wrong?
      Cassie: It's Zak and Wheezie. They won't come out of their cave.
      Enrique: Right before their big concert! Que raro.

    • Wheezie: I feel like a garden in spring.
      Zak: And I feel like a parade float.

  • Notes

    • In "Hand in Hand," the wishing well is known as Wyatt, but in a previous story, he was called Willie. Perhaps this wishing well is Willie's twin brother, as he's voiced by the same actor.

    • Dragon Tunes: "Zak and Wheezie" (Premiere!)

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