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  • It's all right.

    The show is about Max and Emmy, two kids that find a dragon scale in their new home. After reciting some words, they are sent to Dragon Land, a land inhabited by dragons, but not the vicious kind.

    I'd say a child might like this show, as well as some teens and adults. I used to watch this show when I was younger. I don't now, though. I occasionaly glimpse at it, though. Don't get me wrong, this show is okay, but friendly dragons? That makes no sense at all. Most of the comedy attempts fail, but they can pull off a joke once every few episodes. The plot is okay, I guess. As a show that has people learning lesson there was a lot of character development. I'd say this show has fair jokes, great character development, and good plot.
  • Not a fun show to watch.

    Dragon tales is so fruity, it's sad. I have never heard of nice dragons before. That is what makes this cartoon so lame. Pokemon is alot better then Dragon tales, and I like pokemon still after all the years I've watched it. But I have never seen a dragon tales episode and never want to.
  • Fortunatley no one knows I watch this show. It really is decent kids show. I love the theme song.

    Dragon Tales, Dragon Tales, It almost time for dragon tales. Come along take my hand. Let's all go to dragon land! This theme song is sooo perfect. This show is a good children's show. They should show it more. It also can teach you a lesson. Too bad Dragon land isn't real.
  • Even though I shold say that I may be a little old for this show...it's a kid's show that actually has a point! It doesn't teach you how to count or the alphabet...it actually has a point!

    This show is a little young for me...but I love all of the charachters! Max and Emmy are so adorable! I think the only reason i watch this is because Danny McKinnon did the voice of Max when he was eight or something. This is still a good show...I guess...
    Sarah Croley
  • "To fly with dragons in a land apart". I can't believe I know that!

    This is actually an enjoyable children's show. Each episode teaches children something about everyday life and how to deal with certain situations. It also has the added advantage of teaching children and adults alike Spanish, which for a children's show is a plus. The characters are easy to fall in love (although they can just as quickly get on your nerves sometimes) with and the themes are very useful as children grow up. You can actually learn from this show, children and adults alike.
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