Dragon Tales

Season 1 Episode 5

Pigment of Your Imagination / Zak's Song

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Sep 10, 1999 on PBS
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Pigment of Your Imagination / Zak's Song
"Pigment of Your Imagination"
Max is having fun with a toy plane and ends up knocking down a block structure that Emmy was making. He's upset because he broke the plane and now it won't fly anymore. There's something even better they can fly though- dragons. They go to Dragon Land, where the dragons are making presents for "I Love My Mommy Day." For example, they're using clay to make flower-holders and baking them with their firebreath. Max gets some dandelions for his flower-holder and Ord sneezes because he's allergic. Their paint gets spilled and they go to Quetzal for more, but he's running low. He sends them to Rainbow Canyon and provides them with a map. When Max and Emmy fight and break the map, they and the dragons have to work together to fix it before it rains at Rainbow Canyon and the colors get mixed together.

"Zak's Song"

The dragon scale is glowing. It's late at night though and Max and Emmy are in their pajamas and have a serious case of bedhead. Neverthless, they can't ignore their dragon friends, can they? They recite the growingly familiar rhyme and when they get to Dragon Land, Max is a bit loud, but is quickly quieted down. The dragons are listening to beautiful music, which they've been hearing every morning and don't know where it's coming from. Max and Emmy help and they find the Do-Re-Mi birds, "the sweetest singing birds in all of Dragon Land." Wheezie wants to join in singing with them, but Zak's afraid Wheezie will scare them with her loud racket. She indeed does and the Do-Re-Mis fly away. Zak wants to lure them back with a soft lullaby, but nobody pays attention to him and against Zak's warnings, they hatch more and more outrageous plans and the Do-Re-Mis fly further and further away.moreless

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  • Zak knows best! Well, sometimes, that is.

    This episode is pretty good. This is one of the first episodes in which Zak is always right. Most of the time, I do feel sorry for him when no one listens to him. But when Zak plays his pipe (or flute, whichever you want to call it) to bring back the Do-Re-Mis, it just goes to show that Zak knows best! Well, sometimes, that is.

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • When everyone takes off their fake bird wings in "Zak's Song", all of them are green, but earlier, Ord's and Max's wings were shown to be pink.

    • Near the end of "Pigment of Your Imagination," Max puts three dandelions in his vase, and when Ord starts to sneeze, there are four. But when Max and Emmy go home, only three dandelions are in Max's vase again.

    • When Cassie puts the Dandelion Forest piece into the map, the whole boat at Rainbow Canyon is visible, but later, only about half of the boat can be seen without the final map piece.

    • In "Pigment of Your Imagination", after everyone organizes the pieces of the map on the rock next to Turtle Rock, Max's left hand rests on nothing for a few seconds, even though his left arm appears to be helping to hold him up.

    • After the first two map pieces are glued together by Ord in "Pigment of Your Imagination," the rest of the map pieces somehow stick together without needing any glue.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Wheezie: (embracing her brother) Zakie, you're the best.
      Max: (notices the sun rising above the mountains) Uh-oh. We better go, Emmy!
      Emmy: Why, Max? We're having fun!
      Max: (looking down at his pajamas) But we're still in our PJ's!

    • Max: Emmy, can we get birds to wake us up every morning instead of our noisy alarm clocks?
      Emmy: Let's ask Mom and Dad.
      Max: But they're still asleep.
      Emmy: Not for long!
      (both start making bird noises)

    • Zak: I said loud noises wouldn't work. So I had to do what I knew was right.

    • Wheezie: Don't you just love soft music? It's so... Zaky.

    • Wheezie: The do-re-mis are wild birds. They like WILD music. I'll show ya'!
      Zak: No, Wheezie. This time I want to try it my way.

    • Max: They're going, going... gone.

    • Max: (to Ord) Time to eat your worm, baby birdie.
      Ord: (pretends to eat worm) Yummy!
      Zak: Gross!

    • Zak: This is never, ever going to work. I'm not doing it! ....
      Max: You'll make a great toucan, Zak!
      Zak: (expressionless) Yipp...ie.

    • Wheezie: I just love bird calls! They're so... tweety! Come on, Zaky. Tweet, tweet (trills tounge). Tweet, tweet, tweet (trills).
      Zak: Oh, well. Since nobody's listening to me anyways. (emotionless) Tweet. Tweet.

    • Wheezie: We can do wild bird calls and they'll think we're a part of their family.
      Ord: I know how to do a bird call! Calling all birds! Calling all birds!

    • Wheezie: Okay, you sing like this: (sings softly) and I'll rock and roll! (imitates a steel guitar and flies towards the birds) Hey there, Do-Re-Mizies, here comes Zak and Wheezie! (Wheezie lands on fence post and start scatting like a beatnik)
      Zak: Whoa! (Zak and Wheezie fall off fence post and the birds fly away)
      Ord: They're flying away!
      Zak: I knew we should've been quiet...
      Wheezie: Hey Do-Re-Yous! Wait for do-re-me!

    • Quetzal: Your vase is beautiful, Max. What are you going to put in it?
      Max: Dandelions.
      Emmy: Max, no!
      (Ord starts to sneeze)
      Zak: Sneeze alert! Take cover!

    • Zak: There's the Golden Stone Trail, follow me!
      Wheezie: No, follow me!
      Zak: Wheezie, if they're following you, they're already following me.
      Wheezie: Loove it!

    • Zak: (about the pieces) Turn yours upside-down.
      Wheezie: Now yours is upside-down.
      Zak: Not your head, Wheezie, the pieces!
      (Wheezie turns piece upside down)
      Zak: Now I can't see it. (puts head through a loophole in Wheezie's neck)
      Wheezie: Zaky, look! They fit! They fit!
      Zak: (choking) Terrific. Now untie my neck!

    • Zak: All the king's horses and all the king's men could't get this map together again.

    • Wheezie: Oh, I just love puzzles! They're so, so...
      Zak: Puzzling?
      Wheezie: How'd you know?

    • Ord: (talking about the birds) I know how to make them rush right over here.
      Zak: Ord, wait!
      Ord: (singing) Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-(loud and off key) Doh!

    • (loud roar)
      Ord: W-W-What was that?
      (giant dandelions appear and roar loudly)
      Zak: (screams) Harry, scary dandelions! Run for my life!

    • Emmy: My favorite color is red, gracias.
      Quetzal: ¡Rojo! Coming right up!

  • NOTES (6)