Dragon Tales

Season 2 Episode 5

One Big Wish / Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Jun 08, 2001 on PBS
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One Big Wish / Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
"One Big Wish"
Max is getting really tired of being little. So after a bad experience in a baseball game in Dragon Land, he wishes that he could be bigger. It works, and he does get bigger, and bigger, and bigger, until pretty soon, he's bigger than Mungus the Giant. At this point, he's ready to take his wish back. How can he get back to his normal

"Breaking Up Is Hard to Do"
Max and Ord work on a project together, but then find themselves at odds over who should take possession of it. Their friendship seems to be in jeopardy when they keep arguing and then when the project ends up in two pieces.moreless

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Doug Parker

Doug Parker

Willie the Wishing Well

Guest Star

Scott McNeil

Scott McNeil

Sid Sycamore

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Max and Ord decided to make another whadayoucallit just like the first one. However, on the second whadayoucallit, the structures were painted purple, while on the original they were painted red.

    • When Max, Emmy, and the dragons are in the School in the Sky for art project day in "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do," the ceiling of the school is just a layer of grass on top of rafters, but when they go back to the school for Ord and Max to make a new project, the ceiling looks like a flat, white layer of drywall with a brown, dashed line painted on it.

    • During art project day at The School in the Sky in "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do," Wheezie accidentally smudges paint on Zak's art piece. He appears to wipe it off, but after school is out and Cassie is talking to Max and Ord about sharing their project, the smudge is still on Zak's project. However, after that scene, the smudge disappears and is gone for the rest of the episode.

    • When Giant Max is tapping his pockets for a coin to wish himself back to normal size, Zak & Wheezie are reversed; Zak is on the left and Wheezie is on the right.

    • Emmy's souvenir from the theme park in "One Big Wish" changed many times; from the number of cars on it (3, 3 1/2, or 4), what color the cars were (orange or purple), and whether it had one side (end of episode) or two sides (beginning of episode.)

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Ord: I thought Max was my best friend in the whole world. But....I guess we're not friends anymore. (everyone is shocked)
      Max: I thought you were my best friend too. But I guess you're not! (he swipes the contraption) I'm taking this home right now!

    • Cassie: (regarding Max's and Ord's project) Why don't you split the...whadayoucallit in two? That way, you can each take half.
      Ord: That's a great idea! But how do we split it?
      Emmy: Why don't you use your fire breath?
      Ord: Oh, no. My fire breath's too big. There'd be nothing left. Cassie, it was your idea. Why don't you do it?
      Cassie: But what if I make a mistake?
      Wheezie: Stand aside! This looks like a job for Super Wheezie!
      Zak: Oh, no you don't! You'll just make a mess! This needs to be done just right; I'll take care of it.
      Wheezie: Humph! Suit yourself!

  • NOTES (2)