Dragon Tales

Season 2 Episode 24

Puzzlewood / Let's Dance

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Oct 08, 2002 on PBS
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Puzzlewood / Let's Dance

Max and Emmy are at home working on a cow puzzle in their playroom. Max is having a hard time finding a particular piece and wants to give up and play with something different. Emmy begins to encourage him to keep trying, but then the dragon scale glows, calling them to Dragon Land. They drop the cow puzzle without further comment and head off. In Dragon Land, they find themselves in a forest called Puzzlewood. It turns out that it's the dragons' first time playing there, but they got lost and now they don't know how to get out. They can't fly because there's large branches blocking the way. It's suggested that they see if they can find anybody who lives in the forest who they might be able to ask how to get out. They find a dragon fairy and ask her. She explains that there are three doors and they have to solve the doors' puzzles. She leads them in the direction of the first door. The first door has the face and voice of an old lady and she asks them to find a flower that has five petals and three leaves. They go flower-hunting, at first bringing back a flower that has five petals and five leaves and one with three petals and three leaves. Neither of these were what the door asked for, so this time they try to remember that there's a three and a five. They find the flower and use it (a Rosy Posy) to successfully open the door. They soon come upon the second door, who's a guy with a glasses. He wants them to find his favorite rock, which has two green stripes and green spots. Once again, they at first bring him rocks that don't match his description. Then Cassie draws a picture of the rock in question and by using the picture, they're able to find a rock that matches. They head for the third door with a old guy, but with a funny voice. He has a favorite mask and directs them to Ms. Tree, a tree on which masks grow. She has a picture of his favorite mask. She shows it to them and they search and finally find one that they believe matches. They take it back to the door, but it's not his favorite mask. Max realizes what the problem is, although they found one with triangle eyes and everything else that matches, the triangle eyes are upside-down of the way they should be. They pick one that matches (a happy sappy mask) and unlock the final door. Max and Emmy return home, where they try again on the cow puzzle. This time, Max takes a careful look at the and shape of a puzzle piece and manages to find the correct space for it.

"Let's Dance"
Max and Emmy's Mom is baking cookies. Max and Emmy love cookies, but they know they have to wait until they're finished baking before they can eat them. They decide to do something fun to pass the time - head for Dragon Land. There, the dragons are playing with peekaboo flowers - flowers that will play peekaboo with you. Wheezie scares them with her loudness, but Cassie manages to get them to play by being quiet. The dragons invite Max and Emmy to play, but then in the flower patch they see one of the peekaboo flowers walking. Ord didn't know they could walk. It turns out that this peekaboo flower is attached to the hat of Greta the Gremlin. She's carrying three magic boxes and explains that they each contain a surprise inside. She offers to show them to Max, Emmy and the dragons, but then a strong wind gust blows her wait away. Everyone goes chasing after it, except for Zak and Wheezie, who Greta asks to hold the boxes. She heads off after her hat, leaving Zak and Wheezie there by themselves. Wheezie's fascinated by the boxes and is soon after them, trying to open them. She nearly gets into one, but Zak pulls them away from her and then suggests a game to pass the time - making up a story. This works for a while, but then Wheezie incorporates the boxes into her story and grabs for the first box sooner than Zak can stop her. She opens it. It's a music box and it causes her and Zak to start dancing. Wheezie enjoys this at first, but Zak doesn't. They soon realize that as long as the music is going, they can't stop dancing. They try to close the music box, but it's stuck open. They head for the School in the Sky to get Quetzal's help, but he's inside, on the second floor and thinks that they're just waving to him. Finally, the music slows down and stops and they're able to close the box. Pretty soon, however, Wheezie wants to find out what's inside the other boxes. Zak hides them out of her site and they play a game of Juggle Ball to pass the time. Then Wheezie loses her balance and falls upon the boxes. She's thinking about then again and pretty soon out comes the second surprise. It's a "tickle twinkle," an animated spiky-sphere of bright pink light. It moves all up and down Zak and Wheezie, tickling them like crazy, until Wheezie manages to use her quick reflexes to trap it back in the box. The gang arrives, having found Greta's hat. Wheezie is forced to admit that she peeked at two of the surprises. Greta returns and she's upset at Wheezie for opening the boxes without her permission. However, Wheezie has yet to open the third box. Greta lets the entire gang pull a streamer out of it. She then says the magic words "gribbity gree" and everyone pulls on their streamer, producing a maypole that twirls everyone around in the air. Wheezie's glad she waited to open the third box, otherwise they wouldn't have known the magic words. Back in the playroom, Max and Emmy are still waiting on the cookies. They're probably done by now, but they're still too hot to eat. They decide to make surprise boxes like Greta's and they wonder what they'll put in them. Mom calls them into the kitchen and they realize the answer - cookies.


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